Top 10 Websites to Learn Digital Marketing for Free

Websites to Learn Digital Marketing for Free
Written by Hannah Cuthbertson

This frustrates me because I don’t want to spend my time on lousy marketing courses that can give me obsolete methods and unreasonable theoretical knowledge and/or already proven strategies.

Since I think I am not the only person facing this problem, I decided to review and share with you the free marketing course landscape in 2018 — to save us time as well as headaches. Not only those working in the industry but also entrepreneurs, are key to digitised marketing. Although you have passed your early startup days and you have a marketing team, the most successful founders are familiar with every aspect of the company and can supervise digital marketing strategies knowledgeably.

You can easily find hundreds of results in seconds if you click through Google Search websites to learn digital marketing, but the real question is, are all those websites worth learning from? I am a digital marketer and look at these websites from a viewpoint that is slightly different from anyone who is eager to learn.

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Modern digital marketers in many fields, including analytics, copywriting, creative direction, sales, digital media and more, are required to be eligible. However, without investing in a university degree you would need a simpler and more efficient way to remain important to an ever-evolving market if you are willing to spend a considerable amount of time and money.

Here are the top 10 websites that can help you in learning Digital Marketing for free.

Sites to Learn Digital Marketing


Nine professors, including well-known HubSpot employees as Lindsay Thibeault and Justin Champion as well as prominent marketing influents such as Sujan Patel, are present in this HubSpot Academy training session. The qualification consists of 12 video lessons lasting less than 4.5 hours and also one quiz for each lesson (12 total).

Upon completion, you will have a good base for content marketing. You will learn more in particular: how to say, develop, promote and repurpose content. In order to complete the exercises as you travel through the course, you will again be given active workbooks. The credential has been passed by more than 137,000 advertisers, requiring the takers to pass a 45-question examination at the completion of the credential.



In this free Skillshare course, Buffer Digital Media and Social Media Manager Brian Peters teach you more about social media ads. The course brings together almost 3,700 students and almost 200 strong reviews. Their lessons include demystifying language, defining campaign priorities, targeting the audience groups, creating a persuasive copy, and graphics.


Coursera’s Digital Marketing course

Coursera’s Digital Marketing Specialized is a newcomer to the digital marketing world in different ways. The content of the modern digital marketing environment is customised to include an understanding of the basis and a range of new storeys, concepts and resources for the digital development, delivery, promotion and price of goods and services.

The course is quite broad but focuses on principles and philosophy with an extensive review of analytics and marketing platforms. The course is quite comprehensive. The course is part of the Master of Business Administration programme at the University of Illinois.

In many of the theory-based course modules, the MBA approach is evident. That said, as digital marketing is a practical topic, it would have been better if every aspect had practical implementation incorporated rather than concluded.


Digital Marketing Institute’s Course

The online training programme of the Digital Marketing Institute is the longest. You take part in a two-year programme. Part 1 (60 weeks to complete) of the programme: video lectures and downloadable diagram slide presentations: 90 hours of digital marketing course content through on-demand e-learning.

Two 5,000-word assignments are also submitted: the study paper on digital marketing and a digital marketing plan focused on an organisation. While the value of doing such a profound project is, it is a lot of time to spend on a project that may or might not be relevant in the future. The Syllabus Advisory Council made up of digital leaders from areas such as Google and Facebook for the validation of learning contents to ensure that they are cutting edge, applicable and technically exact, is designed to help professionals become accredited digital marketing masters.


Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Course

One of the main areas of digital marketing is the Simplilearn Advanced SEO programme. SEO and inbound marketing. The world’s digital transformation has led to an immense demand for skilled SEO specialists to optimise websites, manage content and links in order to make content more usable for the digital public.

SEO is Smart Insights and’s most common digital marketing expertise, and almost half of all content work now needs SEO skills. The Advanced SEO software is intended to turn you into a competent SEO who is reliable and industry-ready. SEO’s different facets include on-page SEO, connexion creation, contents marketing, web analytics and comprehensive inbound marketing project experience.


Google Marketing Unlocked

Digital marketing Unlocked by Google is an online course that gives you a free digital marketing certification. The focus of this course is on digital marketing fundamentals. You just have to register with the email identification to join the course. The library covers 26 subjects. Google Unlocked Digital Marketing Certification (Google Digital Unlocked)

Video learning is the cornerstone of the unlocked path of digital marketing. You have to test your knowledge on every subject after viewing videos. After completing each main subject, you have to appear in an evaluation test. The badge that appears on your Dashboard is given in each issue. You need to complete 26 subjects before the final evaluation exam. You earn “digital Unlocked Course Certificate” as soon as you complete the final evaluation exam.


Academy for ads

The Ads Academy has different courses. It involves setting up a Google Adwords account, learning AdWords in various formats such as searches, images, smartphone etc. This free certification course also includes Recall that Adwords can quickly hit your target audience. You can personalise and create advertisement campaigns using Adwords free certification courses while learning about bids and prices. Importantly, the ad academy focuses on various adword media and their attributes to contribute to ad campaign development, management and optimisation. These courses consist mainly of tutorials in pictorial and text format.


Beginner Guide to SEO by MOZ

Established in 2004, MOZ has focused on Search Engine Optimization since then. The SEO Guide of MOZ Beginners helps a person learn SEO. The course includes 10 chapters, which can be downloaded in pdf format. The contents of the course include the activity of search engines, misconceptions and misunderstandings about SEO, the search engine friendly architecture and how it affects contents rankings, keyword analysis and search tools.

MOZ also modified a free course in on digital marketing. This course is a video on request for 3.5 hours. It focuses on Seo on the website, offsite and other SEO tips and tricks. Learning Search Engine Optimization with MOZ will certainly help us understand and apply simple SEOs.


LinkedIn Digital Marketing Course

Until now, LinkedIn does not offer a formatted course. You will learn something from the development of company websites and how to create advertisements by using a textual guide instead. You can build and learn an account at the same time. You will get acquainted with LinkedIn in this guide. It helps you to learn account management and advertising at the same time., on the other hand, provides LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn has teachers teaching LinkedIn. You will get a free one-month trial on the website. Courses can be taken here and certificates completed. LinkedIn adds LinkedIn Profile certificates. In addition, several paid certifications are now available online, along with free digital marketing certification programmes.


Bing Ads Training Course

Though Google was the most commonly used search engine, Bing is also best placed on the list. When planning SEO, all major search engines should be considered. Therefore, as you prepare for AdWords, you need to remember Bing. This allows you to increase the ranks of your quest.

The training course on Bing Advertising comes with a study guide to use. The focus of this study guide is Bings Advertising. Bing ad features and different ways of using them like campaign optimization, bing editor how-tos, etc. This guide allows you to learn more about bing advertising. You can take an exam and even get Bing certified after you have passed it.


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If you already are in the field of marketing or are interested in changing careers and developing skills that give you new energy and inspiration, there is plenty to offer in digital marketing. Take time to determine what skills you need and what courses are available at the right price to suit your needs.

In any case, you are satisfied with the number of online training options available these days and will be glad that you will soon see career opportunities. Many choices are available for digital marketing courses and your job will be made easier by this list of the top 10.

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