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7 Great Benefits of Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

Written by Ratnesh

These days, you need to be mobile to stay competitive. But being mobile is not only about having a mobile-friendly website, but it means connecting with on-the-go employees and customers and helping them (mobile customers and employees) to connect with you and each other. Mobile applications can help businesses (small and midsized) do just that. There are plenty of benefits of Mobile App and we have mentioned key benefits below:

  1. Be Visible to Your Customers 24 Hours

Do you know that many people spend about two hours a day on their smartphone? While maybe only a handful of apps make up the bulk of this total usage, but it doesn’t change the fact that each 9apps user must unlock, scroll as well as scan their mobile for the apps they’re searching for. Also, being “IN THE WAY” can be a benefit to your company, since our mind unconsciously does record every image and text it comes across. You can get download and install plenty of business app from apps Store.

  1. Mobile Geo-Targeting

Today, it’s become extremely easy to target key users with location-specific, time-sensitive messages via mobile apps, for example, you can send special offers and discounts to customers who are near your stores by integrating geo-location technology into a mobile app, Additionally, small businesses can decrease spend, narrow their focus as well as deliver targeted ads to consumers at the right time and at the right place by using this approach. Apart from this, combining geofencing with SMS texts lets you connect quickly with customers who are near your business. So, set it up for your loyal customers and later send them a text about a special event or a sale built just for them. You’ll make them feel special, and they’ll be more likely to stop in for a purchase or two by leveraging both scarcity and exclusivity.

  1. Create Brand And Recognition

Mobile apps for small businesses can extraordinary contribute to their brand awareness. A mobile app is something like a blank billboard sign and you can do what you want with it and can also make it stylish, shocking, informative and functional. But, create an app that has features your clients and customers will love, simultaneously is beautifully designed and well branded. Keep in mind that the more often you can get customers involved with your mobile app, the sooner they will be inclined to buy your product and service.

  1. Just Stand Out From The Stiff Competition

Nowadays, at the small business level, mobile apps are still rare and this is where you can take a huge leap ahead of your business competitors. Also, be the first to provide a mobile app to your customers. This is because they will be surprised by your forward-thinking approach and it will help you to boost your popularity.

  1. Cultivate Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is the prime reason why you should consider building your own mobile app for best small business opportunities.  We slowly lose our impact on customers due to the huge amount of advertising surrounding us. For example- Roadside banners, flashing signs, newspaper ads, billboards, flyers, coupons, websites, Facebook ads, email marketing and website banners. It’s time to go back to making an honest connection with your customers as well as making them a loyal lover of your product and service. A mobile app can be a way of staying closer to your customers, remember.

  1. Payments Via Mobile

Square and similar mobile payment solutions let small businesses to swipe credit cards as well as to handle other business transactions via mobile phone, tablet. It is a big-time saver and buyers do not for a bulky register or customized payment system. Besides, it also allows businesses to take payments on the go in few seconds. Can you believe that!

  1. Mobile Customer Service

Mobile apps can help businesses better help their clients and customers. As a business owner, you need to respond to customers within a few hours to keep your reputation for great service.  Mobile customer service can allow your team of customer service representatives to access customer communications from anywhere and anytime, which lets them keep on top of increasing demands of the customers. With a domestic mobile app, which you can download from App store, you can monitor client support tickets and emergencies 24/7 hours.

Some of The Most Commonly Used Mobile Apps:

  • Financial Apps

They can access your financial data such as payments, pending bills, expenses, customer accounts from your mobile phone. Apart from this, you can use these to share or record the financial data whenever needed as well.

  • Healthcare Apps

These apps help in managing product and patient information, checking drug interactions, prescribing medication and even billing using mobile devices. Healthcare Apps can be very helpful in epidemic outbreak forecasting and monitoring as well.

  • E-Mail Apps

These apps are one of the most elementary and commonly used apps in business mobile devices. Also, they enable e-mail usage on tablets and smartphones. According to a report, “More than 93% of information workers have an e-mail app on their mobile phones. You can download it for free from 9apps.

  • Schedule Planner Apps

These apps have a calendar that can record and remind users of vital meetings, events, etc. Do you know that 90% of information workers have calendar apps? Yes, it is true.

What Is the Future of Mobile Apps in Business World?

Change of states is still being made to mobile apps. With many companies/organizations encouraging the use of smartphones in their workforce to boost productivity, there is plenty of potential for development of business mobile apps. Apart from this, businesses can leverage them for their operations with cloud computing technology enabling effortless development of mobile apps.

Apps are fast overtaking traditional software development. And choosing between the custom development of apps and off-the-shelf completely depends on your business needs and budget. So, do in-depth research before making your decision.

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