Python vs Java: Which one is the Best Programming Language

Written by Ratnesh

The choice between Python and Java is not that of competition or which is the best programming language for website design and development, rather which one is more convenient for you.

There are various similarities and dissimilarities to both languages, as well as their peculiar advantages and disadvantages. Analyzing all that, you have to understand which language would be better suited for you.

It also depends on your comfort with each language, if you are better off with one than the other, you already have your answer.

Java vs python Which one is the Best Programming Language

These two languages are arguably the most used or popular programming languages. Developers have dedicated a lot of research and devoted their time, made communities and libraries to support other developers.

Both are very powerful programming languages. The library support for both the languages is huge, proving their popularity and the love programmers have for them. While they are both similar in terms of their strength and wide usage, one should not forget there are many underlying differences too.

These are conclusions derived out of programmers and developers, and their preferences, which depend on personal bias. Thus, you can have your own personal bias for a language. Going through this in depth information about Java and Python might help you.

● Differences Between Python vs Java:

1) Structure:

Differences Between Python vs Java:


Java is a compiled language whereas Python is an interpreted language. This difference makes significant changes in the advantages and disadvantages of using each language.

It doesn’t guarantee if one of the languages will be faster than the other. However, the environment they are used in makes a lot of difference, so one of the languages might end up being faster than the other.

2) How Are They Written:

First, in Python, we’ll create an array with some data in it, and print it to the console.

stuff = ["Hello, World!", "Hi there, Everyone!", 6]
for i in stuff:

Next, let’s try it in Java.

public class Test {
    public static void main(String args[]) {
        String array[] = {"Hello, World", "Hi there, Everyone", "6"};
        for (String i : array) {

The two languages, Java and Python are written differently which makes a significant difference in their structure. When one is creating a structure in Java, they enclose it with braces whereas Python would use indentation for building a structure.

Some might call this an added benefit to Python because it is more ‘well structured and neat.’ While learning, the programming language you develop more proficiency in will have an impact on your skill level.

3) Performance:



The languages don’t have ‘speed’ as such, it is the developers speed in any language which may be decided with the specific implementations each language has.

4) Popularity:

java Popularity


Before Javascript, it was definitely Java which won popularity. However, after the introduction of JavaScript, there has been constant debate about the popularity of the languages.

While Java was the second most used programming language followed by Python, Python turned out to be the fastest growing programming language after C#. However, for now Java is still ranked above Python in popularity.

5) Syntax:

syntex java and python


When one writes in Python, they don’t need to determine variable types as the interpreter can already infer these variable types as Python is a dynamically typed language, so the checks will be made in runtime.

syntex java vs python syntex java vs python2

The syntax as a result will be quite similar to the english language itself. While, Java needs braces to complete the syntax unlike Python, which doesn’t. Thus, Python is easier to read and user friendly for beginners.

6) Jobs and Demand:

Jobs and Demand:: Which one is the Best Programming Language AVERAGE-SALARIES-BY-LANGUAGE_03-1


Both the languages, Java and Python are very popular so there is not a huge difference in pay scale or job demand. It will completely depend on the developers skills and proficiency level.

These structural differences determine which programmer is better off with which language. While using indentation might be a faster method for one developer, others might be more comfortable with brackets.

Considering opposing arguments which are innumerable, there are many debates with many conclusions. One may say a developer should use Python for latest technology design website company, because it is faster and more productive than Java because Python supports dynamic typing.

In the end, a developer has to remember that he is coding into the machine, and the language won’t make a difference for the machine, but his or her efficiency and proficiency in one of the languages will, which is why it is being reiterated that it is upon the comfort of the developer.

● Recent Trends

java trends usa


Despite not being the most popular, Java still remains one of the most popular programming languages. Python’s growth has been very remarkable, especially with the current competition.

It has made its mark in developed countries and high income companies. Python might even overtake Java when it comes to popularity. The library support for Python is immensely growing along with language flexibility, productivity, speed, and ease of learning.

