Start Surveying Your Audience and Benefit from It

Start Surveying Your Audience and Benefit from It
Written by Micah Phillips

Surveys are a tool that is often underestimated by businesses. It’s true that many entrepreneurs make use of data from professional research centers that conduct large customer surveys. However, in the meantime, they dismiss the benefits of using simple surveys and quizzes in their email marketing or on the site. And yet it’s those small things that can help you greatly by collecting customer feedback. If you use surveys creatively, you can apply the results to boost your revenue, attract more traffic, and even improve SEO.

Why Is Collecting Feedback So Important for Business Success?

Surveys can help you collect all types of information. This means that you can use them for anything from learning about customer satisfaction to choosing products to put on sale. However, the most important benefit of using surveys is the increase in customer retention.

Keeping your customers coming back for more should be the goal of every business. That’s because it costs roughly five times more to acquire a new customer, compared to making a repeat sale. Therefore, every buyer that comes back gives you more revenue, even if they don’t spend more money.

Also, it’s highly likely that they will spend more money with the next purchase. At this time, customers will be more confident and interested as they’ve already had the chance to evaluate your products. What’s more, they are more likely to recommend your business to friends. Therefore, customer retention can also give you multiple marketing benefits.

If you are wondering how exactly small surveys will help with customer retention, it’s rather simple. It’s all about feedback. The primary use for a survey on your website or in an email newsletter is not to collect consumer data. Instead, you need to focus on collecting feedback from those who have already done business with you.

Then, you must use this data to change your website or business in a way that will make it appeal to your customers more. By doing this, you show each of them that their opinions matter. You also show that you respect them enough to actually change for their convenience. Also, this will give you a chance to improve UX, which provides better customer engagement and retention for the future.

How to Survey Your Customers Most Effectively?

There are many ways to provide your customers with surveys. However, you need to consider that this type of interaction will not only provide you with valuable data. It can also help keep visitors on the website longer, which is a good SEO booster. To achieve this easily, you can use one of the best WordPress survey plugins. They are extremely versatile as well as affordable. Most importantly, you have full control of this plugin. Therefore, you can design the exact type of survey you need.

If you choose to go with a WordPress survey plugin, it might be hard to pick one as there are som many options. Therefore, consider the features that are most important for these solutions. They are:

• Design

Surveys on your pages must be visually appealing and complement the website theme.

• User-friendliness

The plugin must be easy to use both for you to install and for your visitors, who will fill in the survey.

• Export capabilities

The survey solution will be more efficient if you can export the data it collects. Usually, they will export data as a spreadsheet you can use with CRM software.

• Reporting features

The plugin should provide you with varied reports on the survey results so you can use them most productively.

• Survey result display options

It might be beneficial to display survey results directly on your website. This will help beef up customer engagement.

There are quite a few WordPress survey plugin options to consider today. Each of them has some advantages. Therefore, you should research the features and customer reviews of every top solution. The leaders in this niche right now are Quiz and Survey Master, Modal Survey, Formidable Form Builder, and YOP Polls.

How to Use Customer Feedback to Improve Your Business as a Whole

Of course, surveys can be used simply to increase engagement and time spent on the page. However, the main benefits they offer come from how you use the collected data.

Some ideas on how you can apply surveys to bettering your business include:

• Develop new products and services

Ask your customers outright about what they want to see in your product offering. You can ask for ideas for new products and services or for improvements for the existing ones. You also can run a survey to find out about common issues customers have when dealing with your niche. Then, you can come up with a product/service that will solve the most common of these problems.

• Develop content your audience will like

Ask about people’s interests to learn what kind of content you should offer. This can provide you with many creative ideas for your blog. This will also help optimize your content marketing strategy. Be sure to ask not only for what people want to learn about but also how they want the information delivered to them. This way you’ll be able to choose the best content formats and marketing channels.

• Track business performance

Short post-purchase surveys and an occasional inquiry about the quality of service will help you see what people think about your business. You can use this data to improve customer service and to optimize different business processes.

• Learn customer demographics

You already have a targeted audience, but you should still learn exactly what kind of people visit your website. Doing short surveys that ask simple questions like age, interests, education level, etc. will provide valuable data. You can use it in ad campaigns and to narrow down segmentation for future marketing campaigns.

In Conclusion: Embrace Creativity with Your Surveys

The value of surveys is so high that a survey plugin has to go onto your WordPress website must-haves list. Use it to get customer feedback about everything, including product and service satisfaction, website performance, wishes, etc. But most importantly, use that feedback to implement meaningful changes. This way, you will show your customers how much you appreciate their opinions. You will also be able to improve your business overall.