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10 Best Taxi Booking Apps Alternative to Ola and Uber

Top 10 Taxi Booking (Cab Booking) Apps in India
Written by Micah Phillips

Gone are those days when people were waiting to rickshaw to travel inside the region, now globalization has changed the business’s face. Taxi services have been the main transportation medium in many cities within a short period of years. Taxi booking apps produce millions of turnover and have been identified as one of the big rising industries.

The taxi aggregators changed the regular way we commute. Uber and Ola’s advent provoked demand for taxi aggregator sites. The price wars have seen the customer benefit in the years. The major companies dominated the industry and the incentives for both the consumer and the drivers have decreased with limited competition.

The major companies dominated the industry and the incentives for both the consumer and the drivers have decreased with limited competition. This potential continues to be leveraged by both young companies and old fighting horses that lost market share. More competition could only mean one thing, better services at lower fares, for the consumer.

This potential continues to be leveraged by both young companies and old fighting horses that lost market share. More competition could only mean one thing, better services at lower fares, for the consumer. Let’s dig at some of the alternative taxi applications.

What Happen with Uber and Ola?

Customers enjoy personalized support. First, though, when they were a small startup, Uber and Ola began to lose their sense with personalization as they expanded. Sure Uber and Ola are now providing plenty of new options, but customers don’t appreciate it, unlike many trendy cab applications that you can use instead.

It is plain as day, of course, that Uber and Ola lose their dominance over the mobile taxi app industry. That is to add, it will be yet another smaller slice of the pie over the next 5 years. The signs have already begun to manifest.

You can see that most Taxi service apps charge equal to Uber and Ola, but people are willing to pay more to Lyft, Gett, and SeeWay for the better services they offer.

If you’re looking to launch your own taxi startup company, then I’d recommend that you look out and get inspired by business models of such related apps as Uber & Ola.

Let’s look at the beautiful Taxi App Alternative Companies like Uber and Ola without wasting any more time:

Leading Taxi Substitute Companies like Uber and Ola:

Apps Alternative to Ola & Uber


Curb the taxi app came into 2008, thanks to the merging of two transport companies; Taxi Magic and Way2Ride. Curb has always been a pioneer in its taxi services adopting the latest technology. They became the first to have credit card readers built in their New York City cabs.

Originally the Curb was yet another taxi service app alternative to Uber and Ola, but now it has more luxurious trips to sell. They also have introduced an option to choose a wheelchair-accessible vehicle in their app.

Another plus point is that travelers will not have to explicitly pay the drivers. Pay in advance, and then fly hop-in and hop-out. The user of the app can even rent a car to ride it through the curb app.

Active Country-USA


SeeWay is one of the top-notch taxi booking apps that delivers its taxi support service through various countries. The SeeWay app provides accessibility options that come with one-stop. The app links consumers with a wide variety of cars and drivers who are well checked at. SeeWay believes its advanced services offer a better travel experience.

The vehicle can be picked according to your requirements and advance travel facilities are available with us. SeeWay’s key motive is to boost the transportation market with innovative taxi booking services and, most significantly, provide our users with a convenient and efficient journey.

Active Country-Slovakia


With over 34,000 taxi drivers serving 200,000 registered users, BiTaksi is Istanbul’s most popular taxi-hailing app, like Uber. To Istanbul, they received cashless payment. This is among the few taxi-hailing companies in Istanbul that offer credit card payment functionality in-app.

Apps such as the route’s real-time traffic alert, cashless purchases that appear basic app as alternative to Ola. Doing the same thing that an all-Istanbul taxi app company does is a huge jump and they’ll become their country’s underdog story.

Active Country-Istanbul and Ankara


Lyft is probably Ola and Uber’s most popular competitor in the taxi industry. They knew they are the underdog in the ride-hailing business and made the best of it.

The business model of Lyft is only marginally different from Uber. Lyft does an in-depth background check on every driver they take in. And, when booking a ride from Lyft the riders can be confident they get into a secure car. Also, the Lyft software lets passengers monitor their driving route and the name of their driver.

Active Country-USA

DiDi Chuxing

DiDi is the largest full-service transport network in China. It provides all of the transport options including rideshare, tuk-tuks, boats, and even private helicopters (still in trials). DiDi Chuxing is one of the best devices
like Uber, lyft; it’s a whole travel business on the brink of spreading across the globe.

Passengers can book a taxi from the app which can be a public taxi, a private car, or a shared car. This price for travel is determined based on the type of vehicle you select and the address of your destination.

Active Country-China, parts of Latin America, Taiwan, Japan and Australia


GoCatch is a top-quality taxi app service on demand. We might claim it’s similar to an Australia app like Uber. They do have Australia’s largest taxi fleet. The great thing about GoCatch is that the metered cabs all paying the same price. But, for the same price as a nearby metered taxi, the riders get a handheld ride-hailing experience.

If the passengers pay with a credit card, so just a 5 percent surcharge will be paid across Australia as opposed to the normal 10 percent. The passengers get contact information from the driver and can monitor their trip on the device screen. GoCatch controls over 40 percent of Australia’s taxi-tech market.

Active Country-Australia


France has had Uber banned. LeCab is the organization that has made the most of this prohibition. It is an initial French company with 100 percent that operates in the beautiful city of Paris. LeCab claims that you can book a ride with them in Paris, and get the cab in less than 5 minutes at your place.

LeCab leads the ride-hailing market in France’s capital, with more than 70,000 daily users. LeCab is considered to be France’s finest ride-hailing service, like Uber. LeCab’s USP is supplying private jets for the Paris ride! They collaborated with Private Fly to provide the air service.

Active Country-France


Gett is similar to Uber and Ola, a taxi service located in Israel.

Gett is the fastest-growing alternative taxi service in the USA, after Lyft. The reason for their setbacks, their wise decision to lower ride fares as Uber increased their rates.

Most notably, they are so committed to being the next major option in the United States that they lowered their New York rates by a whopping 25%. That gave them the competitive edge necessary to survive Uber and Ola’s large market share. Now, they also give their passengers exclusive offers through their Gett smartphone app.

Active Country-UK, USA Some Locations, Israel


Careem is the Middle East’s most popular taxi-app company like Uber. Careem ‘s numbers are amazing despite the years of experience.

Currently they’re spanning 120 + cities in 15 + countries. In the Middle East, and parts of South Asia, there are 1 million Careem drivers who serve more than 30 million people.

Uber recently acquired Careem for a whopping $3.1bn. Uber CEO has announced that Careem will continue to work independently, this independence and Uber’s backing will give Careem a chance to stand up to other Emirates competitors. The app-based uber like Taxi Company launched in 2012 and has since come a long way.

Active Country- 100+ cities in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia


Tesluxe is a new age Uber-like ride-hailing company that is targeted at high-end customers. This company connects premium-users with luxurious taxi services. This is for the people who want to come in style at parties and activities. Tesluxe offers a form of personal ride service for chauffeurs in Tesla’s luxury line of vehicles.

Tesluxe is more than just an alternative to Uber’s taxi service. This luxury ride service gets a lot of traction amongst rich residential areas. Tesluxe is a startup in the days of ridesharing and bargain device rides that is like Rolls Royce to Uber’s station wagon.

Active Country-USA

We have strong expectations for these niche-best taxi applications to build a dedicated market for itself.


With innovations emerging in every industry and mobile app development technology, Taxi booking apps make it simpler for consumers. Users can book the cab instantly from their cell phone by downloading the taxi booking software and finding a destination using GPS.