50+ Off Page SEO Techniques for Digital Marketer

50+ Off Page SEO Techniques
Written by Ratnesh

Are you looking for off-page SEO techniques, Here I am listing 50+ off-page activities you can do. Some of them required content, some of old techniques but still work if you do carefully.

Offe- Page Activities Impact on SEO
1 Guest Blogging/Post High
2 Web 2.0 Submission Medium
3 Article Submission Medium
4 Blog Creation Medium
5 Social Bookmarking Medium
6 Social Media Optimization High
7 ORM Sites Submission Medium
8 Classifieds Medium
9 Profile Creation Low
10 Business Listing High
11 Image Sharing Medium
12 Facebook Group Sharing Low
13 Animations Videos Medium
14 Infographics Medium
15 Video High
16 PR High
17 Q & A High
19 Forums Medium
20 Competitors Links Creation High
21 Blog Commenting Low
22 PDF Low
23 User Rating Reviews High
24 Broken Link Building Medium
25 Presentations submission Low
26 .Edu Link Creation High
27 Wiki links Creation High
28 .Gov Links Creation High
29 Product Listing Low
30 RSS feed Low
31 Link Inforcement Low
32 Content Syndication Low
33 Directories Low
34 Pinging Low
35 Logo Design Directories Low
36 Mobile App Directories Low
37 Search Engine Submission Low
38 Blog Directory Submission Low
39 Surveys Low
40 Quizzes/Tests Low
41 Microsites Creation Medium
42 Linkedin groups Sharing Low
43 Widgets Creation & Sharing High
44 Plugins & Extensions High
45 Blog Snippets Low
46 Recover your dead backlinks Low
47 Diggo Sharing Low
48 Voting Low
49 Audio Submission Medium
50 Link Baiting Low
51 Community Creation Low
52 Facebook Page Creation Low
53 Link Reclamation Low
54 Write testimonials Medium
55 Feedback sites Low
56 PPT Submission Medium
57 Doc Submission Medium
58 Podcast Medium
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