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Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Mumble Hosting

Best free mumble servers hosting
Written by Ratnesh

Mumble is a next-gen VoIP application that helps hardcore online gamers to communicate and collaborate to confront challenges of online gaming. Being open-source, cross-platform software, Mumble is free to download and easy to set up.

Various online gamers have set up free mumble server with the help of the Mumble hosting software. The VoIP facility is not just restricted to gaming; you can use for any kind of communication. This VoIP client is similar to the programs like TeamSpeak and Ventrilo.

In its basic version, Mumble offers free service for two months, and the usage is limited to 15 users. However, it is quite enough to explore the functioning of this fantastic VoIP application. To unlock and use Mumble to its maximum potential, you can chose a suitable Mumble plan.

Now, let’s dig deeper to explore Mumble hosting.

Mumble Server Hosting

Similar to various other VoIP clients, Mumble servers can be rented or hosted locally depending on your preference. To host Mumble server, you first need to download Murmur and then launch it. You can configure the server by editing the configuration file. The configuration file holds crucial information like server name, user authentication, port, audio quality restrictions, etc.

You have to give administrator rights to a user to let him/her administrating the server. However, it can also be done by logging into SuperUser account. Administrators within the server will have the right to add or edit rooms, manage users, and check server’s information.

Mumble Features

Mumble is a powerful tool for online gamers who want to be the king of online gaming. Reason? It lets you collaborate with other gamers who can criticize or praise your moves for enhancing your gaming skills and making you a hardcore gamer. Further, gamers get a customized control panel (in paid version) that let them remotely control their server.

Now, take a look at the features to understand why Mumble hosting is too much crucial for online gamers.

  • Low latency
  • Excellent voice quality (voice pre-converting, noise suppression)
  • Overlay support for games
  • Extensive control of access rights via ACL
  • Encryption of conversations and administration channels


Video Create a Mumble Server

Mumble is designed by gamers for gamers and is a powerful VoIP application. It not only allows gamers to communicate in real-time with other gamers but also improve gaming skills. No wonder why Mumble has become so popular among online gamers’ communities.

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