Modern features rolled out by the beta version of the Whatsapp

Written by Micah Phillips

Whatsapp Messenger is the most popular messaging app available on the smartphones that allow the user to send and receive photos, messages, calls, videos, voice messages and documents. Whatsapp uses the user’s mobile internet connection to transmit data from one person to another.

The popular chat app Whatsapp has more than one billion active users and the developers are trying to upgrade the new features on Whatsapp. The recent updates of this free messaging app are mute or unmute the status of any of the contacts.

WABetaInfo is an online site that provides information about the upcoming features of the Whatsapp’s beta version. It posted the screenshots that contained the pictures from the app’s beta version for Windows Phone 2.17.40+. The Whatsapp has rolled out many new features to the users in order to improve the user engagement.

Whatsapp new Status feature

Whatsapp brings a lot of new changes in its Status attribute and recently it was reported that the users of Whatsapp will receive a new feature that allows the users to receive notification whenever their friends changed the status. And as per the recent news from WABetaInfo, it was announced that the Whatsapp will permit the users to mute and unmute the status for any particular users. It also has the advantage of viewing that mute list later.

In the current version, the user can view their contacts, chats and calls, but after the new update, the user can also see the status tab. From the obtained screenshot, the new Status tab will be available between the calls and chats. There will be a button for selecting either mute or unmute the status notifications.

If the user is unmuted the status notification of a specific user, then their status will not present in the Status column. But, the user can chat with that particular person as usual. The app also has a separate section for the muted users that allows the user to view the recent statuses of all the muted contacts. The user can also permit to change the muted contacts into unmuted contacts.

This feature is expected to implement on the Android version of this app soon and this feature is going to be rolled out for iOS and Android platforms. This feature is available on the latest beta version of the Whatsapp application for Windows Phone.

Reply to the friend’s status

Addition to the mute and unmute options in the Status, there is another feature also available to provide better services. The new feature is the ability of the user to reply to the Whatsapp status of their friends. It is not only limited for replying to the status where the user can also have a conversation with the person. Using this feature, the user will reply to the friend’s status in the normal chat user interface. The Whatsapp beta for Windows Phone has this ability to reply to the status.

Snapchat-like features

Whatsapp has been releasing many features, which are similar to the Snapchat’s stories and these features are available on the beta version of the Windows Phone. The updated feature of the Whatsapp is the ability to reply to the friends’ status updates, which is similar to the Snapchat stories.

Another feature of Whatsapp is the alert notification send to the user when their friends are updated the new status. This same kind of feature is available in the Snapchat stories. The messaging app also follows the way of Facebook where some of the attributes of the Snapchat are cloned by the Facebook.

New set of emojis

The Whatsapp users are going to get a new set of emojis those were already introduced for iOS 10.2 and Android 7.1. The Unicode 9.0 version emojis are available on the latest Whatsapp beta version 2.17.44 for Android. By this, the non-user of Android 7.1 Nougat can also use these new emojis.

Upcoming features

The users of Whatsapp on iPhones and Android devices will get many new features to improve the experience of the users. These upcoming features are developing in a manner to support the beta versions of the Whatsapp for the both two mobile software.

Live location sharing

WABetaInfo had recently shared the images of the location sharing feature, which was proposed to be from the Whatsapp’s beta version for iPhone and Android. There is another option to post the users’ current location in a group chat and it is working on the beta versions of Whatsapp 2.16.399 for android and for iPhone.

The ‘Show My Friends’ is another feature that makes the users’ live GPS location accessible to the certain group of peoples for a short period of time or indefinite time.

My status

Some other screenshots are having ‘My Status’ tab that permits the user to view the number of people who saw the users’ status and the time of their visit. It also had a description that the status updates of the user will delete from the user and all the other recipients after 24 hours.

Deleting the status

There are a number of improvements arriving at the status feature such as push notifications, mute and unmute status notifications and more. The most notable feature is the ability of the app to delete the status of the user within 24 hours. Whenever the person in the contact list changes the Whatsapp status, the notification will be sent to the user. The other contacts in the Whatsapp will receive the status notifications from the user when they alter the status, but this can be made to disappear after 24 hours.

Low battery alert

WABetaInfo, a feature leaker for Whatsapp shared another screenshot where the app displays the low battery alert while using a Whatsapp call. This low battery indicator will be displayed on the screen during a Whatsapp call. This feature is available for the users of latest Whatsapp beta versions for Android devices.

Edit and revoke the messages

There are several rumors that the Whatsapp is working on an attribute to revoke and edit the Whatsapp messages. This feature has been identified for the latest beta version, but it will be available for other users also. According to the leaked images, the sent messages on the beta version of Whatsapp iOS will have an individual Revoke option. When this revoke option is clicked, it would recall the Whatsapp sent message.

These revoked messages are said to be deleted on the both ends. Seemingly, this option will also operate for videos and photos shared in the app. The company is not yet finalized the release of this feature to all the platforms, but the iPhone users may receive this feature soon.

Queuing up the messages

Recently, Whatsapp released a major update to change the approach of user send the text messages. This latest update is available for iPhone owners where the users can send the text messages even when there is no any internet connection or Wi-Fi. It also allows the user to draft the reply message in the text bar, but the user can click the send icon until the phone reconnects. During this period, the text messages will be queued up and the messages will be sent when the smartphone regains the internet connection.

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