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7 Types Of Graphic Design & Importance for Business

Types Of Graphic Design
Written by Ratnesh

In today’s digital world creating a good impression is very important and design is something that goes everywhere from the physical to the digital world. It is easy to spot talent for good designs right from the clothes you wear to the way your house is decorated.

It has been rightly said that design is just not a craft. It is a way of thinking and learning the amazing way of thinking in the way you have never seen the world. A picture is worth a thousand words. Similarly, graphic design is worth thousands of amounts of money in any business.

Graphic design is a very powerful art that is breathing fresh life into the world of digital marketing.

This modern art has added a contemporary flair to the advertisement profile of every business. Graphic design acts as a key to bring in additional info on brand awareness and influence the customers on their decision making.

It is important to understand that graphic design is a form of communication between your business and your audience. Businesses must use graphics at every stage of their marketing strategies to inform, entertain and eventually coax their clients to purchase your products.

What is Graphic Design And Why is it Important For Your Business

The word graphics is derived from the word graph meaning a visual that is accurate and proper by calculation. Graphic design is the way to communicate ideas or messages visually. It is used by any type of business to convey complicated information understandably.

Graphic design is a craft to create visual content by applying visual hierarchy and page layout techniques. The graphic designers use pictures or typography to meet the users’ specific requirements and focus on the logic of displaying the interactive designs to satisfy the user experience.

There is a lot more to graphic design than just a good-looking website or a standout business card. You can approach a graphic design development company or a freelance infographic designers for your designs. It is important for every design because:

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1. Creating a strong impression

A graphic design that leaves an impact on the audience in the first instance leaves a lasting impression. It is indeed a challenge to grab attention and keep them hooked and the best way to do this is to create a powerful graphic design.

2. Brand identity

It is vital for every business to establish a brand image so that you can stand out from among your competitors. This is because every business has its strengths and you need to establish your own identity.

3. Conveys information

Sometimes words cannot convey information effectively. Rather it can be done more interestingly with pictures. This is when a graphic designer will help in conveying your businesses’ products and their details. A good graphic design will display all your offerings in the form of illustrations, reports, and charts.

4. Strong design helps in building trust

In today’s online era even the minutest of information is important. A poor design will not communicate your brand’s message. People always respond to a rich illustration because visuals are not read but rather understood by the audience. Use the opportunity of designing to develop consumer trust and confidence by providing all the necessary additional info about your brand.

Types of Graphic Design

Graphic designing uses technology to create work. The term graphic design brings to our mind different kinds of associations. For some, it is of web design and mobile apps whereas for some it is all about business cards and brochures while for some it is a packaging design and brand identity.

In today’s competitive world graphic design has become a part of our business. But each type of graphic design requires a fixed type of skill and design technique. We are highlighting below a few types of graphic designs to help you understand the designs better.

1 Virtual identity graphic

Every business has its own individual story to tell. If their audience has to hear their story then there should be a brand identity. Visual identity graphic is precisely that where the visual elements of the brand identity act as the face of the brand. Assets like logo, typography, color, image libraries, etc represent a brand’s personality. In addition to the development of business cards and corporate stationery, the visual identity designer will develop a set of visual brand guidelines that will provide the best of visual branding applicable across all visual media. These guidelines will help in maintaining brand consistency through future applications. The visual identity graphic designer will have upgraded skills in the field of marketing and advertising graphic design.

2 Marketing and advertising graphic design

When people think of graphic design then most of them think of designs created for marketing and advertising. Companies are dependent on their marketing efforts to successfully tap their target audience’s decision-making. Great marketing techniques will engage people based on their needs, awareness, and satisfaction. Some of the audience find the visual content more engaging and this is where graphic design helps to communicate and promote more effectively. Marketing designers work with the owners of companies, managers, or marketing professionals to create the required strategies for marketing. They might work as part of an in-house creative team or as freelance infographic designer. Designers are generally specialized in a specific type of media like magazine ads or create a broad assortment of collages for print, digital and more. Traditionally this graphic design has been print-centered but now it has grown to become more digital especially for content marketing and digital advertising.

Examples: Vehicle wraps, Menus, Brochures, Banners, etc

3 User interface graphic design

A user interface (UI) is the way a user interacts with a device or application. The UI designs are the designing interface to make it easy to use and provide a user-friendly experience. The UI includes all the things that a user interacts with like the screen, keyboard, and mouse but all in the context of graphic design. This design focuses on the users’ experience with the on-screen elements like the buttons, menus, micro-interactions, etc. It is thus the job of the UI designer to balance the user’s visual experience with technical functionality.
Examples: Web page, App design, Theme design, etc

4 Packaging graphic design

Most of the products require some form of packaging to protect and store them for distribution and sale. But packaging design acts to communicate directly with the consumers making it an extremely vital marketing tool. Every bag, bottle, container, or can stands a chance to tell the story of its brand. Packaging designers require expert knowledge of the print process and a deep understanding of industrial designs. Packing designs touch so many disciplines that it is not difficult for these designers to create assets for products such as illustrations, visual identity, and photography.

5 Motion graphic design

Motion graphics are graphics that are in motion. These can include animation, imagery, video, typography, and other effects that are being used on television, films, and online media. This medium’s popularity has risen beyond imagination in recent years because of the improvement in technology making video content the leader of the crowd. Motion graphic design is quite new for designers. It was earlier used only in television and film but technology has made this a useful medium to reduce production time and costs thus making it more accessible and affordable.
Examples: Title and end credit, Trailers, Websites, Presentations, Video Games, etc

6 Publication graphic design

Publications are long pieces of information that communicate with the audience through public distribution. Traditionally they have been through the print medium. Publication designs are normally through books, newspapers, magazines, etc but recently there is a lot of rising in digital publishing. These graphic designers work with editors and publishers to carefully select the typography and layout along with the artwork like photography, graphics, and illustrations. Publication designers also work as freelance infographic designer or as part of an in-house publishing company.

Examples: Books, Newspapers, Magazines, Catalogs, etc

7 Art and illustration graphic design

Even though graphic art and illustrations are often seen as the same as graphic design they are each different. Graphic designers create to communicate and solve problems while graphic artists and illustrators create original work. Thus even though technically they are both different but for commercial use, you cannot talk of both being one especially in the context of graphic design. The graphic artists will use a combination of fine arts, animation, and architecture thus overlapping their skills.

Examples: T-shirt designs, Stock images, Comic books, Book covers, etc

Graphic design is an evolving field and choosing the right graphic designer who is specialized and skilled in his job can prove to be daunting sometimes. Choose your designs wisely so that it helps in enhancing the image of your brand and company.


Graphic design is a communication skill and it can be psychic, digital, or anywhere in between.

It plays an important role in bringing together creative thinking and technology to etch a place in the mind of your audience.

Designs can be found everywhere right from your coffee mug to your newspaper but graphic design is going beyond the creative concepts or graphic illustrations. It is more on how it looks and how it works and converting the design thinking into actual business results. You can call it the Graphic Advantage too!

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