The major reason why Java’s popularity has been hampered is it’s security issues.

While, Python has made its way into artificial intelligence, data science, desktop apps, websites and applications, media tools etc., Java is facing a bit of backlash research suggests many apps made with Java develop security issues.

This is the problem of Java browser plug in rather than the language security problems. While, Python doesn’t enjoy full trust as it doesn’t have the ideal security records, but it does offer better support in that area. This makes sure that beginners in coding will be able to secure their code easily.

With the new developments however, Java is becoming faster, smaller and more efficient than ever. Java always excels in building large and traditional applications. Thus, Java might continue to top the charts in being the most popular programming language.

● Which Language Is Best Suited For The App You Want To Develop?

As mentioned above, there are a lot of similarities and differences that the two languages, Java and Python share.

It depends situation to situation, which language will be more preferable. You need to understand the requirements and needs of your app to understand which language will be the best to develop it.

Here are certain factors that might help you categorize what is more important for your app:

1) Mobile Development:

One of the major perks Java has over Python is mobile app development. If you want your application to be compatible with mobile and other digital platforms, coding in Java will be much more beneficial for you.

This is because Java is preferred when it comes to android application development. Python is not native to the mobile development field, neither Android nor iOS support Python. However, it is not impossible to develop mobile applications on Python, but it will be a difficult and slow process as compared to java.

2) Speed and Budget:

Java vs python Speed and Budget

There is not a huge difference apart from the fact that it lies in your hands. The language you are more comfortable with is the language you should code in. But if you are equally comfortable with both, Python does prove to be the popular choice when it comes to speed and budget.

This is because of the huge library and web frameworks, and also because it is dynamically typed. The coding is concise and you can build and deploy apps at the record time which might decrease your development costs.

3) Machine Learning:

As mentioned in the above paragraphs, Python is entering a wide range of smart fields like artificial intelligence, data science, deep learning, machine learning and image recognition.

So naturally, developers tend to prefer Python when it comes to development and coding in such fields. There is a marvelous combinations of extremely powerful specialized libraries and general flexibility which is a major reason why Python is preferred in such areas.

4) Security:

There have been complaints with Java regarding security issues where Python has proven to be more trustworthy.

However, with the recent trends and developments, Java still is favoured when it comes to web development in security sectors.

A good developer without a doubt can write a secure app in Python, but according to research, Java is more commonly used for banking web applications.

This is due to its great strength in security functionality and environment. Java has various specific features to offer regarding security such as advanced authentication and access control that keeps the application secure.


To conclude, as mentioned above, Java and Python have many similarities and dissimilarities as well. They are differently suited to each project and the first most important factor to decide the better language is a developer’s efficiency and skill in that language.

The second factor should be your application and it’s requirements. The developer has to understand the specific needs of the application and decide which language will cater the best to it.

Python really stands out when it comes to developer productivity, when you consider the speed of the language. Both languages benefit from huge popularity, an array of libraries and active and supportive developer communities.

If you look at it critically, Python is the ideal language when you consider the speed and budget of the application development, whereas Java is definitely more preferable and better for mobile web application development.

Java vs Python Comparison Table

Below are the lists of points, describe the comparisons Between Java vs Python:

Technology Python Java
Popularity Very popular Very popular
Syntax Easy to learn and use Complex includes a learning curve
Performance Slower than Java in various implementations Relatively very fast
Cross Platform Yes Yes, thanks to the JVM
Backend Frameworks Django, Flask Spring, Blade
Machine Learning Libraries Tensorflow, Pytorch, Weka, Mallet, Deeplearning4j, MOA
Game Development Engines Cocos, Panda3d JMonkeyEngine

Java remains one of the Android’s most preferred programming languages. In security web application development, again Java wins popular support due to its additional features and better security. And lastly when it comes to data analytics and visualization, Python is the preferred language.