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7 Best Daily Morning Routine Apps for a Happy Life

Daily Morning Routine Apps
Written by Micah Phillips

Happiness is a beautiful feeling altogether. Even though it is a rare find in today’s world of gloomy affairs, we all must come together in an endeavour to train our minds to stay happy and positive under any given situation.

Pertaining to the present-day catastrophe in the form of the deadly COVID-19 phase, people around the world are going through lots of upheavals. However, we all should manage to stay positive and happy during these trying times.

So, how about leveraging the potential of digital advancements across the globe and using these seven incredibly useful applications for the perfect start to the day and happy life?

Here you go!

Daily Morning Routine Apps

1. SuperBetter


SuperBetter is one of the most talked-about and effective morning routine apps that hold a reputation for ensuring favourable outcomes at the end of the road.

Key Features

• The resilience training app is well-built and designed for the purpose of motivating its users to get mentally stronger with each passing day.

• The app and its features are effective enough to make users master the art of building inner resilience in order to face and fight off anxiety, depression, stress, chronic pain and other odds.

• SuperBetter is one of those apps that focus on helping its users to stay strong, motivated and optimistic, even if the world around you turns out to be cruel.

• Harnessing the potential of this application will teach you to adopt a new habit, learn new skills, and develop better living and lifestyle.

• Most importantly, playing the interactive games on SuperBetter app will allow you to develop orientation skills, recover from post-traumatic stress cope with chronic pain and more.

Price: Free

Availability: SuperBetter is both available on Google Play and Apple Store

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2. Headspace


Headspace is yet another recommended morning routine app that has great potential in the matter of motivating people towards living a better life, full of happiness and positivity. The tagline of Headspace, “Your guide to health and happiness”, says it all.

Key Features:

• The app allows you to learn meditation and mindfulness skills from world-class experts and motivational trainers around the world.

• The bug-free experience and advanced interface of this particular app allow users to leverage the potential of this application in a seamless manner.

• Also, the application comes with a couple of courses for the users to sign up for.

• These include interactive courses that offer lessons on how to deal with stress and anxiety, relax your mind and embrace a better tomorrow in every aspect.

• The app allows you to take part in work and productivity meditation as well.

• In addition to all of these features and advanced add-ons, the app aims to help you learn or the hone the skills of dealing with distractions via its student-guided meditation.

Price: 2 weeks free

Availability: The Headspace app is available both on Apple Store and Google Play.

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3. Forest: Stay Motivated

Forest - Stay focused-Best Free Daily morning routine apps

The Forest app is apparently one of the most sought-after and downloaded daily morning routine apps that come with a lot of good vibes and positivity for every potential user.

Key Features:

• The app allows you to break phone addiction and helps you to develop productive habits.

• You can earn rewards by staying focused and unlocking adorable trees in this app.

• Also, the users get to grow their own forests with each tree representing their efforts and dedication towards the outcome.

• In addition, the users can concentrate on a daily routine and manage ADHD syndromes in an effectively rewarding manner.

• However, unlocking the premium version will fetch you more features.

• For example, you will get to set up a fully customised wish-list.

• Even if you leave the app or the forest, the trees will still survive in the premium mode.

• You can track your phone usage and screen time as well.

• Also, the premium version allows you to plant trees with friends and compete with global users.

Pricing: This app comes for free, as well as in premium version including in-app purchases.

Availability: You can download the Forest app from Google Play and the Apple Store.

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4. Habitica


Merely abiding by a well-focused morning routine isn’t enough if you fail to manage your daily chores in a way it is supposed to be. This is where task management app such as Habitica comes into play.

Key Features:

• Habitica lets you treat your life as a game and stay organised through the thick and thin of it.

• The game-based task manager comes with a lot of interactive features and bug-free experience for its users.

• The game-based interface allows you to fight monsters with friends in order to keep each other accountable and well-organised.

• If you aim to accomplish anything in life, then this particular app could be your go-to platform.

• The rewards come in excitingly appealing forms such as getting a free pass to watch your favourite shows on TV, receiving custom awards and the likes.

• All in all, Habitica is said to be the right choice for people who aim to stay motivated in life, embrace positivity and remain well-organised even when things around are messy.

Pricing: Habitica comes for free with in-app purchases.

Availability: This app is available across Android and iOS platforms.

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5. Motivation: Daily Quotes

Motivation Daily Quotes

We all need a little motivation in life, and believe me, life quotes have great potential to drive away all negativities and make you stronger and more positive with each passing day. This is exactly why you will find the app called Motivation a perfect pick to uplift your mood and transform a gloomy day into a brighter one.

Key Features:

• You get to read through hundreds of motivational quotes across various genres and categorical elements.

• The motivational quotes in this app include famous lines belonging to the interests of philosophy, sports, business, depression, love, lifestyle and more.

• In addition, the app allows you to set motivational reminders from time to time.

• Also, you can change font colours, read through the quotes and save your favourite ones to refer to in future.

Pricing: The Motivation app comes free, along with in-app purchases.

Availability: You can find this application on Android, as well as on iOS platforms.

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6. I Am

I am

We all need positive affirmations in life, don’t we? This particular app has been built and designed to serve this noble purpose on behalf of every human being under the sun. If you are going through a lot of upheavals resulting in self-doubts, then start using this app right away. It shall give you the much-needed push and a positive pat on the back.

Key Features:

• The app allows you to set daily affirmation reminders on the go.

• If you are down or experiencing extreme lows in life, then the preset motivational and self affirmative reminders would allow you to stay strong and keep up with the tough times.

• Most interestingly, the app is quite easy to use and completely bug-free, thus, allowing you to go about the software in an absolutely seamless manner.

Pricing: I Am is available for free, along with a couple of in-app purchases.

Availability: You can get this app on Google Play, as well as in Apple Store.

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7. Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping

No matter how tough the days are, you should not approach any challenge without proper mind mapping. Brainstorming or preparing a roadmap is considered as some of the most effective ways to resolve problems.

Unless you know enough about the problem or the critical challenges that you might face down the line while resolving the issue, you will not be able to confront the odd in the right manner. This is where apps like Mind Mapping gains prominence.

Key Features:

• You get to interact and utilise the potential of up to 3 mind maps.

• The app lets you sync maps and folders seamlessly via free online sign up account.

• Also, Mind Mapping lets you add icons, styles, colours and themes.

• In addition to each of these add-ons, the advanced app allows users to play presentations, view and edit notes, share maps directly from the device and a lot more.

• Most excitingly, the app allows for real-time collaboration.

Pricing: This app is available for free, and comes with a few in-app purchases.

Availability: You can get this app on Android, as well as on iOS platforms.

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To End With,

Now that you are aware of the impeccably useful apps that would help you to look at the odds of life differently, and embrace better living from all aspects, venture out with confidence. The demand for quality Assignment help has increased significantly in the past few years. Simply keep any of these aforementioned apps handy and find a different meaning of life altogether.

After all, life is a beautiful journey filled with adventures and a plethora of happy memories.

So, let’s just focus on the brighter side of the story and take life as it comes.


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