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8 Best Brain Training Game Apps That Make You Smart

Written by Micah Phillips

Just like our muscles require regular training to stay strong and healthy, our brain deserves the same.

By training our minds, we can improve our:

• Muscle memory
• Focus
• Cognitive intelligence
• Decision-making skills

All in all, skills that help us perform regular tasks in a much-enhanced way.

When our brain functions well, we are more likely to achieve our goals, pursue our ambitions, and live a life that we all wanted. So, YES, better functioning of our brain has an essential role to play in the life we want to live.

With that said, there are ways to improve braining functioning such as games, reading exercises, exploring nature, and many more.

In this blog, we will focus on gaming apps and how they can train our brains to be better.

The best part about these brain training gaming apps is that anyone can play them. It doesn’t matter whether they are young or old, they will find the games amusing and easy to put up with. Most of these games will test logic skills and prevent their brain from aging.

Best Brain Training Gaming Apps You Can Play Today

You can easily find these gaming apps on your favorite app store (Apple and Android).

Most of these apps are completely free, so you won’t even have to pay a dime to download them. However, some of these apps may require a paid fee of $1.

Our suggestion is to try each app and then settle for one that best suits your brain’s needs. Only then think about spending money on any one of them.

However, if you are looking for online games that don’t require an app install, then head over to the Unlimited Gamez Mo website on your mobile and play your favorite games.

With that said, let’s learn about these apps in more detail.

1. Lumosity

The first app on our list is Lumosity. It is a paid app, and the idea behind it is to help small children get smarter.

The app is full of flash-based games that exercise the attention, memory, and decision making of small children. It interactively does all that.

Children can use the app with guidance from their parents or on their own. It is completely safe to use and has over 50+ exercises based on math, logic, puzzles, strategy, speed, and pattern recognition.

The app is, in fact, developed by actual scientists and researchers who would like to improve brain functioning through common cognitive and neuropsychological tasks.

2. Elevate

Elevate is a free app with an in-app purchase option. It functions similar to Lumosity and has a plethora of games and tasks targeting our brain.

The best part about Elevate is that it offers experiments that kids can do at home. This means they don’t need to be connected to the internet to play their favorite games with the Elevate mobile app.

Apart from that, Elevate also offers many premium options such as ‘directed gameplay’ in which children can follow a path to improve a selected part of their brain.

3. Picto Puzzles

Just as the name says, Picto puzzles are all about pictures, puzzles, and pattern recognition. It is a free app that anyone can use to give their memory a small boost. The game is designed to help you enhance your memory, increase brain inference, and decrease cognitive dissonance.

Picto puzzles offer detailed performance tracking for users with an account on the platform. It is one of the highest downloaded puzzle games on Google Play.

4. Peak

The Peak app is a collection of multiple mini-games, all targeting different parts of the brain. It is a simple, fun, and free brain training workout designed to help you relax, realign your focus, or just pass some boring time.

Whatever is your purpose, Peak is a game that helps you achieve all this with little worry. Since it is a new addition to Android and Apple app stores, it doesn’t have as many reviews as other games have.

5. Brain Wars

Brain Wars is a multiplayer brain training app. In this game, you are not just competing with a computer but other players around the world. What makes this game even more interesting is the gameplay.

You can bring your other friends onboard, and all of you can play the game together. Or, you can challenge any top player on the leader board to a duel and play against them.

Brain Wars games are simple game teasers that you can easily solve with some concentration, but the tough part is the time trial mode. Here you are tested for your brain and your agility. Win them both, and you come out as the winner.

6. Mental Up

Mental Up is focused on small children under the age of 10 who are still developing parts of their brains.

The Mental Up game helps them increase their cognitive abilities with simple brain teasers. There are over 20 learning paths, each with 100s of games. Since this is a premium app, new games are getting added every day.

Parents can select a learning path and let their children deduce and pass through various levels. The Mental Up game targets attention, focus, concentration, and logic.

It has also stared a new mode where children getting homeschooled can enroll. The company has partnered with many schools in the States to offer a complete learning curriculum for children.

7. Memorado

Memorado is not just a brain training app but a relaxant, a storybook, and a mediation teacher. It offers over 420 levels that you can either complete solo or with the help of a learning path.

All games are exclusively developed by scientists with help from neuroplasticity studies. The purpose of Memorado is to increase brain though processes and fluid intelligence. It also offers new exercises to users on a daily basis.

8. Brain Test

Brain Test is one of the oldest Android gaming apps. It has a positive rating in millions, and that makes it a great brain training app to even begin with. It offers free fun facts, IQ exercises, puzzle crackers, Sudoku puzzles, dumb tests, and daily brain teasers.

Although the game doesn’t have any specific training paths, you can choose any specific category to begin playing your favorite games. The best part about Brain Test is that you can play it even without the internet. It is a highly addictive game to pass your free time and get a memory boost.

Final Word

We hope this list of games will help you improve your mental skillset, allow you to focus on things that matter, and bring new energy to your life.