Some Common Questions and Their Answers: Dynamics NAV

Some Common Questions and Their Answers: Dynamics NAV
Written by Micah Phillips

Whenever a new product launches in the market, there is a lot of questions that arrive among the potential customers. In the case of Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Navision, certain questions are still persistent, even after years of use. These are some of the questions that could find a proper answer.

What is meant by Navision?

There has been much confusion about the name Navision and whether there is any connection between Navision and NAV. The fact is that Navision is what Microsoft Dynamics NAV was initially called. Not only that, NAV and other Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions have had multiple name-changes with time fame and change in ownership. NAV was also known as Navision attain. But this was before Microsoft acquired the company. Once they did, it was named Microsoft Business solution Navision and finally, it comes to be known as Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Why NAV is popular?

Why NAV is popular?

1. Customizability: one of the chief reasons why NAV is popular is that the ERP solutions provided by the company are customizable. Along with the out of the box operations and functionalities of NAV, it also supports tailoring of the existing solutions. This makes the program compatible with most businesses as no one wants to fit into a pre-set ERP or Accounting system. Thus, by supporting customization, NAV automatically caters to the business specific and industry-specific needs of small to medium-sized businesses.

2. Quick access to information: when someone enrolls with Microsoft Dynamics Partners and gets the most suitable license for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, then you directly sign up with SIFT or sum index flow technology. The best part about SIFT is that it allows, avoiding the programming which is required to keep the files up to date. It automatically ensures that all the numbers and balances on reports and screens perfectly link with the underlying details. This allows you to navigate to all information in the system.

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How NAV is made available to the customers?

How NAV is made available to the customers?


There are Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners who are solely dedicated to the service of the customers. They are the implementation partners. These Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners help with the installation, licensing, subscription as well as decision making. They help business owners and operators to understand which programs, manufactures by Microsoft Dynamics, are appropriate for the concerned business. They also notify their clients about the new updates. Microsoft Dynamics Partners are the intermediaries that connect the manufacturer and the client.

Though Microsoft Dynamics NAV has effectively been substituted by Dynamics 365 business central, it still possesses some qualities that make it a popular choice among users. Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners or Microsoft Dynamics Partners still face a demand for the licensing of this business solution. Thus, it can be concluded that Microsoft Dynamics NAV is still a popular choice among consumers.

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There are certain questions about Microsoft Dynamics NAV that have been making rounds. Some of the answers are provided that include the multiple names of the same program and the reason for its popularity.

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