Myths about Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrade

Myths about Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrade
Written by Micah Phillips

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has seen a considerable amount of change over the years. It not only concerns the name but also includes varied features and functionalities that have been updated to suit the needs of the changing market. When it comes to the client, however, there is much reluctance in terms of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. We have analyzed this reluctance and deduced the possible misbelieves that may have led to this kind of hesitation. The following are the top myths about Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrade:

Top Myths about Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrade

1. Microsoft Dynamics developers can conduct upgrades.

Is time to finally bust this myth which has ruined the experience of NAV upgrade for many. It is true that developers are knowledgeable assets of your clients and they may as well be able to do upgrades. However, it is never a good idea to diagnose yourself. Similarly, it is a bad idea to engage your professionals in routine work. Also, it is in the best interest of your company to hire professionals to conduct upgrades which reduces project time as well as any possible risks.

2. It is too time-consuming.

you need to understand first is that Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade means improving your performance and providing your clients with better service. This helps to improve customer loyalty. Thus, irrespective of the time it might take, it must become your priority. Again, this is dependent on your Microsoft Dynamics Partner. When you hire a professional, who is experienced and skilled in this industry, you make sure that the time required for NAV upgrade is reduced up to 54%.

3. It is too much effort considering the results.

Need to understand that delaying the process of Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade has led clients to remain stagnant at some older version of NAV. Thus, to estimate how much work is required to be done and how much time it will take, Microsoft Dynamics Partners need to know the version of Dynamics NAV. With a greater level of interoperability, the security risk also increases. Regular upgrades can help you avoid any security issues that may occur with an outdated system. Thus, getting a timely update can make is a lot less convenient and worthwhile.

4. Each new version seeks major changes in the system.

Microsoft Dynamics Partners would tell you that this totally wrong and there is no truth in the statement. With the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365, alongside Microsoft Dynamics NAV Support, upgrading your system becomes easier than it ever was. Even though previously upgrading to a newer version required change in the internal infrastructure and caused changes in the core system, it is not the same now.

In order to experience the best of NAV, get it upgraded and get better than ever business functionality and Microsoft Dynamics NAV Support.

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