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15 Facebook Marketing Tools to Help You Optimize Your Page

Written by Ratnesh

There are so many different Facebook marketing techniques out there that it can be hard to stay abreast of the latest trends. When you add to that the pile of new marketing tools that seems to grow by the day it can feel impossible to know which way to go. To point you in the right direction we’ve put together a list of the 15 Facebook marketing tools you need to optimize your page. That means all you have to do is take a look at our wise words, choose which tools to use first, and then get busy growing your brand.

15 Facebook Marketing Tools for Business


best free facebook marketing tools-Hootsuite

If you want to be able to hit the ground running with your Facebook marketing efforts, then you need to be able to figure out when the best times to post are. In theory, this is a matter of trial and error with a little bit of research, but in reality, it will take up a lot more time than that. Hootsuite allows you to bulk schedule your posts throughout the week so you can quickly and easily determine the best way to reach your audience. Ideal if you want to really optimize your campaign.


best free facebook marketing tools-Buffer

This is very much the same as Hootsuite, but it offers a different approach so you’re not forced to stick with just one piece of scheduling software. By being able to import entire calendars into Buffer you can remove the manual element of adding times and dates to every individual post. Ideal if you want to make light work of taking your marketing efforts to the next level.


15 Facebook Marketing Tools to Help You Optimize Your Page

The platform lets you pick up the marketing ball at a Messenger chatbot game. The best thing about it is that it’s free and you don’t have to be a tech geek to design a chatbot of your own.

When it’s done though, your customers will be able to reach your business 24/7 and get answers they need. You can also generate new leads by collecting contact information like emails or phone numbers in order to use it in your future marketing campaigns. You can also schedule your messages to have them sent at a specific date/time. The platform offers detailed messenger campaign statistics to evaluate the results and alter the campaign if necessary.

Sprout Social

best free facebook marketing tools-Sprout Social

This handy little tool is all about leveraging the power of networking. Whilst it’s all well and good to post to a captive audience, the real power of social media is the ability to connect with individuals in a truly personal way. Sprout Social amasses all the data you’ll ever need to monitor your social conversations on Facebook. Just what you need to add some laser-focused targeting to your campaign.

Mobile Monkey

best free facebook marketing tools-Mobile Monkey

If you want to harness the power of Facebook Messenger, look no further than MobileMonkey. It’s a clever marketing tool that will allow you to turn Messenger into your very own chatbot who will field inquiries night and day. There’s even the option to go live and take over whenever you want to, and tag people to create targeted lists for email blasts.

Timeline Contest AgoraPulse

best free facebook marketing tools-Timeline Contest AgoraPulse

With an unusual name like that, how could we not stop by and take a closer look? As the name suggests it’s designed to give you fresh insights into the social media contests you run. You can filter all of your various audience interactions by type: likes, comments, etc and then work through the numbers to see what your audience really think about you.


best free facebook marketing tools-SocialOomph

This is another piece of management software that allows you to schedule posts in advance, but it has a few handy features we haven’t found in many other places. You can add time-limited updates to your profile which self-destruct when they become redundant. And there’s also the option to track your keywords to help boost that all-important SEO.


best free facebook marketing tools-Socedo

Real-time data is the way of the future, and when you combine it with personally targeted ads you really are connecting with every member of your audience on an individual basis. Socedo gives you the insights you need to make it happen, and enables you to quickly and easily target longer-term lead behavior as you go in search of conversions.


best free facebook marketing tools-Socialbakers

This is one of the first marketing suites to be largely AI-driven, and the results are better than we initially expected. The key thing here is that you can focus on building those longterm relationships with your audience that secure repeat custom. There’s even the option to compare your performance to your nearest competitors so you can see straight away how you’re doing.


best free facebook marketing tools-ShortStack

Everyone likes something for nothing, and when you’re using Facebook to grow your brand you’re going to need a competition or two. ShortStack is a powerful tool for managing giveaways and competitions, and you’ll find the real-time analytics it provides are indispensable. As an added bonus, it even allows you to make landing pages that will help with your lead conversion.


best free facebook marketing tools-PostPlanner

Sometimes all you need is a simple, minimalist interface that’s well-executed. That’s the thinking behind PostPlanner, and we were impressed the first time we saw it. It works using something called a ‘recommendation engine’ which is basically some clever software that highlights the type of content that will perform best for you. Ideal if you’re in need of the occasional spark of inspiration.

Meet Edgar

best free facebook marketing tools-Meet Edgar

The clever thing about this scheduling tool is the way it cycles through your updates over time. As the months and years go by it can be virtually impossible to keep track of the various themes you’ve had with your posts, which is where Meet Edgar comes into its own. Just what you need when you want to stop your content going stale.

Honorable Mentions

We’ve covered 11 of the best, but the keen-eyed amongst you will notice there are still 4 left. Here are the honorable mentions you need to know about:

– Likealyzer: A simple tool that rates your page out of 100 whenever you make an update. Just what you need when you want to continuously optimize your content.


– Fanpage Karma: Gain insights into the activity of your competitors and followers by analyzing and comparing an unlimited number of pages.

Fanpage Karma

– Facebook Ads Manager: As the name suggests this tool is all about the paid ads side of things. There’s no getting away from their importance in a marketing campaign, so it pays to use a tool that will make it easier to analyze your content and retarget accordingly.

Facebook Ads Manager

– ManyChat: Last but not least we come to one of the most popular ways to turn Messenger into your very own chatbot. A great addition to your page if you want to maximize engagement.


Final Thoughts

Ask anyone who uses Facebook to market companies, doctors, grocery stores, and just about any other type of business and they’ll tell you that the tools at their disposal are constantly updating. The one problem for someone new to the field is knowing which tools you need, which are worth a try, and which are really only going to get in the way. Hopefully, this article has shown you some amazing options and given you some bright ideas. Now it’s over to you to make it happen.