4 Ways to Improve Your Business Website’s Search Engine Ranking

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Written by Micah Phillips

Are you trying to get in front of customers as they are getting ready to start a buying experience? Search engines are where that experience happens. Reports show that 94% of online experiences begin with a search online.

Of course, you need content if you want to take advantage of search engine traffic. The question is, how can you get a high search engine rank? Follow the four search engine ranking tips below to get the boost you need.

Ways to Improve Search Engine Ranking

1. Optimize Your Meta-Information

It doesn’t matter how great your content is if Google can’t understand what you’re writing about. While Google has gotten better at understanding the written word, it still isn’t perfect. Your job with SEO is to help that process.

Your meta-information plays an essential role in helping Google understand what your pages are about. Your title and description display on search results, so you need to optimize it with keywords. Once you do this, focus on making this information compelling, so people have a reason to click on your link.

2. Keep Publishing Content

There are only so many keywords you can rank for with only a few website pages. The good news is that most industries have a lot of keywords out there. One of the easiest SEO tips to follow is to keep publishing new content that targets more keywords in your industry.

One of the best ways to discover content ideas is to learn what questions people in your industry ask. If you thoroughly answer those questions, your site will have content that ranks for more keywords than you can find on your own.

3. Use Internal Links

Unless your site is about anything and everything, the chances are good that a lot of your content will relate to other topics on your site. Internal links are what will send your visitors to your related content.

These links won’t only keep people on your site for longer, but it will also help Google scan your site to figure out your site”s theme. Once Google knows what topics to classify your site under, it will help build your authority to help your site get higher search engine rankings.

4. Acquire Backlinks

Google can only go so far when understanding website content. While it may be able to figure what your site is about, it’s hard for Google to know if your website is better than the others on the internet. That’s what backlinks are for.

A backlink acts as a vote for your site. When you get enough votes from other high-authority websites, Google will reward your site with higher rankings.

Work on Your Search Engine Ranking Every Day

Even if you do everything right, there’s no guarantee that Google will reward your site with page one rankings. You need to work on search engine ranking every day to make sure Google has what it needs to determine that your site is the best. Start today, so you don’t waste any more time off the front page.

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