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Launching the Mobile App on the App Store is the a Crucial Task

Launching the Mobile App on the App Store is the a Crucial Task
Written by Micah Phillips

The online platform from where the users can download and install the software programs is called the application store and all the leading mobile OS vendors, Microsoft, Google, Blackberry and Apple have a customized app store. Through this app store, the mobile OS vendors have the command over the applications available on their platforms. Apart from these app stores, there are many other third party application stores available in the market.With the rise in the mobile technology, more than 80% of the population in the world have access to the tablets and mobile phones and has increased the popularity of the app store among the public. Even more, the desktop OS and the web browsers have expanded the popularity and the browsers like Chrome from Google and Mozilla Firefox have app stores, where the users can install all the web based applications. With the app stores, it is easy for the consumers to readily download and install the app and update in a secured platform.

The mobile software applications

The mobile apps are the software developed and designed to run on the tablet computers and mobile phones. This software application is individual small units of software having limited functionalities and offers a similar service to that of the applications that run on the personal or desktop computers. However, the integrated software application system in the mobile apps is different from the regular desktop apps.

The target of the mobile apps is to provide an isolated and selected task like the calculator, music player, web browser or game. During the initial stage, the apps avoided the multitasking functionality because of the limitations in the hardware device, but now with the development of the technology the users can now select the desired apps based on their device specification. Generally, a desktop application is ported and derived into the mobile application, but lacks some techniques. But the dedicated mobile apps are designed specifically for the mobile devices taking into consideration about the benefits and the limitations in the platform.

Distinctive features of the mobile apps

Mobile websites have faded away after the reign of the mobile apps in the society and even the businesses in the industry are aware of the influence of the mobile apps among the consumers and are trying to implement it in their business.

There are different aspects present behind the mobile app’s popularity that makes it favorable than the mobile websites.

Personalized experience

The mobile apps are designed in a customized way based on the user’s behavior, location, interest and other reasons. The app lets the consumers to create their own personalized choices in the start, so that they receive customized services based on their preferences.

The apps also give suggestions to similar apps by observing the user activity and provide frequent updates. The app also provides geo-specific information by identifying the location of the consumer in the real time scenario. Apart from the customized features, the app assists in the refining the conversion rate and increases the chance of conversion.

Notification alerts

The most extensively used communication tool for the business purpose is the email. But its effectiveness lost over the past few years, but the mobile apps have filled this gap and is more effective in sending messages. The mobile app notifications are of 2 types, namely the in-app notification and push notification.

The main reason for the business to opt for the mobile app notification is because of the non-intrusive notification and the ability to send instant messages. In the push notifications, the consumers will be able to receive to messages regardless of the work they do on their mobile phones or tablets. While, in the in-app notifications the users will receive the notifications only when they open the application.

Utilizing the mobile features

The mobile apps utilize the features of the mobile phones, like the contact list, phone calls, accelerometer, compass and camera and other features that will also reduce the efforts in completing the task. Utilizing the existing mobile features will save more time and the task can be easily completed.

For example, while using the registration apps or banking app, it will request the user to submit the applications or photographs, so the user can use the camera feature of the mobile phone to take the picture and upload the image to submit the application.

Offline accessibility

This is the most significant and advantageous difference the mobile apps and the mobile sites. The user needs data connection only for downloading and installing the app, and even when it requires net connectivity to complete certain tasks- the basic functionalities and the contents of the app are available offline.

Flexibility in designing

The mobile apps can be designed with the advanced features and functions available on the platform and make use of the gestures like the drag, swipe, hold, tap, pinch and etc and create interactive accessibilities that helps in performance of the app.

But the mobile sites have to depend on the browsers and other sources to even perform a basic task and depend on the browser even to access the basis features like the address bar, back button and refresh button.

Branding Experience and Presence

The apps allow the users to personalize the appearance of the app and create their own branding style. The apps are different from the websites and offer a branding experience for the users.

People spend more time on accessing the mobile phones and tablets and they frequently visit all the apps that they have installed on their device, which is an advantage for the brand and the business. Though, the user does not visit the app they are remember the brand because of the mobile app.

Launching the app in the app store

The biggest step for a business is to create a mobile app and crate an online presence of their product and services. Once when the developers are done with the testing and debugging of the mobile app, they have to launch the application on the app store and it is a crucial task for the business.

However, before uploading the app on the app store there are various strategies and steps the developer has to consider.

Platform is important

The developer must select the platform in which they wish to upload their application; they can either choose the Android or the Apple platform.  When they decide to launch in both the platforms, they have to select the platform in which they wish to first launch the app, and for this they have to analyze the merits and demerits of both the platform.

While comparing both the platforms, apps in the apple platform re profitable that the others and so if the business mobile app is an in-app or a paid app- the iOs is the best platform. Android is the leading platform in terms of retention and adoption.

Testing team- Beta users

The apps must be tested in real time with the real users accessing the app, so it is important to identify the best testing group. The beta users or the testing team are the best critics who give proper reviews about the app and improve the performance of the app. But finding the beta users is a difficult task.

Apart from the beta users, the app must be tested to bring for the network, scale and load. There are 2 tools, namely AppPurify and TestFlight that help in assisting with these issues.

App store presence

The number of downloads does not measure the app’s success, but the launching process is the significant step in uploading the app on the platform. The app must run on multiple platforms in different app stores. With proper promotion and PR plan, the app can get more attention.

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