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10+ Mobile Apps That Makes Social Media Marketing 10X Easier

10+ Mobile Apps That Makes Social Media Marketing 10X Easier
Written by Micah Phillips

42% of the world’s population uses social media and most of them tend to check out their social media profiles the first thing in the morning. Breaking it down for you, 77.5% of Generation X, 90.4% of Millennials and 48.2% of Baby Boomers are quite active on social media every day. Thus, social media is an excellent platform to target the right audience, draw their attention and generate quality sales and revenue for your brand.

I understand how hectic and toilsome it can get when you spend hours and hours in an attempt to get social media marketing strategies right. Therefore, I have brought forth a list of amazing social media apps that can take your social media marketing strategies to a whole new level.

Best App for Your Social Media Marketing

1. Iconosquare-Social Media Analytics & Tools‎


Iconosquare can help you plan and schedule your content marketing on Instagram. Thus, you can always upload original contents in just a tap, or you can even repost another user’s contents easily.


• Analytics
• Content management
• Contact management
• Conversion tracking
• Keyword filtering
• Post scheduling
• Automated publishing
• Customer targeting
• Multi-account management

Say Halloween is three days from now and you will be out of town during that time. But, you need to maintain the marketing campaigns as well. Just draft your Halloween posts and schedule Iconosquare to post your drafts at a certain period of time. You can go ahead and enjoy your holidays without compromising your brand’s reputation.

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2. Smarp-mobile-first employee communications platform

Smarp-mobile-first employee communications platform

Don’t you motivate your employees to work as hard as possible when a new important information technology assignment comes up? It’s almost the same thing when you need to enhance your brand image throughout social media. Smarp lets organisations enhance employee engagement and communication.


• Employee engagement
• Reward points
• Posts from external links
• Content editing, creation and sharing
• Content performance tracking
• Fully responsive web app
• Content bookmarks
• Influencer index and ratings
• Content filtering and organisation
• Gamification

The universal sharing links on Smarp make it easier for the employees to track and share the best contents all over the social media. It supports a variety of social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Simply put, this app will turn everyone in your organisation into brand ambassadors. All your team members can view, publish and share contents on social media.

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3. new way for Live Streaming new way for Live Streaming

Live video is one of the best options if you want to stand out in this highly competitive social media algorithm. You can capture brand moments on the go for your Facebook page and attract tons of visitors from all over the world through this app. You can even broadcast it from anywhere. It lets you add branded frames and split-screen interview formats to enhance broadcasts.


• Question and Answer format or Solo
• Face to face interview
• Talk show
• Scheduling
• Easy to set-up and user-friendly
• Screen comments
• Share pictures
• Screen share
• Change the viewing mode

When you go live on Facebook along with amazing benefits, your target audience seems to connect better. Say you are hosting a mental awareness program at your organisation. Go on Live and let your potential audience know more about your brand. Simply put, this app provides a nicer and more organised experience to its users.

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4. Adobe Spark Post-Make Social Graphics, Short Videos

Adobe Spark Post-Make Social Graphics, Short Videos

Animated videos or graphic designs usually draw more attention than still pictures. Also, creating graphic designs can help you engage with your target audience better. Trust Adobe Spark Post if you want to create an animated graphic design without stressing yourself out. This app provides tons of templates and ideas, along with smart design features. It will also let you add animated effects or simplify designs right on the go.


• Iconic imagery
• Professional themes
• Compatible with mobile and web
• Share everywhere
• Personalised effects
• Beautiful typography
• Instant results
• Compatible with mobile and web

This app takes only a few milliseconds to create interesting visual posts and short videos. All you have to do is choose a design template, add the photo and text and resize your creation to fit your desired blog or social media. In Christmas, for example, you can share a small video of how your employees celebrate the festival and post it online. I tried it once and it turned out to be quite effective.

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5. Slack-instant messaging platform

Slack-instant messaging platform

Remember that social media marketing is not just about targeting the right audience. It is also about interacting with your team. You should be able to connect with your team, collaborate with them, send them updates and receive feedback from anywhere within your organisation. Slack will help you achieve that easily. From an advanced search to smart notifications, this app has got them all for you.


• Custom emojis
• Custom loading messages
• Quickly switch channels
• Robust company knowledge
• Secure working environment
• Accessible tools and services

This app also lets you know about the performance of your campaigns. You can receive the notifications on your desktop, mobile or email. Send direct messages to your team and keep them updated about your strategies. Slack will not only help you influence your target audience but will also help you have some fun with your colleagues.

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6. Nimble-CRM Software

Nimble-CRM Software

It is a super powerful contacts manager that integrates with all your contacts’ social media profiles. Once you integrate your contacts with Nimble, it will be way easier for you to stay connected with your network. This app can help you understand the type of products your target audience is interested in.


