WooCommerce WordPress Plugin Extensions: A Way to Enhance your Online Store

woocommerce wordpress plugin free download
Written by Micah Phillips

Multiple open-source eCommerce website development software are available and each one is unique in itself. Developing and managing the online store is not an easy job as it always includes frequent troubleshooting and regular improvisation. For the best performance, you always require to add certain new features. The optimization process is also required. Besides these things, you should be assured that your online shopping website is capable of facilitating an amazing experience to the users.

Different WooComerce Plugins used for the e-commerce store

YITH Essential Kit for WooCommerce #1

woocommerce wordpress plugin and extensions free download-YITH Essential Kit for WooCommerce #1

It is the amalgamation of the extension. This adds multiple functions to the WooCommerce store such as product magnifier, AJAX real-time product search, quick view, product comparison, Live Chat, wishlist, and Cart Messages, etc. Overall, the extension adds twenty- three useful qualities to the WooCommerce store.


WooCommerce PDF Invoices

woocommerce wordpress plugin and extensions free download-WooCommerce PDF Invoices

Invoicing is quite important but it can be quite hectic. By using WooCommerce PDF Invoices, it can be an easy task. This helps in the creation of PDF invoices and attach them to the WooCommerce email. You can have multiple templates to choose from. There is an option to do modification depending on the requirement. Also, there are multiple date format and invoice modification options available.

Depending on your requirement, you can add extra columns for the refunds, discounts, or whatever things are essential according to you. Depending on your preference, you have the option to build invoices and packing slips as per the requirement. Also, there is an option to use the sequential system and WooCommerce’s order numbering with the extension. The plugin is liked by most of the people.


WooCommerce Currency Switcher

woocommerce wordpress plugin and extensions free download-WooCommerce Currency Switcher

The trend of the Internet is not just limited to a single nation. If you are interested to sell more products, you are also required to be extraordinary. By the help of WooCommerce Currency Switcher, it can be easy for the users to do the payment in their currency.

There is a facility to add currency switcher to any widget area. It facilitates you with the side switcher, drop-down menu, and flags. This extension is capable of using the popular currency like Bitcoin. You are provided with the option to set the conversion rate by yourself. Its geolocation feature helps you to identify the visitors’ domestic currency and let them complete the buying process effectively using their specific currency. The particular extension can be used for free. This supports two different currencies without any requirement of purchasing it.


WooCommerce Paypal Checkout

woocommerce wordpress plugin and extensions free download-WooCommerce Paypal checkout

Last year, the total payment volume through Paypal has increased to almost five hundred seventy-eight billion US dollars. It shows that there is an increase of almost 28-30% from the previous years and it shows clearly why there is a need to amalgamate Paypal integration into the WooCommerce online shop.

WooCommerce Paypal Checkout extension has been specially created to make the seamless payment process. It reduces the chances of committing any error through customers and making the buying process easier. As there are only a few steps involved in the checkout process, your customers will abandon the cart in rare scenarios. This specific extension gives you an option of offering Paypal Credit to United States citizens at the checkout. You will get the payment immediately. In case, your shop facilitates subscriptions, the specific option is also available.


WooCommerce Product filter

woocommerce wordpress plugin and extensions free download-WooCommerce Product filter

With the help of WooCommerce Product Filter, your customer will get all the filtering options whatever they desired for. It lets them locate the exact thing they are looking for without any issue. A purchaser can shortlist the item by price, categories, sale items, ratings, stock levels, and different other important things.

The most important advantage of using this extension is that you would be able to analyze the method a filter could work and select from the endless layouts. You have the alternative to set the filter in advance and identify the preference of your customers using the filter analytics. This particular extension allows easy plugin amalgamation and assists using the community forums. You can expect to have a great knowledge base as well as quality support. If you wouldn’t be satisfied, your money will be returned to you. Because of the presence of all these available extensions, it has become the popular one. The extension helps in integrating envelope with your e-commerce platform. The most important thing is that all these extensions are available with a free version.


Facebook for WooCommerce

woocommerce wordpress plugin and extensions free download-Facebook for WooCommerce

Usually, individuals spend an excessive amount on a social media website like Facebook. This extension helps you sell your product on social sites. It lets you show your product on the business page and drive the attention of the customers to your page. By a single click, your product catalog can be integrated easily with the Facebook online shop.

It gets easy for you to show the best selling items on both Facebook and Instagram. You could be organized by putting your products in proper assembling. These things can be completed in a mobile flexible format so that the products can look attractive even on the small screen. In case, you are running the Facebook ads, the extension helps you obtain the best results. It is better if you use the Facebook pixel to enhance the number of your users and approach only those who show interest in your product. Also, you may target the old customers to your site on Facebook. You can audit the interactions to check how good your campaigns are performing.

The extension also has a Messenger plugin that facilitates seamless conversations with the customers on your online shopping website and when they left it. It provides you a chance to carry on the interaction without any requirement to ask for the contact information.


Order delivery data for WooCommerce

woocommerce wordpress plugin and extensions free download-Order delivery data for WooCommerce

The important sign of running a successful online store is retaining your customers. The most important method of doing it is to enhance the buying experience of the users. When your customer would be able to select the specific delivery date for their product, this can remove the restrictions that may lead to cart abandonment.

Professionals who developed this extension assure that the cart abandonment rate would be decreased by 50% using the specific extension. As an online store owner, you can have the facility to make changes in the extension to show the days when you don’t deliver the product. Also, you can set a limit for the number of orders on a daily basis and deactivate the delivery of the virtual products. In case, the extension reduces the cart abandonment, its Pro version should be upgraded. Customers get multiple options that include setting a delivery time with date.



woocommerce wordpress plugin and extensions free download-MailChimp

It is the recognized email marketing manifesto, which is used by almost seventeen million users. By using the MailChimp extension, you can improve the marketing strategy. It allows you to access the customer’s buying details which can be easily synced with the MailChimp account. You get the power to show the follow-up promotional email after the customer has bought your product. It gets easy for you to do the recovery of the suggested products, abandoned carts, and circulate the targeted campaigns. You have the option to do it for free as the extension can automatically produce a popup due to which your online shop visitors get the opportunity to become subscribers.

You have the option to send out emails that include WooCommerce discount codes. There is an option to highlight the particular item which you want to advertise with changeable landing pages. For creating better Instagram and Facebook ad campaigns, you can use the customer data from the MailChimp. Grab the chance to fuel up the sales by amalgamating both Google remarketing and email marketing. At the first place, only 2-3% of customers convert into the potential buyers so remarketing is the best alternative for online stores.


WooCommerce predictive search

Predictive Search for WooCommerce

The predictive search feature is available on both Amazon and Google.WooCommerce Predictive Search adds anticipating search on your WooCommerce store. This will show thumbnails, titles, and descriptions as the users type their queries in the search bar space. It can improve the experience of the users.


Booster for WooCommerce

Booster for WooCommerce

Using the Booster for WooCommerce, you can perform multiple actions for the items present on your website. Whether it is about modifying the prices in bulk, adding or changing the currency symbols, adding certain buttons such as “Call for Price” , the extension does it all for you.



Running an eCommerce shop can be a difficult job for anyone. By applying for the WooCommerce extensions, you can minimize your overall burden of work. It can create a seamless experience and improve the shopping experience of your online users. Apart from using the WooCommerce extension, the hosting service used by the eCommerce shop means a lot Amalgamating the best hosting service and WooCommerce extensions will automatically bring an improvement to your online shop.