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Top 10 e-Learning Apps in India

e-Learning Apps in India
Written by Micah Phillips

The schools are closed for a year now and kids are being constantly asked to remain at home. In this unprecedented time, things are by and large truly hard for the students. As the organizations are compelled to get the employees to telecommute, things are getting quite complex. Alongside being a dedicated employee, you cannot let go of the new part of being a teacher.

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Indeed, dealing with the children is being extreme, and keeping them occupied with their studies and courses is harder. You’re battling with this self-teaching thing. All things considered, no concerns. The e-learning application development experts have stated here some fascinating approaches to keep your kid drawn in and realize what they are passing up.

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The trend many believe entered the market due to the black swan of events, but to your surprise, the e-Learning business was growing at a rapid pace even before the pandemic. Most organizations and educational establishments have shown unstable and lousy acceptance of the e-learning mobile app development trend ignoring its need and the growing demands. The trend came quite before it was expected to rule the planet.

In a study conducted, around 72% of the organizations affirmed that the eLearning trends have enhanced the productivity of the employees and upscaled their results.

In the Asia Pacific, the trend has shown the most growth. It is also believed that the revenue from the eLearning field would rise by 20% annually.

This implies there are huge loads of chances for organizations hoping to utilize eLearning to fuel development and extension.

10 Best Elearning App in India for Students

We list here some of the top e-learning mobile applications that can make it easier for you to make sure your child is not compromising with his studies and keep you off from the guilt of not being able to help your child in the situation.

Unacademy-India’s Largest Online Learning Platform


This Indian learning application entered the market in 2015. It is designed fundamentally for higher classes and preparations. Not limited to this, students can likewise discover intuitive and free/paid classes as well. Kids from the sixth standard onwards can make use of the application. They can easily avail online classes and course material themselves.

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It is incredible for learners who need to get inside and out information on different subjects. It establishes an extraordinary framework for the individuals who need to show up for cutthroat tests later on.

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BYJU’s-Online learning Programs For K3, K10, K12, NEET

BYJU’s Learning App

Who doesn’t know about the first Indian e-learning mobile application BYJU’s? Everybody has caught wind of BYJU’s. It is the main Edtech unicorn from India. Set up in 2011, BYJU’s has become the highest stage with regards to internet learning. It is a paid participation plan.

Nonetheless, the students can likewise get to different exercises for nothing to get a thought. The cycle is quite simple. All you need to do is log in with an email id and telephone number. To unlock premium exercises, one needs to buy a monthly enrollment.

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Whitehat Jr. – Online Math & Coding Classes


Whitehat Jr is an e-Learning for youngsters stage where they figure out how to code through live classes. It was taken over by BYJU as of late for an astounding $300 million. What makes Whitehat Jr extraordinary is the methodology of showing kids how to code.

Beginning from a little age, kids will get a decent handle of programming dialects like Java, C++, Python, and that’s just the beginning. Exercises are given on a paid enrollment premise, be that as it may, free demo exercises are additionally advertised.

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IGNOU-Distance Education for People by Gov


If you are interested in distance learning then surely you’re told about this program not once but several times. Indira Gandhi National Open University was set up in 1985 with around 67 learning destinations the nation over. IGNOU can be celebrated as the biggest college on the planet with a functioning enlistment of more than 4 million students and consequently without a doubt positions among the best eLearning organizations in India.

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Duolingo – The world’s best way to learn a language


This is an amazing AI-based language learning app that assists students to learn more than 500 new languages. Language learning isn’t hypothetical; it is intuitive and makes language learning a simple cycle.

Duolingo entered the market in 2012, and today, more than 40 million clients of various demographics use it. The application can be exploited to learn famous dialects like Spanish, French, German, and a lot more.

Children have an extraordinary language learning capacity. It is the ideal chance to begin another dialect and Duolingo offers the best free stage to get familiar with any new language.

Price: Free

Installs: 100,000,000+

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Ted [email protected] Worth Sharing

ted app

This application was developed by Ted to help kids from one side of the planet to the other master during the pandemic. It is a free drive that includes video exercises, fun exercises, challenges, and so forth, to assist guardians with welling their children.

All the course content is ordered into four fundamental classifications: primary school, center school, secondary school, and college.

There is a week after week bulletin as well. Every one of the course materials covers subjects like expressions, wellbeing, arithmetic, reasoning, religion, social investigations, science, innovation, and so forth.

It is an extraordinary start by Ted and in reality an absolute necessity attempt. Along with Ted Talks and Tedx now we have Ted-Ed to help students be better and learned humans.

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Coursera – Free and Learn online


The Coursera application permits you to learn in a small time with admittance to more than 1,000 courses and specializations created by 140+ of the best schools and colleges on the planet.

It assists you with progressing in your profession or proceeding with your schooling by dominating subjects from Python programming and information science to photography and music.

Coursera courses are “allowed to review,” which implies you can watch the recordings however will not have the option to get to evaluated tasks or acquire testaments. If you pay the base cost, you will gain admittance to the reviewed tasks and have the option to acquire an endorsement for every one of the courses.

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Khan Academy-Free Online Courses, Lessons & Practice

Khan Academy app

It is a non-benefit association that plans to teach kids online free of cost.

The site presently gives more than 3,000 free instructive recordings on a scope of themes.

The platform has material that is accessible in English but can be read in different dialects including Bengali and Hindi. One can learn: Math, Science, Science and Engineering, Computing, Arts, and Humanities.

A significant number of the recordings incorporate free models and practice works out. Their recordings are conversational with doodles for each step.

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Udacity-Learn the Latest Tech Skills


Udacity is a skill-based learning platform for experts, offering Nanodegree projects and industry-explicit accreditations pointed toward making you work prepared.

Common courses available are Machine learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Web Development, Digital Marketing, and Business Analysis.

Udacity offers a couple of free courses, however, the ones that offer the most extreme benefit are their Nanodegrees, which cost around ₹ 50,000 and can last between 4-6 months. They additionally extend to educational cost repayment and an employment opportunity as a component of certain Nanodegrees.

App not available till 2021. Website:

Tynker-Coding For Kids, Kids Programming Classes & Games


It is an instructive application intended for youngsters yet incorporates intuitive exercises for everybody from amateurs to experts in programming and coding.

The independent and interest-based courses permit learners to explore different avenues regarding visual squares in basic levels, where they begin cutting-edge ideas and programming.

With Tynker learners can easily figure out how to assemble sites, make applications, and configure games. And by any chance, if you have children at home, this might be an extraordinary move to do together as you both find out about website programming and learning.

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Final Words!

Install any of these apps and get ready to learn and explore better. It is never too late to learn something and now is the right time that you start exploring the opportunities to learn and earn better. Upscale your skills and be ready to get the best results in no time.

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