6 Mistakes People Make When Guest Posting

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Written by Micah Phillips

Guest posting is one of the most popular and best ways to build backlinks for your website. It is regarded as the safest method to get referral links from other websites.

But that doesn’t mean that you will create backlinks from any other websites that don’t have good quality sites. It is crucial to create backlinks from high authority sites so that you can lift up your website.

Guest posting services are usually of two types i.e., free and paid. There are websites who accept only paid guest posting. While some other websites may accept your guest posting request for free of cost but they have certain requirements that need to be fulfilled.

6 Mistakes People Make When Guest Posting

Do you know that when guest posting goes wrong then it can affect your website? Yes, It is true. That is why it is necessary to avoid certain mistakes when engaging in guest posting.

However, there are many website owners who make numerous mistakes while they do guest posting with other sites. Whenever we see “write for us” we get excited and overwhelmed. We fail to give a second thought on that. So, let us see 6 common mistakes that people make when guest posting and how you can avoid them.

1. Not Linking Back To Your Website:

This is one of the common mistakes that people do. They don’t link back to their website. Without links, while reading your content, readers will be bored and they will not find a reason to read your content.

While there are many high authority sites that don’t allow links on body content. They might allow links on Author Bio. Be very sure that if they allow links to place on body contents then make use of that opportunity. Provide a strong link by convincing readers to click on that particular link.

2. Writing About Your Business:

If you get an opportunity of guest posting to quality as well as high authority sites, then don’t waste your time in just writing about your business or brand in that particular blog.

It is obvious that no audiences find it interesting to read just about the brand or business. Then it is likely that your post won’t get enough likes and views. On the other hand, it might not appear in the search engine result page. Therefore, don’t make this mistake to write about your business or brand in the content. Provide relevant content.

3. Contributing Low-Quality Posts or Irrelevant Contents:

Proving content to other sites just for the sake of referring domains doesn’t mean that you will contribute low-quality posts. I am a content writer and whenever I post client’s contents on my website, I always find that the post’s quality is too low and I get frustrated every time.

By contributing low-quality posts, there is a high chance that the owner of that site won’t accept your post because it will affect their site in turn. And there is also a chance that you won’t get another chance to do a guest post next time onwards on that site.

4. Not having great content on your own site first:

Not having great content on their particular site first is another mistake that people make when they do a guest posting. When you do the guest posting of certain posts then be sure that the content of that post is of excellent quality so that people may find a reason to read your content.
Therefore, not having great content on your site can decrease your traffic and will affect your business.

5. Using it solely as a way to get inbound links:

We should not have a mind-set that we are building backlinks just to gain traffic from other sites while guest posting. These mistakes most people do and it generates low-quality content.

When you create good contents then readers will automatically click on that links and land on your site. This way you can gain more leads and sales for your site.

6. Writing for a site that won’t send targeted traffic:

People often make mistakes of considering bigger sites as a good site to generate high quality and relevant traffic. It is vital to be careful that bigger sites not always have good traffic.

On the other hand, smaller niche-based sites have relevant and better traffic than the other bigger sites. You can generate more traffic with those sites on your websites. Therefore, it is better to do a guest posting with those niche-based sites rather than bigger sites with irrelevant topics.

Final Thoughts:

Therefore, the above mentioned are the common mistakes that people usually make when guest posting with other sites.

Be careful to read all the instructions and mark yourself safe whenever you generate backlinks from high authority sites.

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