Top 10 Bluetooth Software for Windows

Top 10 Bluetooth Software for Windows
Written by Micah Phillips

Bluetooth has always been a revolutionary piece of technology. Even after so many connections facilities, Bluetooth is one of the most reliable options for connecting to a device. Bluetooth is very useful and necessary for your PC but, due to some circumstances if you are unable to use Bluetooth of your windows PC. You can use the best Bluetooth software for windows which are mentioned below.

10 Best Bluetooth software for Windows

Bluetooth Driver Installer

It is the best Bluetooth software to resolve the connectivity problem. Most of the problems are occurred due to old drivers, similarly, if your Bluetooth device has also faced problems while connecting, that means it contains outdated drivers. Bluetooth Driver Installer is the top-notch choice of experts to update Bluetooth Drivers. With this, you can also resolve other problems in just a few seconds. It is very easy to use and also makes a secure back-up point if you don’t like changes then to get the older one back. And it is compatible with almost all sorts of Bluetooth devices and hardware.

WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software

WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software is another free Bluetooth software that heals Bluetooth connectivity problems. The WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software is compatible with Windows 8 & 10. This software comes up with many combinations and integration features, also gives many options to OEM devices. It automatically set-up connection and permits users to join the network without any network failure. So, if your Bluetooth device stops working then you must try this amazing software to fix all the issues.

Bluetooth View

When we are talking about the best Bluetooth software the only name that strikes first in our mind is – Bluetooth View. This program runs in back and shows all the information about Bluetooth i.e., device name, address, connection time, and many more. Whenever any Bluetooth device comes in your range it’ll automatically prompt you. Its automatic latest functioning allows you to connect as many as it can without any barrier.

Bluetooth Driver

The most convenient and high-rank Bluetooth software that is highly compatible with Windows 10. Within your reach, it instantly identifies for turn-on Bluetooth devices. Its user-interface is very easy to use and has the capability to support files within a few seconds. Moreover, fixes other Bluetooth connectivity issues and make it a bit effective.


Another crucial software for windows to resolve Bluetooth connectivity issues is – BlueSoleil. It is the most preferred choice for professionals and experts as it is highly standardized with new technology. BlueSoleil is the most trusted and great tool which gives a breakthrough experience to users. The interface of BlueSoleil is pretty friendly that improves the hardware connectivity by fixing various issues.

Intel Wireless Bluetooth

Intel Wireless Bluetooth software has brought up all the new patches and based on the latest technology. Its advanced features help users to fix common issues. Its ease of working makes it the most preferred choice for everyone. It seems very complicated in the very first instance but as you start using it, becomes very friendly. Compatible with almost multiple wireless dongles.

Bluetooth File Sender

Bluetooth Wireless Technology lets you to connect your device and share files instantly. By using Bluetooth File Sender, you can easily connect your smartphone to your PC and transfers files within few seconds. It also allows you to modify your files like rename, delete, edit, etc. The only drawback of this program is – download has been restricted in some countries. Its easy user interface makes it extremely easy to use and most worth it.

Bluetooth Remote PC

As its name suggests Bluetooth Remote PC – that means it allows you to get access of your PC from your phone. However, it is not a freeware software but it offers users to get the free trial. Highly-compatible with all the versions of Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. You can control your mouse, keyboard, sound, and instructions from your small smartphone. For advanced features, you’ll need to buy its full version.

Bluetooth Sender Sargon

Yet another best Bluetooth software for windows is – Bluetooth Sender Sargon. Well, it is a special tool that fulfills advertising requirements. It is the all-in-one solution, you can easily and quickly share big media files with Bluetooth Sender Sargon. Basically, it is used for business for a bit more effective and relevant advertising. Compatible with all the versions of Windows.

Bluetooth Phone Transfer Software

Bluetooth Phone Transfer software allows establishing a connection between phone and PC to share files effectively without any hurdles. Sync your smartphone’s data with PC and quickly shares big files. Compatible with all the versions of Windows – 32 bit and 64 bit OS. It is able to transfer any type of files within the PC and smartphone.

You may have Bluetooth related problems in your PC but you don’t know how to resolve it. The above-mentioned programs can help you with your problems and let you get the most of your Bluetooth. Bluetooth has always been a reliable method of connecting devices but if you are having connection problems with Bluetooth then they may be solved by using programs that have been mentioned above.