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Top 10 Augmented Reality Apps Android & iOS

Written by Ratnesh


Almost every person is a fan of using augmented reality applications. The people who have a phone and a social media accounts are often seen posing for different photos and they have also become used of getting the best information for their products. In many cases when a customer is getting the attention of the customers they are able to make the most out of their daily routine and it would be possible for them to make the most out of their smart phones. Here are the top 10 augmented reality apps that are most popular among smart phone users these days:

Best Augmented Reality Apps

1. Pokeman Go:

Pokeman Go

Any person who has a mobile phone uses this application and they have heard about this product at one point or the other in the news. This is actually a game based on a popular anime series. The users are able to catch the said pocket monsters into a ball. These monsters are hidden in the real life terrain. This AR application have introduced the use of the technology worldwide and played a huge role in popularizing it. At the time of its launch this was a new concept and people were really excited to find every possible rendition of the Pokémon and add them to their stash.

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2. Wallame:


This AR application is basically focused on making and promoting street art. The users of this application can create an art piece at any given corner of their street or house. The other users would be able to gain access to this art with the help of geo-location sharing and viewing it through their own camera. In a way it is like hiding a master piece in the plain site. On the other hand, any people who have enough interest can become a master of artwork and join the likes of Banksy. These artworks are primarily public and a way of promoting the art industry.

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3. Augmented Car Finder:

Augmented Car Finder

Every person has been in a rough spot where they are unable to location their cars in the crowded parking lot. At times it could be embarrassing and the people would have to make rounds of the entire area before they could find the place where they have parked their vehicles. This simple application allows the users to pin point the location of their car and they would be able to navigate back to their car while they are roaming in a huge shopping center or a stadium. It is like getting the map navigation service that is helping the person find the car.

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4. IKEA Place:

IKEA Place

As visible from the name this application is developed by the famous Switzerland furniture brand. The users of the AR applications would be able to check how a new furniture or decorative piece looks in their house before they have actually bought it. The application is available in more than 13 languages.

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5. Layar:


The application is a great source for publication of printed media into the internet platforms. The scanning function of the application is able to extract the information from the scanned copy and it would be able to conduct a search result against the copy and provide links, social media postings, and the videos that are related to the provided data.

6. Inkhunter:


There are many people who are fond of getting tattoo but they are too scared the pain and they are sometimes not sure if they would get the best results from the inking process. This AR application allows people to imprint custom made and readymade tattoo options for the sake of fun and entertainment.

7. Airmeasure:


If a person wanted to measure any object in real life they would think that it is impossible. There are only very little amount of people in the world who are aware of the careful measuring perception without the use of any real equipment. However, the Airmeasure application is a great way of measuring real life objects in different units.

8. Wikitude Wold Browser:

Wikitude Wold Browser

This amazing AR application provides all the related information about the terrain and enables the users to surround themselves with real life information about their surroundings.

9. Nightsky:


This wonderful application turns the phone into a planetarium. It detects the availability of constellations, satellites, and astronomical bodies in the night sky. The users of this application would be able to recognize the start patterns and different planets in the sky with the help of this application.

10. Google Translate:

Google Translate

This is more under the pretense of artificial intelligence. However, it has some AR elements. The users can now search for media and information related to a particular image by running search image focused queries.


There are all types of filters and games that are going to make room for the things that are used by people in their day to day life. These augmented reality applications are not only fun but they are also very useful at times. They can be a source of entertainment and they are also used for raising awareness or increasing the brand and customer engagement. In more ways than one the customers could use these products for their betterment and they would keep on working in the direction that is most useful for their day to day life.

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