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Top 10 Mobile Apps that are Must for a Traveler

The best way to peace out from society is to start off with a travel plan. Whenever we are not feeling the daily vibe anymore our minds calls for a break. That is when we just leave everything behind and visit places we always that we want. Isn’t it? So, when you set your foot out for travel what is the first thing that comes in your mind? Booking tickets and a place to stay? On the contrary, there are so many things that you have to consider. Let us think like this, when you are traveling you can be with your family, friends, or you might be traveling solo. These top 10 mobile apps that are a must for a traveler helps you achieve the same.

In all these cases you will need some basic apps that will guide you through the entire trip without causing any extra hassles. Look at it like this, previously when people set their foot out for travel they packed their favorite books along with travel guides and maps that would help them survive in a new place. Times change and so have we. Well equipped with smartphones and apps that make our lives easier and help us survive difficult situations. For that same reason, we will list the top 10 mobile apps that are a must for the traveler looking at their utility and purpose.

Top 10 Mobile apps that are must for a Traveler

Before you share with you the top 10 mobile apps that are must for a traveler mentioning that we have divided the apps under categories that will assist you to understand which app you can use when the utility calls. There are numerous apps that can be listed here, but we have only selected a few that will help you go on a trip and will make your travel easier.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 mobile apps that are must for a traveler

1. Application for Scheduling your trip

When you are going out on a trip, the first thing that comes in your mind is to schedule the trip. There are many apps that will help you with planning out your trip and there will be apps that will help you understand what you include in your bag and what to leave out.

● MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip has helped me many times to book a flight, train, bus tickets. Not only that it is an amazing organizer but also helps in booking hotels, cabs, homes, and villas. It is the best app for scheduling your trip by determining which are the best locations for you to visit. MMT will also provide you with a visa and international flights and hotels.

Packing Pro

When the confusion of what to take and what to leave hits me I look back to Packing Pro which helps to look at the weather conditions and other required details like if there will be a swimming pool or a washing service on which it will decide for you what to carry and what not to.

2. Application for Accommodation

When you reach the location that you have selected you to need a place to stay. There are times when we are traveling we don’t like to stay in one place as we have different destinations to visit according to which we have to choose our accommodation structure.

● Airbnb

The Airbnb app can be used for locating rented properties wherever you want at a really low cost. In Airbnb you won’t have to think about paying the owner as you can directly pay in the app during checkout. This app is all about saving money and staying comfortably.


There are places where Airbnb has not been able to reach completely hence a lot of local apps have come up. One of those is OYO, which will provide you with low-cost rentals for travelers. So, if you are based in India OYO is the best app that will serve you, on the contrary, even Airbnb has started taking up the Indian market.

3. Application for transportation

One essential element of traveling is transportation. When we are off to a new place transport makes us worry as we don’t know anyone in that area but still we need to travel right. That is when the most used apps come to play.

● Uber

Uber is a cab service as we all know and it has saved us all so many times when you have gotten late or have lost all sense of direction back to our hotels. With Uber and its services like UberX, express pool, pool, and other such options we can avail of a cab anywhere and at any time we want.

● ZoomCar

Most of the times we don’t need a cab to add up extra cash, hence we opt for rentals and what is better than a self-driven transport? Zoomcar you will be able to book your ride and drive it yourself. The best thing is that you won’t have to pay any extra cash, only if you don’t damage the car.

4. Application for Emergencies

In an unknown place, there is no one who will be able to help you if you can not reach out to them, you will need certain apps that will be able to serve you through emergencies and hazards that can not only cost you as well as land you in such a position from where there is an escape.

● Medical ID

Medical ID is specifically for emergency situations. This app helped us a lot when one of our friends had broken his leg on pressing the emergency button on my phone an emergency alert was sent when the medical issue was identified and referred critically with medical reports. This app has the ability to drag you out from critical situations when it is needed.

● Disaster Alert

This app will show you events that are very dangerous and hazardous for people. The increasing rate of natural calamities often scare us, but with the help of this app, you won’t have to worry about those anymore as you will be sent alerts from the app itself so that you can move to safety and warn the locals in time.

5. Application for Cultural Mixup

When you go on a trip what are things that attract you? Their food, culture and the destinations it has? Well, there are so many things, right? But how will you locate everything at once? It’s simple- use an app.

● Culture Trip: Explore and Travel

This app helped to connect with one of the best writers and filmmakers who showed me their country in their own way, just as they view it. An experience to cherish, isn’t it? Using this app even you will be able to meet up with locals, locate destinations that are kind of hidden to the rest of the mainstream world and explore the new.

● CommunityZapp

CommunityZapp is an excellent app that helps the locals to flourish their businesses as well as helps travelers to interact and engage with people to thoroughly understand the culture of the natives and the food that is most famous in those areas. When you start communicating you understand the true meaning of life through another culture.

6. Bonus Applications

● There is an app that I use, which is called Soci-fy which helps me to click a photo that will perfectly fit my social media profiles. I mean, you do understand the pain to crop images and then set it in our social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. This app helps me to not only click pictures maintain the aspect ratio of the social platforms it also allows me to include AR into my picture.

● Some of us, like me, loves to read and can’t travel without books. We simply can’t heavy our baggage with books, that make travel difficult. For this reason there Kindle which allows us to access books and read them on the go. When we are traveling we don’t generally watch movies as we want to feel the atmosphere around us.

● When we are traveling we often need a lot of apps that do not benefit us directly for traveling but it helps us relax, take pictures simply assists us in the entire trip. I often get bored while I am sitting in a car and trying you reach out to the next destination that is when apps like Spotify pulls me through. Have you ever thought about listening to music that entirely suits your travel destination? It actually helps you to calm your mind.

● I love to meet new people and spent time with them talking and laughing about various topics. What is better than a dating app like Tinder provides you with strangers the same age as you are. Imagine if you are traveling alone and need someone to talk to roam around with or send a good time just for one evening. You can do it all just after you are matched with someone who is using the same app.

● When I travel there is a problem that I face when traveling by train, i.e. I can’t sleep at all that leaves me tired and I fall asleep instantly as I reach the hotel that is when Binaural Beats help me you calm my mind. Nowadays, whenever I am on the train Binaural Beats is the only solution for my sound sleep.

Concluding to:

There are other essential apps that are already present in the phone like the maps, translate, etc which we don’t have to download externally. These in-built apps will help you to locate places if you are lost or you are not being able to understand the language on the signboards. This list provided to you is one of the top 10 mobile apps that are must for a traveler which will guide you from reaching the destination till you go back home.

I hope this article helped you enough that you understood which apps you will use when it comes to the previously shared topic heads. In simple words, the utility apps that help serve your purpose. These are the apps that you will need for going to any kind of trip say it hiking the mountains or visiting the beach. If you think that I have missed out on something please leave a comment or feedback.