Top 10 Free Interior Designing Software

Interior Designing Software
Written by Ratnesh

There are many people going for startups and wish to start a career in professional interior design services. The main challenge for them is to select the right software that can help them enhance their designs and provide them with a perspective. This is crucial for the success of their design firm or business.

Everyone has to be brought on board this software so that the designers and the people working for the firm are convinced of its performance. It has to be made sure that the clients you work for provide some requirements and the designers should see this as a reference in the selection of software.

It is important that the attention paid to the hiring of employees for the firm is matched with the level of focus needed to select the correct software for design. When you employ design software, it should be able to piece together any creative work that you do and ensure the functioning of your interior design business in a smooth manner.

The professional interior design services might need more than just design software and may require software to manage their business too. However, provided below are some of the top design software that firms can put to use for their designs.

Best Interior Design Software For PC

Morpholio Board

This software has been launched by former designers or architects who took up the job of a software developer and created this software. This benefits the interior designers and includes the features they might need to create a design. Therefore, Morpholio supports tools for creating sketches, making journals, and eventually presenting all the works of design that designers have created.

The designers might see this as creative and convenient software for their designs. Morpholio Board is also capable of allowing the designers to create some designs, alter them by introducing some changes and ensure the proper execution of these designs on a daily basis.

This application was initially accessible only by designers who were working on iOS smartphones and supported these. However, eventually, it was started for the Mac as desktop software too. This tool comes in very handy when designers face any problems in the creation and execution of their designs.

It is capable of transitioning a mood board into a spreadsheet if need be. While creating designs, the Morpholio board can help in the search for a perfect color match for the mood. This board can be put in the form of a presentation for displaying it to the clients.

Substance (Adobe)

The substance is a suite by Adobe that has been created to suit the needs of designers who are professionally involved in creating designs. The software also gives them flexibility by providing them with options to add different kinds of textures to the designs to give them a unique look.

It provides the designers with additional materials to facilitate the better creation of their design projects. Adobe also has a library that is three-dimensional wherein the designers can browse between physical rendering materials to add to their designs. For interior designers, it is an ideal tool because it provides options for tiles, flooring, textiles, etc.

The materials are more than a thousand and are available for download. These materials can also be easily integrated with other software which provides flexibility. These materials or different textures can be integrated with software like Unity in the sphere of pixel design.

The Substance also provides the interior designers with the liberty to collect their own materials and textures and curate a personal library. Therefore, these can be used as a mixture or with other materials outside the library and the ones created by interior designers.

Live Home 3D Pro

Live Home 3D Pro allows the designers to easily create specific layouts according to the design that they wish to go for. This can be done for just some rooms of a house or for the entire building design itself. This can be done by pulling up a 2D plan beforehand by blueprints or tracing and then the system converts this into a 3D design.

When using on a desktop, you may get high-end tools for drawing, elevated designs, and a library that consists of required materials and furnishings that you might want to add to the design.


This design software is web-based and can be operated online only. This is a platform for all interior designers, clients, architects, and sellers who are putting their materials on sale. This platform can be a bridge between these four and helps them work in cooperation.

The platform provides users with options for walls with multiple layers, floors of suitable materials, roof and ceiling materials, and other tools so that the design project can be completed smoothly. The tools allow the 2-dimensional designs to be converted to 3-dimensional plans.

Easyhome Homestyler

The designers are always going through or conceptualizing different plans in their own heads and Homestyler proves to be a light tool for the execution of those design plans. This software is free of cost for use and can be employed in the creation of floor plans which are both two and three-dimensional with the help of measurements that are accurate.

If you as a designer need home décor furnishings for your professional interior design services, you can find them in the library on Homestyler. These décor items can be fitted onto your design in a ratio of 1:1.

Archicad 23

This software is useful for the rendering of your architecture and is noted to be one of the best at doing so. It has been developed by Graphisoft and allows interior designers to create architectural plans or designs with the help of the construction details they provide.

It also calculates the average range of building materials that would be required for construction. This app can work as a coordinator of openings between the other services like the ones of consultants and engineers. This rendering application can also help designers edit their visual designs in real-time.

Autodesk Revit

This software comes under building information modeling and proves to be useful for fields like design and architecture, contracting, etc. The whole design plan or its blueprint can be translated into three-dimensional designs.

It can be produced as a design model and anything new like the updating of floor plans etc can be easily done. It also provides some sections, elevations, and three-dimensional views of the design. Therefore, you can look at the model and visualize how it would actually look after the completion of the plan.

Autodesk 3ds Max

The design plan that you propose and want to complete needs the approval of the clients who will be paying for it. Therefore, to show them the design, this software provides it in the form of a beautiful and high technology rendering.

This is because it accounts for graphics which can be sued for both design models and animation as well. It can also provide games and pictures for the designers. If the designers need to mold the design or environment, they can use the tools provided by the software. It would be useful in the creation of visuals and virtual reality, along with a world that would immerse the people.


This software is put to use by professional interior designers as it has started offering tools required by them for their décor and designs. It has a separate suite for architecture and includes objects catering to the architectural facet as it provides elevations too.

There are more functions for the mechanical side too. It can work on both iOS devices and the Windows operating system and is compatible with both. It can be considered as an option that can be replaced for AutoCAD LT.

SketchUp Pro

This application allows for a suite for your design models and these models can be quite easy to create. It also functions in a very fast and smooth manner. These can be used for building plans to housing models. You can make a 2D plan with all the details added and then customize it by the addition of different styles.

This can help the designers execute their visualized plans and designs. It can be used with the applications enabling virtual reality so that the clients can go through design plans thoroughly. This can also be used as both a desktop application and online as a web-based one.

Autodesk AutoCAD LT

This is one of the famous and widely used applications for designs as it is recommended by interior designers and architects. This software is trusted by most professionals in designing, documenting, and drafting the models. It provides the users with a suite that contains tools to edit their designs and a user interface that works on an intuitive basis.

It does not require the user to install a separate software and its web-based feature allows the users to design from any device by doing so online.

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