10 Best Fake Social Security Number Generator Tools

Fake Social Security Number Generator Tools
Written by Micah Phillips

Having access to jam-packed security on the internet is certainly mandatory these days. There are ample numbers of threats that can bother or haunt many of us due to the damage that they can cause to our lives. Hence, having a social security number (SSN) is certainly one thing that you can consider at these times. SSN is basically a 9-digit number that the government of the US issues to all its citizens, be it temporary or permanent. It helps them keep track of their earnings, total years that they have worked for and ensures their safety. Thus, many people are using the Fake Social Security Number Generator Tools for help.

Let us in this article; know more about how these tools can help you. Also, learn which one is the topmost chosen fake SSN generator tool that you can swear by.

Why Should One Use the Fake Social Security Number Generator Tools?

This Fake Social Security Number Generator Tool’s sole aim is to limit duplication or misuse of identity or credit cards in the United States. Many a time, it has been observed that an already existing number has been allotted to someone also. Such incidences happen to occur a lot of times in the USA.

Along with the government’s sorting and verification process, certain individuals have begun to keep and use various accounts and identities to obtain government benefits. As a result, people’s perceptions led them down a path of deception, resulting in the development of fake SSN generator software. These number generator tools create a random and fictitious phone number or name and false information. One thing to bear in mind is that the government never accepts fake SSN.

Top 10 Fake Social Security Number Generator Tools

Below is a detailed list of the Fake Social Security Number Generator Tool, which you can consider using.

1. SSN-Verify

Social Security Number Generator Tools SSN-Check

SSN-Verify has to be at the number one because of its feature of being the best out of other fake SSN generator tools. The website’s home page includes the verification option with the top menu, which provides the option for SSN generation. The new page requests the state in the United States where the SSN should be issued, as well as the requested date of issuance, which indicates the anticipated age of the SSN holder.

Next, by clicking on the generate button, you modify the conditions, and finally, a fake ID is generated. In addition, this website offers SSN lookup, bulk authentication, a dedicated SSN generator for each state in the United States, and SSN scan. As the most sophisticated fake SSN generator tool, the user can find it a very useful and fast solution.

Key Feature: 

  • Verify SSN
  • Lookup SSN
  • SSN Map
  • SSN Index
  • SSN Randomization
  • SSN Decoding
  • SSN Facts
  • Social Security Taxes

Social Security Number Generator Tools Visit:  SSN-Verify

2. Fake ID Generator

Fake ID Generator is the Fake Social Security Number Generator you’ve been looking for if you’ve ever needed a fake ID to use on social media. The individual will be using this app to generate a false ID by filling out assessments for personal details such as name, birthplace, phone number, email address, etc. They can then sign up for some web platforms to use their products without ever revealing their true identity and without ever being detected or identified by any tool or individual.

It has a massive archive of thousands of random names stored in it for both girls and boys. All you must do is click on the gender tab, and you’ll be given a list of random names based on the gender you’ve chosen. Apart from this, you can also look for the names as per your choice. You will get a list of names that are related but not identical. The software allows you to make up many false details about yourself, such as your name, email, phone number, zip code, and so on.

3. The One Generator

Want to convert something false into true and genuine? If yes, then The One Generator is what you need for your help. It will certainly take care of everything you need to handle whenever you plan to generate a fake SSN. It is a veritable rich source of Fake Social Security Number Generators that can provide pleasing results with a wide range of choices. A few other options boosted by this tool include generating names, credit card numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, etc., for various retailers. This method has a Mask feature that can be turned off, resulting in the SSN being shown as a continuous digit series without the dash breaks.

4. SSN-Check

SSN-Check is very similar to the SSN-Verify, except that the former has a bluish interface and the latter is green in color. To produce the bogus Social Security Number, this also requires the issuance state and year. On the other hand, SSN-Check offers several additional services, such as SSN Index and SSN Map, in addition to the generic services. The map feature displays a political map of the USA, from which you can pick any state by tapping on it and afterward type in the authorization year to get the false number. The SSN Index option generates a list of all possible numbers. Indeed, there would be an endless number of digits and variations for you to choose from.

5. Fakena

Being one of the most simple, easiest, and convenient SSN generator tools, Fakena has been used by an endless number of people for generating the social security number. With just a single click of the ‘Generate Another Fake Social Security Number’ button, a new number is generated, along with its associated State of Allocation. It’s
similar to a plug ‘n’ play system, and it also makes it easy to have multiple choices.

People of the United States may create SSN ids to keep track of their personal information. When they’re doing so officially via government portals, they are given official numbers that can be used to track them down by the authorities. Social Security numbers have proven to be very helpful at times. Regardless, there has been a lot of buzz about Social Security Number scams in the past, but they haven’t had much media attention.

6. Cool Generator

Cool Generator remains the most popular open-source Fake SSN Generator platform on the internet. It has every choice you can think of, as well as plenty more which you don’t know. Nonetheless, it satisfies our requirement, namely, the ability to generate fictitious Social Security numbers. There’s also a feature under which you can choose the state, which could be left blank to randomly select the state. Yet, another choice is to enter the number of SSNs the user needs to create, which could be up to 50.

7. True Random Generator

None of you must have ever wondered how software can help you generate such sensitive authentication details falsely. Isn’t it? Pseudo-random programs are the central principle or code used for generating certain random or false values. Such a program produces random numbers using mathematical formulas but in a predictable manner.
Hence, if you are aware of the formulae, you can very easily determine the output. However, the machine’s performance is not always consistent with the expectations. True Random Generator is a program that will help you solve this problem.

8. ValidAll

This software is very useful for creating a person’s CNP or identity code. It generates a 13-digit code that is exclusive. ValidAll also generates a CIF number, which can be used to validate tax-related problems. It aids in the identification of different bank accounts around national borders thanks to the International Bank Account Number guidelines. This one can also identify the credit card based on its number. However, the cardholder’s information must be electronically linked to the cardholder’s account. Using the special vehicle identification code, the app assists in locating one’s vehicle.

9. FauxID

This one is also the most sought-after SSN generator tool that can help you solve your purpose. Initially, the Social Security Administration (SSA) distributed a block of Social Security numbers to each state of the USA. When a new number was required, the states released numbers from that block. Until 2011, the SSA made this information available to the public. FauxID has saved the information and is now using it to fuel this tool.

The first three digits of an SSN are used to identify the state of which the number was given. The 4th and 5th digits indicate the actual year of the number’s issuance. The last four digits are chosen at random.

10. Private Daddy

This software creates a list of 100 fictitious SSNs. The tool only supports social security numbers in the standard format. The numbers produced by this tool are random and cannot be used for any activity that can negatively affect others. You need to click on the start button of the Fake SSN web page and then proceed further to generate the number.

Final Words

These were the top 10 fake SSN generator tools, which are very much in use due to their reliability. You can take the help of these for your tasks. Do you have any doubts or queries? If yes, you can certainly add those in the comment section, and we will get back to you!

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