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10 Best GPS Tracking Apps for Android and iPhone

10 Best GPS Tracking Apps for Android and iPhone
Written by Micah Phillips

Are you sure your kid makes all way home from school?

How to tell if your partner is cheating on you?

Do your field employees arrive at the designated location?

The simple answer to all these concerns is a phone tracking app.

Yeah, you have read it right—a phone tracking app.

This app tracks the GPS location of the target phone so that you know where your kids, partner, or employees are. This is useful as over 90% of people use a smartphone, including kids.

However, there are hundreds of GPS tracking apps to choose from. It is quite overwhelming and stressful to choose the right one. Fret not!

Here I have rounded up some efficient apps that not only let you track the location of someone, but also show you their messages, calls, and other activities made over their phone.

Top GPS Tracking Apps List


mSpy is counted among popular phone tracking apps and available for both iOS and Android. It lets you stay connected with your near and dear ones. The app tracks their location in real-time as well as enables you to monitor location history, contacts, and location history. The app also comes with an alarm button for the kids or aged adults for emergencies.

mSpy is available in three packages—Phone, Computer, and Bundle. All of the packages are available with different price tags.

Key Features of the mSpy App:

• Tracking real-time location
• Monitoring incoming and outgoing messages
• Overlooking incoming calls
• Read messaging apps

Download this location tracker app for iOS and Android:


If you are worried about the safety of your kids, FamiSafe can be a useful app for you. Designed for parents, this app comes with many interactive features, including GSM tracking, geofences, app monitoring, and blocking, web content filtering, and remote screen time control.

I personally think that geofencing is a key feature many parents would like in this app. With geofencing, you can create your own virtual safety zones like your kid’s school or your grandparent’s park on their cell phones.

The app will notify you whenever your kids or grandparents get out of that zone. That’s why it is a useful application that updates you about your beloved one’s whereabouts.

The app is also available with a 3-day free trial.

Key Features of the mSpy App:

• Tracking location in real-time.
• Showing the previous locations the target phone has been to.
• Geo-fencing to alert you whenever the target phone leaves the areas marked by you.
• Detecting suspicious photos.
• App Blocker.

Download this location tracker app for iOS and Android


Spyzie is a simple yet efficient app that can meet your location sharing and tracking needs.

The app is loaded with a wide range of features such as geo-fencing, real-time location tracking, stealth mode, and access to social media feeds. Moreover, Spyzie shows the past locations of the target device, call logs, keylogger, and contacts.

It is more than a GSM tracking app. For example, the stealth mode of the app never lets the thief know that the phone is being tracked. This is because the app icon is disappeared when this mode is on.

Key Features of the mSpy App:

• Tracking location in real-time.
• Showing the previous locations on the target phone.
• Activating Stealth Mode when the phone is lost or stolen.

Download this location tracker app for iOS and Android:

Phone Tracker:

Phone Tracker is counted among reliable GPS phone tracking apps. Apart from tracking the location of the target phone,You can install the app on up to 5 phones.

Talking about its ability to track location, Phone Tracker sends GPS location data of the cell phone every 30 minutes to control panel where the GPS data is stored.

Key Features:

• Tracking GPS location in real-time.
• Tracking online activities and web surfing.

Download this location tracker app for iOS and Android

Life 360:

Life360 is truly a cutting edge real-time location-sharing app and is a great way to coordinate with your beloved ones. You can get automatic notifications when the people with target phones come and leave home, work, and school, and when they complete drives.

Key Features:

• Showing the real-time location of friends and family members.
• Notifying when they arrive or leave home, school, or work.
• Showing the past location history of the linked phones.
• Tracking a lost or stolen phone.

Download this location tracker app for iOS and Android

Glympse GPS Tracker:

With Glympse, you can track the location of your family and friends for free.

All you need to send a location sharing request with the target phone to your cell phone to track their location in real-time. This way, it is a fast, simple, and secure way to share and track locations. As an added bonus, it can be used as a social networking app. For example, you can coordinate a social night out with friends or let your beloved ones know that you made it home safe after a night out. What about using it for finding friends at a concert or festival?

That’s why this amazing app makes it to this list of best GPS tracking apps for Android and iPhone.

Key Features:

• Tracking the location in real-time on a dynamic map.
• Sharing your location on your terms.
• Creating a Private Group and Public Group for family and other people respectively.
• Working stealthily in the background.
• Supporting Apple watch connectivity

Download this location tracker app for iOS and Android

FlexiSPY Phone Tracker:

FlexiSPY not only lets you track the location of the target phone, but also shows you the past location history of that device. This is really useful if you are not sure about the location of someone such as your kids and want to know where they have been.

FlexiSPY not only tracks GPS locations, but also monitors all other activities such as chats, email, call logs, SMS, photos and videos, online visits, and more.

Last but not least—it also lets you listen to phone calls made over the target phone.

Key Features:

• Tracking GPS location in real-time
• Letting you know the past locations along with data and time
• Working discreetly in the background
• Capturing pictures, audio, and video
• Recording and intercepting calls
• Tracking web activities, messaging and calls

(The app can be downloaded from the Official Site( for Your Android and iPhone devices.)

Google Maps:

There are many reasons to trust this app. It has been made by Google. Secondly, it shows almost all areas on the map. Above all, it is a free app being available for iPhone and Android.

Basically known as mapping service, this is useful for tracking locations. The good thing is that it comes with a share location feature. Plus, the app has a simple interface and plenty of options to personalize the location tracking requirements.

Google Maps also keep a record of the past location and displays them on the timeline.

It is very easy to use. Just open the Google Maps app on your phone or tablet and sign in. Tap Account Circle and then Location sharing followed by choosing Add people. You can also decide how long you want to share your location.

This is a great app if you are looking for an app with basic features.

Key Features:

• Showing Real-time ETAs and traffic conditions.
• Being equipped with quick indoor maps

Download this location tracker app for iOS and Android


Hoverwatch is a simply powerful phone tracker for Android and iPhone. At a reasonable cost, this app provides amazing features such as instant alerts, geofencing, and recording of text messages and calls.

It can also be integrated with a range of other apps such as Skype, Whatsapp, and Viber.

Key Features:

• Tracking GPS location in real time
• Tracking text messages and social media accounts
• Working discreetly on the phone
(The app can be downloaded from its official site( for your Android and iOS devices)


iKeyMonitor is a simple and powerful parental app for iPhone and Android. This app does every expected thing, from tracking GPS location, monitoring text messages, and keeping an eye on social media accounts on the target phone. This app is specially designed for the parents to protect their kids from malicious people, cyberstalkers, violence, cyberbullying, and other threats.

Key Features:

• Tracking the whereabouts of the target phone in real time
• Enabling GEO fencing feature
• Recording calls and chats

Download the App for Your Android or iPhone:

Bottom Line:

So these are some powerful GPS tracking apps that let you track the phone and monitor the activities being made over it as well. However, some of these apps might be paid while some are free, requiring you to consider your budget. One more thing—make sure to ponder over the features you need in the app. Last but not least—always use these apps on the phone owned by you or after being consented by the phone owner.

What do you think? Let me know by commenting below!

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