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A new feature on Beta version of Whatsapp becomes the most awaited

Written by Micah Phillips

In the current generation, whatsapp plays one of important part in among the people. We already knew this application launched Whatsapp beta version for their customers and it was running successfully. The beta version of WhatsApp has updated lot of new features in it. WhatsApp is testing a host of the new specification for its chat application, beta versions of the software have announced.

WhatsApp emerges to be making up its mind to familiarize location sharing into its platform. A beta version of the app was recently speckled in the wild with a real-time location sharing options that propose that the firm could be experimenting with plug into the feature into the mainstream of the program.

WhatsApp has now opened up an official Android beta testing program in their application. The move could elaborate the company which is owned by Facebook and the capability to reach a broader range of the testers by building it easier to sign up to the trial latest versions of the WhatsApp application software. Meanwhile, on the side of WhatsApp, it should be easy to spread out to the new releases and features as they become accessible.

Of course, we know that WhatsApp had already taken a testing program test of its own in place. The firm would host beta create of its Android application Package file which is called as APK file which is directly on its own website. At the times, this totally an APK file and in outside the Google Play store would see small changes, but other times it would accept an important of new features first and it is like a voice calling guide or integration with the Google Drive for backup option,

Facebook may be distancing itself from location-sharing between the colleagues in its own application, but the Facebook-owned firm of WhatsApp will occur to moving in this direction. A new specification sprinkled in the beta version of the famous mobile messaging software which shows that the WhatsApp has developed a real-time by tracking the location option that could be used among the friends who having the application.

Now with video calling specification intact, there is just one thing that the WhatsApp seems to lose and that is real-time location sharing specification. Recently in a Beta version application, real-time location sharing feature of WhatsApp was seen. This is suggested by the firm is looking to elaborate in the same direction. So we can very well wait for this feature to come forth in present times.

Live Location tracking:

The new feature of WhatsApp is called as “Live Location Tracking” in the beta software app and is presently found in Android version 1.16.399 and the iOS version of At a current year, the way it works is that it admits a user to chance on live location tracking for a certain period of time and they control it. The application offers one, two and five minute choice for you. During this time, you can select the recipients who would be able to fall behind your exact location area in the application.

There is also some other option called Enabled Indefinitely, that can be switched on.

The specification would build the sense for the times when you are trying to meet up with a friend, or a group of a colleague in a busy location. Or, it could be used among the family members as a different to a paid family locator service.

The implementation of the option has also been planned in a way that would limit the privacy concerns of the user over all the matter. It shows the option is switched off by its own, as it should be, and the users of the WhatsApp are able to control how long the sharing continues with other who are in the contact list.

The Location sharing is like this which is already available on the iMessage, via the Share My Location with a setting option. However, the iMessage gives slightly various options. You can share this for an hour, via the end of the day, or continuously.

While not all the features of the beta will necessarily introduce to the public, the fact is that the Location Sharing option and the testing across all the platforms is a positive sign that the WhatsApp is ahead forward with the setting.

Interesting specification:

In WhatsApp, the real-time location sharing feature is not like updated feature of facebook. Therefore it is neither like Twitters or an Instagram’s. But it is a little bit variations which make it even better than the rest of the applications in terms of the location sharing.

What can you do?

  • You can change over the application and then you go live. Selections of a few friends are able to see where you are and the location.
  • But they can do so for a particular period of time only. You can preselect the period of time for which your colleague and family, therefore they can track you.
  • The Beta version of the application admits you to select one, two and five more minutes of duration. So you can broadcast your location area for the maximum five minutes in the beta version Whatsapp application.
  • However, you can also select to make the time period ‘Enabled Indefinitely’ so the selected people in your contact will always locate you at which area you are located.


Will it useful or not?

This characteristic will definitely raise the safety as people can keep the track of their loved ones. If a teenager or a family member resides outside and you are worried about their security, you can now keep the track of their location always by using this specification. Is there any more peace of your mind? A lot of people, especially women who are living alone, would find this feature as very useful.

The thing is well said, it is not launching anything new technology. The iMessage is already having this specification but the important sad thing it is only available for the iOS. WhatsApp is right now testing this new feature on both the iOS and the Android platforms.

Interestingly, WhatsApp cares about the mindless ones in creating the sharing of location in the real-time of WhatsApp. It gives a perfect scheduled time so that the mindless ones do not keep sharing their location to the world continuously.

Let’s see how this feature is rolling out. WhatsApp will demand to be very careful with this new specification as it could include a lot of secrecy violations or spammed behavior. But the time reserved sharing and it could just be its saving grace.

The previous implementation had made the social network feel a little ancient one, especially if you forgot to change the permanent sharing off. That’s why it’s a bitty odd to see the same sort of accurate location-sharing now arriving in the Facebook-possessed by WhatsApp. But perhaps there is a better sense of the privacy in an app that is designed more as a closed-door SMS stand-in, rather than a larger one, social network.

The specification is one of the various new additions of WhatsApp is testing. Also in the works is the capacity to delete and edit the sent messages which are still unread, the capability to reply to statuses of the users, and shake your mobile phone to report bugs and issue to the WhatsApp support team.

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