Social Media

10 Proven Ways to Make Millions on Social Media

The word “Social” take us to the act of thinking of a “friend of everyone”. We tend to think of a friend who is always surrounded by people or a friend who is flitting from one person to another like a butterfly. Now anyone can socialise if they would want  to just by sitting in their own home. The social media networks(facebook, snapchat, instagram,whatsapp, etc) made the way too easy.

All these social media giants apart from the service of  giving connections ,it just paves the way to make huge money. Digital Marketing had overtaken all traditional and conventional marketing and it’s an amazing strategy of making money through social media.

Contribution :

Money can be earned  just by contributing your ideas to promote and sell a product of an online retailer and get the commission for the same. This type of marketing is known as affiliate marketing and each penny u get is purely based on your performance and efforts. You need to identify a suitable affiliate program, just sign up and start. The best platform for affiliate program for the newbie is amazon affiliate program.


If you have any skills like stitching, embroidery, painting , writing, handicrafts, coding, designing…etc  you’re too close to make the best out of your skills. Any of the followers in your social media platforms looking for the exact skill set u possess would get in touch with you for your service and you can charge as you wish with your hobby. You can just make easy money with easy work at your niche.


Lot of people are in need of your services you could never imagine. Services include caring,nursing, consulting, teaching, coaching etc. All you need is to have a little time for the kind of service you want to provide. You need to provide the coaching  or consulting sessions through Skype or YouTube or any other mode which is more accessible for both the service provider and service seeker. And guess what, You get paid for your services obviously.


Promoting the product had become a very important strategy for enhancing the business. Many organisations use number of social media platforms for promoting or advertising their products. It’s an essential thing to maintain proper public relations in order to reach and get considerate customers. These organisations got to manage the requests,queries, feedback and a lot more. So they need to set up proper managers to set up these media under track. If you have the managing talent, social media and communication skill your just a quick search away to be hired as a social media manager. Social Media Marketing is also a part of the Digital Marketing.

At your Mercy:

If you are a good vlogger or blogger and if you get followers its very easy to earn just by allowing to promote ads in yours. It’s quite easy to get ads from google or other vendors. All you need to have is to be unique and  engage consistent followers with your novel ideas. So that the traffic in your site gets more and more and you can share the ad revenue with your partner.

Fun wonders:

In the busy world people run from sunrise to sunset for making money. You can just make money at ease by giving little fun. People need a break and relaxation. They also want to exhibit their talents and get  recognised. So all you can organise some competitions, puzzles, fun games, activities etc. The cost of prize is on your head but you can always patch it up by getting sponsors for the event.

Engaging your followers:

To make the social media marketing successful, it’s very much necessary to keep followers engaged.  You need to have a personal touch with the followers. Answer all their queries gently in an appropriate manner and attend their issues as swift as can be. Keep an eye over all their activities and tag them when you know it matters to them. You can even like, comment, share and discuss their posts so that they are aware you care to check them on.


A wonderful strategy of social media marketing is taking your followers to the next step. So all your ideas should have a link for the further proceedings by you or your followers. So don’t forget to provide interlinks in your blogs or websites.

Hashtags and Geotags:

Hashtags are highly used to easily get the specific thing  they want without getting much occupied with irrelevant data in a search. Hashtagging is a wonderful way of linking your followers to your site. The usage of hashtag makes your page on top when the customer really needs something of your niche. So you have to wisely choose the hashtags to enrich your business. Geotags are widely used in insta because customers search to find out what’s in their location. So geotags helps a lot to reach the customers.

Measure and rank:

Rank yourself as a part of taking up the role of a successful entrepreneur. Set goals and give perks to yourself so that it keeps you encouraged. Try to find out which data of yours had more influence in your audiences and work more on it.Sites Fanpage Karma and Squarelovin will help you to measure the highly influenced data of yours. Also always welcome the critics from your audience and try to rectify it with positive note.


To get revenue from digital marketing is quite easy. All you need to do is maintain your network  always active and and your platform trustworthy. Just concentrate and be specific in what you want and what you do. Post the content which is relevant and reliable thereby you can add more trust among your followers.  Add value to your followers along with your products.The most important thing is to have entrepreneurial tactics and strive for perfection with your best you can.