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10 Best Health and Wellness Apps for Employees

Health and Wellness Apps
Written by Micah Phillips

How do you encourage your employees to be more productive, engage in operational activities, and remain proactive to find new ideas?

Many of the companies invest heavily into their employees giving better office facilities, decent paycheque, optimum levels, and room for further growth and improvement. But not all of these options are enough to really let professionals enhance further.

They need something more and that is to remain happy and energetic. In this respect, wellness can be linked with a happy workforce working in full capacity and giving valuable propositions to the company.

One of the best ways to improve organizational profitability is by improving health and wellness using specialized fitness apps.

Whether or not, your organization offers a strategic wellness program to your workforce, fitness apps do the same job of keeping a close check on the health and further improve the same.

Over here, you will come across the 10 best health and fitness apps for employees to remain productive and profitable to the company. And, this allows you to hire the services of a pioneer mobile application development company to create a robust & interactive.

But before starting the list, let’s first understand why companies need health-related apps for employees.

Benefits of Health & Fitness Apps?

Fitness application keeps you handy in terms of looking after your health, track your progress, and becomes your personal health assistant. Especially to stay energetic and active all day long, such apps help people to maintain a balanced lifestyle without depending on anyone. Most importantly, individuals involved in a hectic work schedule all day long will be able to achieve active health goals by dedicating at least 1 hour of time to do necessary exercise and let all the senses be alive.

Monitor your Health Progress

Staying healthy is ineffective without setting up strict goals. This you can do best by installing a fitness app. Most of the application features keeping track of the all-day-long activities including an exercise regime, meals to eat, water to take, and other specified objectives that you can set accordingly. On top of that, personalized notification of such apps helps you keep track of the set health goal and let you remind of the same.

Keep Track of your Daily Diet

It has been an admitted fact that staying healthy involves the role of 30% regular exercise and 70% of strict diet plan. Without having well-balanced and nutrient-rich meals, no one can reach the desired fitness goals. Especially for working professionals, who hardly get time to eat the right thing at the right time, such apps play a vital role in planning the diet well ahead in advance. Many of the fitness apps have features of showcasing different diet plans full of macros including Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats, and Calorie counts. Users can first set the desired fitness goal and find the related diet to plan meals ahead.

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Track your Foot Steps

One of the essential features of wearable devices linked with healthcare apps is tracking the footsteps of users. Better known as pedometer apps, such a feature helps you set the desired walking goal on a daily basis and achieve the same without doing much effort. It is the simplest yet effective health measure that anyone can talk to to stay in the best shape of life.

Get Assistance from Personal Health Coaches

Smartphones have made the life of users easy and flexible. With fitness apps, there is no such need to hunt for physical trainers around your area and pay higher fees for the same. Using the affordable subscription model of healthcare apps lets you connect with professional and highly experienced fitness coaches and lifestyle experts. You can get virtual assistance from trainers via the app to create a successful exercise regime, diet plan, and other activities.

Keep you Motivated

Another important benefit of installing a fitness application is to stay motivated. Personalized recommendations and notifications help users to get usual reminders of the dietary efforts and exercise regime. Ultimately, it helps to stay on track of remaining on a healthy spree. Overall, it makes you focused and highly inspirational to reach your desired fitness goal.

Receive Different Workout Ideas

Several health and fitness applications offer workout videos for beginners, intermediate, and advanced individuals. Any user can refer to the personalized fitness regime content to further plan out the health activity and follow the same in a hassle-free manner.

All in One Health Tool

There is no doubt in the fact that fitness apps are a single-stop solution where you can monitor your lifestyle, health regime, diet activities, and other physical workouts. Such apps help you count steps, monitor blood pressure, oxygen levels, and other body measurement parameters. Overall, healthcare and fitness apps are your ideal associate to create a personalized choice of lifestyle ahead.

Remain Proactive Physically & Mentally

Last but not least is to stay in an active position all day long and years ahead. The primary goal of fitness apps is to improve the life of people and do care about their health in a person. Working professionals have to install such applications to create a balance between personal and professional life. In addition, regular physical activities further help in shaping up mental health as well.

Best 10 Health and Fitness Apps for Employees

Now, you have got an idea as to what it exactly receives with a fitness app. But before getting into the healthcare app development process, it better is to refer to the top 10 employee-centric fitness apps available today.

Endomondo now Map My Run by Under Armour

This application is highly used to track workout movements, provide audio feedback, and offer further guidance and necessary information to reach your fitness goals. You can install this app for yourself and recommend the same to health-conscious friends of yours.

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It is an enterprise-level mobile software that helps employees to create custom fitness goals and health plans. Some of the prominent features of the app include tracking fitness activity, getting rewards points, finding different levels of physical activities, and more. Overall, this application helps people to maintain a healthy lifestyle, social well-being, mental status, emotional health and enhances the personal as well as professional journey. Also, employees can share their fitness regime plans, pictures, and achievements with friends using this app.

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MyFitnessPal – Calorie Counter

MyFitnessPal is a diet control and meal planning app for employees. Using the specialized feature of this app, users can quickly track their daily meal requirements like snacks, coffee, water, pre, and post-workout meals. It has a calorie counter feature that lets you measure and control the total calories consumed in a day.

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Hotseat at Purdue

Specially created for an employee who spends the majority of their day sticking to the work desk. It offers several challenges to users just like stay away from their seats for few minutes, talk a walk, and several two-minute break activities. Using this app, you can create several small yet effective fitness challenges for yourself and everyone around at the workplace. Using this helps you to stay physically competitive and energetic all day long.

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Total Brain

It is a neuroscience-based app that takes care of the mental health of users. It measures several mental responses and activities to remain active and healthy. This app has the capacity to measure 12 different levels of the brain in terms of confidentially screens for the risk for common mental health conditions, self-awareness, engages individuals, and several activities.

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Meditation Studio

If you feel regular anxiety at the workplace, then this app is just meant for you. It offers more than 200 guided meditation techniques from the mouth of 27 professional meditation experts. And, it keeps you concentrate better on important things that let you sleep better and boost confidence.

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Headspace – Meditation & Sleep

Another meditation and mindfulness app is this Headspace. This application offers few minutes of interactive sessions to clear stress off the mind and release all the tension. On the other side, it helps to attain attention on important matters and gain instant calm inside.

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8fits – Workouts & Meal Planner

A workout-related app 8fits is highly useful for users to plan their different workout regimes properly and find healthy yet nutrient-rich recipes inside.

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Streaks – Simple, Easy to use, Daily Habit Tracker

A kind of task-related application that lets you keep going and stay energetic. Using the app, you can create a list of tasks that you need to perform one by one and at the end find your unlimited approach towards and innumerable capacity. And, the task can be anything from exercising, quit smoking, reading a book, eating a healthy diet, and more.

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Sleep improvement is the main element of this application. It takes all the information about your sleep pattern, finds how restless you are usually while sleeping, and other notions to help you with tips & tricks to get a sound sleep.

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Final Note

It is important to create a healthy, mentally, and physically fit culture at the workplace for the overall well-being of employees. You can encourage the workforce to download customized fitness apps to stay on a healthy regime.

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