• Contact and social media account management
• Partner relation management
• Opportunity and pipeline management
• Product and price list management
• Desktop integration
• Marketing automation
• Data availability
• 24*7 customer support

Most importantly, it lets you focus on the most important facts about your business. You will get all the details related to sales insights, customer engagement and data organisation. This app imports basic contact details from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Facebook, Google, phone, email, etc. Whether you want to expand your brand or you want to collaborate with a new partner, Nimble can help you engage faster.

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7. Facebook Ads Manager

facebook ads manager appAre you on one of them who burn the midnight lamp to launch the ad campaigns at the right time, especially during special events or holidays? Then the Ads Manager is the right one for you. You can optimise the copy of the campaign or adjust budgets from anywhere as long as you have the app installed on your phone. Quite a relief, isn’t it?


• Audience Insights
• Power editor
• Flexible with multiple pages and ad accounts
• Access valuable pixel data
• Customisable audiences
• Simple navigation
• Timely notifications
• Draft campaigns preview

91% of marketers invested in Facebook advertising last year. Over 1.4 billion people use Facebook on a daily basis and each of them spends nearly 50 minutes across Messenger, Facebook and Instagram. These statistics show that you can grab A LOT OF ATTENTION if you can manage your Facebook ads with the utmost precision. From the performance of your ads to the conversions, you can track everything related to your Facebook ads right from this app.

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8. Trello

Trello appTrello is an ideal social media marketing app if you want your team to be organised and on the right track. It also lets you track the progress of your social media projects. You can update your team regarding the status of your social media campaign through this app. Trello lets you know which campaign’s being worked on, who’s working on what and where something has gone wrong.


• Collaboration tools
• Gamification
• Mobile access
• Recurring task management
• Percent-complete tracking
• To-Do list view
• Taskboard view
• Reporting analytics

Trello’s card or list format is great when it comes to sharing tasks and passing them to over to other departments to maintain production flow. Say your company produces more than 300 products every year and each product has a marketing campaign of its own. You can use the list format of Trello to maintain all the campaigns with ease.

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9. Snapseed-Online Photo Editing App

Snapseed-Online Photo Editing App

Creating visual content is easy. But, editing the same can be a whole different task altogether. Snapseed makes this task easier by editing the visual content right on your mobile phone. It is an advanced photo editing app that helps you fine-tune your content without having to send it to a computer.


• 29 key tools and filters, including Brush, Healing, Structure, Perspective and HDR.
• Opens RAW and JPG files
• Selective filter brush
• All styles can be tweaked with precise control
• Save your personal looks for quicker application
• Face enhance to add focus to the eyes or smooth the skin
• Classic black and white look

Snapseed consists of multiple tools that will help you customise your pictures within a few minutes. ‘Tune Image’ is one of them. This option lets you get the perfect colour and exposure in your photos. Visual contents have the potential to draw nearly 25.3% of traffic to your website. Whether you want to share infographics or images, make sure it is attractive enough to stand out on social media.

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10. CoSchedule-Organize Your Marketing In 1 Place

CoSchedule app

CoSchedule lets you have an overall view of your marketing calendar. You can manage and edit your social media posts as and when required on this app. You can integrate this app with WordPress, Google Calendar, Social Media, Analytics, etc. If you want to automate your social media posts and share evergreen contents at a later time, CoSchedule is the perfect app for you.


• Agile methodologies
• Gantt charts
• Client portal
• Collaboration tools
• Idea management
• Customisable templates
• Document indexing
• Audio content
• Website management
• Audience targeting
• Conversion tracking

I particularly liked the option to create Tasks for each part of my campaign through this app. Each task consists of checkbox and you can tick it off as you complete the steps. It helped me focus a lot better on my campaigns. Changing your post schedules is also easier on CoSchedule.

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11. IFTTT-Every thing works better together

IFTTT-Every thing works better together

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could wish your loyal clients a happy birthday automatically on Facebook? What if you could automatically send updates about your products on Messenger to your new clients? IFTTT will help you do so. IFTTT also stands for ‘if this, then that.’ This automation tool helps you connect different tools and online services to manage your social media campaigns easily.


• Flexible with voice control assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant
• Custom daily forecast notifications
• Simplifies automation
• Compatible with multi-tasking
• Wide-ranging support
• Ready-made applets
• Free to use

It includes all the social media networks such as Facebook, Google Plus, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Once you create an account on this app, it will let you automate an endless number of web-based activities for free. You will also find a small application program known as ‘applets’ in this app. These applets are specific for each social media network. Say, there is an applet for Instagram. Thus, you can automate all the Instagram-based tasks with the applet.

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Wrapping Up,

Social media marketing can enhance your brand image and increase your revenue to a great extent only if you are able to manage the strategies right. The apps mentioned above will help you do so right from your mobile devices. You can not only update your team about the campaign’s progress but also track the conversions through these apps. Try them out and see how it goes for you.