2 Minute – List of SEO On-Page Checklist for New Website

SEO On-Page Checklist for New Website
Written by Ratnesh

Are you looking for Complete SEO checklist for your new website, Here I am listing only all the Important SEO On-page elements. You can try each metrics to Implement for your website. Some of them hard to pick but you can search on google about . So its 5 Minute SEO Quick check List.

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1 Meta Tags
2 Robots.txt
3 Analytics and webmaster Verification Codes
4 Sitemap.xml
5 Content on Pages
6 404 Custom Page
7 HTML Sitemap
8 No follow tags on external link
9 Duplicate Content
10 Interlinking between the content
11 Dedicated IP
12 Optimize URLs
13 Canonical Tag
14 Website speed and Page Speed Insight
15 Call to action
16 Mobile Optimization
17 Rich Cards
18 AMP
19 Rich Snippets
20 Header Tags
21 Recommendations
22 Hcard
23 Structural Data
24 Live Chat
25 Social Profiles
26 Authorship tags
27 Language Attribute
28 Website Layout
29 Social Profiles
30 Review Section
31 Server Location
32 Blog integration and update on the website
33 Should be short URLs
34 Should not Excessive Interlinking
35 IP Canonicalization (Not open with IP)
36 Alt Tags
37 check w3c validator (html error)
38 Check Search box on the website
39 Favicon
40 Google Places
41 Add to Cart
42 Website Navigation
43 New Page Creation if needed
44 No follow and dofollow links ratio
45 V card
46 Faq’s (Frequently Asked Questions)
47 Facebook OpenGraph Meta Data
48 Twitter Card Tags
49 Backlinks
50 International Targeting
51 Index Pages
52 Contact us Page
53 Navigation Issue
54 Optimize Images
55 Responsive design
56 Website CMS
57 Broken Links,errors, and crawl Issues
58 SEO Score
59 Competitors
60 Keywords
61 Reputation Management Issues
62 Keyword Density
63 Link Redirection
64 SSL Certificate
65 Google penalties
66 Domain Authority
67 Alexa
68 No-Index Tag Presence
69 Render Blocking Resources
70 Anchor Text
71 Side and Bottom Navigation
72 Hidden CSS or text?
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