Image Optimization and Its Effect on the Portfolio Website

Written by Micah Phillips

It has always been said and accepted that every picture is capable of speaking more than just a thousand words. There is not a single person who does not love interacting with visuals. If people are asked to choose between visuals and text, they would close their eyes and opt for visuals. Images have gained a lot of importance on media, travel, and e-commerce websites. Almost 64% of the weight of any website is because of the images that are present. When you are designing your portfolio website, the first and most important thing that you cannot miss understanding is image optimization. According to Neil Patel, image optimization is something that cannot be avoided.

What is image optimization?

Image optimization is the unique process associated with delivering images of great quality in a proper format, size, and dimension while making sure that the size is small. There are several ways in which you can optimize images. You can also use several tools that are available for optimizing the images. How you are optimizing all the images are going to be reflected on the page load speed. If the images are extremely big, the load speed is going to increase and no one will be interested in waiting for more than 2 seconds for your website to load. Therefore, you have to be extremely careful when optimizing your images.

Why should you optimize the images on your portfolio website?

Firstly, if your website takes a lot of time to load, your potential customers and employers are going to abandon it for almost forever. This is going to increase the bounce rate and also affect your professional work. This is why you need to make sure that your images are optimized.

Given below is a list of the importance associated with image optimization on your website

Helps in improving the Page load speed

The page load speed is the time taken by any webpage to completely load and it is dependent on several important factors, which range from the website host to the layout of your website and its design. Any website that takes 2 seconds to load is loved by the users. Therefore, if you decide to optimize 64% of the weight of the website, which is the images, you are going to work on improving the website speed.

This means that your potential employers and customers are going to have a fast user experience and they will know what to receive when they are hiring you. You can use the professional tools that are available for analyzing the load speed of your web pages.

Host your pictures on a CDN

CDN represents Content Delivery Network. Facilitating your pictures on a CDN implies setting up a CDN to serve them as opposed to having your own server to do that.

CDN are systems found everywhere throughout the world with ground-breaking web servers that deal with stacking your webpage’s records to the guest utilizing the nearest server to him, topographically.

For instance, if a guest from South America shows up to your site, the CDN will serve it to him utilizing a server found nearer the guest, rather than utilizing one in Europe. That way the information of your site voyages shorter separations, which impacts the stacking speed.

A CDN takes the overwhelming burden off your server. Is anything but a substitution for your facilitating administration, however a method for including an advanced server that will accelerate your site.

There are a few CDN suppliers. They normally offer various plans charged on a month to month premise or by information utilization.

StackPath (once in the past MaxCDN), is one of the most famous administrations.

CDN benefits typically offer a WordPress module so you can without much of a stretch incorporate it into your site. Furthermore, in the event that they not, store modules like WP Rocket or a module like CDN Enabler, let you interface your CDN administration to your WordPress site.

Deal with Image Size

The size of pictures matters with regard to streamlining them for your WordPress site. On the off chance that a huge picture is transferred in a little space on the website page, it will clearly set aside more effort to stack.
Along these lines, you ought to resize the picture before transferring it. It is smarter to pack the picture with the assistance of devices like to ensure that your site stacks rapidly.

Keep in mind, the most significant thing for your WordPress site in the online world is decreased burden time. You can diminish the ricochet rate altogether by lessening the PLT (Page Load Time). At the end of the day, individuals will remain on your site for a more extended time on the off chance that it stacks quicker.

Here we give two techniques to advance pictures for the WordPress site. They can enable your site to stack quickly while keeping up the nature of your pictures.

I. WordPress Plugins

Perhaps the main motivation for the developing prevalence of WordPress is its enormous assortment of modules. We have WordPress modules for each significant capacity. You can utilize a couple of WordPress modules that enhance each transferred picture on your site. All you get is enhanced pictures with diminished record size.

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A couple of critical WordPress modules are WP Smush and EWWW Image Optimizer. The significant disadvantage of such modules is they can decrease the size of a picture, however, the huge picture can, in any case, cause an issue while stacking.

Some generally solid and powerful portfolio modules like Portfolio Designer can likewise assist you with upgrading and orchestrate pictures in the portfolio structure in a responsive and orderly manner.

ii. Photograph Editing Tools

As an expert picture taker and fashioner, you more likely than not caught wind of Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. All things considered, these are photograph altering instruments that you can use to lessen the general size of your pictures. The review demonstrates the enhanced picture to check its quality.

In the wake of transferring the enhanced pictures and building the site, you can utilize Pingdom or Google PageSpeed to discover the speed of your site.

Helps in improving the SEO ranking

It is no longer a doubt to people that the time taken by a web page to load is one of the most important search engine ranking factors. Google is not fond of slow websites at all and when it comes to portfolio websites, you have to remain even more cautious. Therefore, when you are working on optimizing the images and improving the page load speed, you are also helping it to gain a high rank within the search engines.

All digital marketers ideally understand the significance associated with search ranking right now. This can be done only when you are working on improving the load speed of the web pages. Therefore, the importance of image optimization cannot be avoided here.

Helps in boosting conversions

When it comes to a website portfolio, conversions refer to being hired or landing with several new opportunities. When the search ranking is improving, it will be easy for you to attract potential clients and customers. The loading speed of the page is associated with conversions and SEO ranking. If the potential customers are satisfied with the response that they are getting from your portfolio website, getting work is not at all going to be difficult for you. You can contact any professional digital marketing company to get more information about this.

Enhance user engagement

Discovering happy clients is not going to be a myth if you are providing the clients with everything that they are interested in getting from your website. To do this, optimizing the images is a must, and it is associated with various other important things like improving the load speed of the page and providing an amazing experience.

Your website is also going to reflect on the future work that you are going to do for the clients. Hence, if there are any glitches, they might not consider you fit for the job. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are reflecting on your work within your portfolio website by taking care of every possible aspect. The happiness and satisfaction of your potential employers are highly dependent on the page load speed, which you can consider improving by optimizing the images.

Optimize the images to attract more potential employers

For a business, the most important reason for optimizing the images is undoubtedly the site visitors. It is also significant that you do the same when your portfolio website is being discussed. The portfolio website is undeniably going to be the one place where your potential employers are going to judge you. They are going to judge the effort that you have put into creating the portfolio website. Everything from user engagement to boosting conversion to improving SEO ranking matters. When the potential employers are going to stumble upon your portfolio website, they are going to start imagining the kind of work that you are going to do for them if they hire you.

If they discover even one thing that is not up to the mark, there is no denying the fact that they will move on to the profile of someone who has done everything perfectly including image optimization. Therefore, it is your responsibility to remain professional so that you can make sure that you are getting hired.


The process associated with encoding images for improving the load speed of any website is known as image optimization. How you are optimizing images on your portfolio website can seal the deal. Do not forget to give your potential employers a taste of what you do if you are interested in getting hired.