Great Ideas for Promoting Your Business This Christmas

Christmas Promotion Ideas
Written by Micah Phillips

The festive season gives you plenty of scope for enhancing your marketing, and it’s a time of year when everyone is fully alert to what is sale and on offer. We’ve looked at a few great ways of giving your marketing the Christmas twist, without going overboard on a budget!

Get Decorating!

OK, it’s obvious and in many ways, it can be tacky, but believe us when we say people do get ‘into the Christmas groove’! People want to be part of Christmas, to get involved, and whether that means your shop being adorned with tinsel and baubles, or your staff putting on their Christmas jumpers, it will make people smile. Don’t forget your website and other social media – some filters can give you a little snowfall or sparkle to keep up with the festive theme.

Use the Theme

Talking of themes, Christmas is a great one for promotions, whether it’s in-store, on your website, or by video marketing. The latter is a great way to promote your business, and there is no time better than during the festive season to put together a themed video that combines the Christmas cheer and your product promotion. It’s new, it’s fresh, and if you use great SEO in your descriptions, you’ll hit the target. Visit Promo to know more about it.

A Sense of Urgency

A popular – and we should say – effective method of gearing up your marketing at Christmas is to draw attention to the fast-approaching date: if you tell your visitors – both physical and online – that there are ‘only X shopping days left’ it does, in fact, inspire them to get on with things! Keep your social media content up to date and on the button, every day, keep the pressure on – although not too strong – and you’ll find that you do gain some business, and also more exposure.

Give Something Special

Christmas is a time for giving, right? Not just goodwill to all men but also welcome gifts! Why not combine the two? Here’s the idea: offer a range of gift cards – Christmas themed of course – and when someone buys one to use as a gift, they get an extra one to a lesser value as a gift to themselves. That’s both of you giving in one go. You’ll find that the recipient of the original card will certainly spend it, and the buyer of the original is also going to come back for a freebie!

Remember Those Who Don’t Do Christmas!

We live in a multicultural society and while nobody wants to remove Christmas, it will be appreciated by those whose cultures don’t celebrate our Christmas if you give them a mention. Many other faiths have their seasonal celebrations – Hanukkah is a huge event in the Jewish community for example – so let’s have a shout out for everyone this Christmas time!

There’re a few ideas from us, and from this, we hope you take the inspiration to enhance your marketing this Christmas.