5 Ways Business Blogging Can Increase Your Business’s Value

Business Blogging
Written by Ratnesh

Business blogging is a marketing strategy that uses blogging to establish visibility on the internet. Just like direct mail, social media, email marketing business blogging is a marketing channel that helps build your business value with time.

Starting a blog for your business can open up a wide range of new opportunities, and when used correctly, can create awareness, showcase expertise, answer customer queries and establish your business brand.

Boost Traffic to Your Website

A blog gives people a solid reason to frequently visit your business website especially if you post regularly and also deliver quality work both informative and entertaining. According to a report by Hubspot, both B2B and B2C see business benefits regarding more traffic and leads when they visit your blog on a regular basis compared to businesses that rarely blog or not blog at all.

More people to your website translates to more bookings/reservations, more new customer inquiries and more submission to your contact form. Organic traffic is suitable for any business as it increases the chances of products /service purchase. Be sure to create catchy and engaging content that addresses your target audience and ensure that the headline clearly describes the content to follow.

Attract New Customers

Think you do not have time for a blog? Then you are missing lots of opportunities. Think about how you research before purchasing something on the internet. You probably use Google, Bing or any other search engine to research about a particular product you want to buy. Finding engaging and informative blog content can easily sway your opinion and eventually influence where you purchase from.

Even though creating an informative blog can be time-consuming, it is going to be worth it. Your blog will allow potential customers to research on their own time and contact when they are ready to make a purchase. Here are some examples

  • For instance, a home contractor could write about home improvement tips, post it on their blog along with the descriptions of their projects.


It is crucial that you create blog posts with best SEO practices in mind from the start and be committed to promotion. This will ensure that your blog acts as 24 hours a day seven days a week tool for nurturing your clients and bringing new leads. Be sure that each blog post inspires action to every single reader, and depending on your business; you might want your visitors to read other related posts, fill out a form, or even call you to set up a consultation.

Turn Your Business Site into a Destination

One of the business blogging strategies is to create a site that people will want to read during their leisure time, even though some business blogs are need-based (think financial, legal, or tax-related blogs) many of businesses can create want based blogs.

Need-based blogs focus on providing answers and immediate connection with the readers while want-based blogs mainly focus on stimulating demand for something that you did not know they wanted at first. The key to business blogging is to make your content exciting and create an engagement such that your readers will want to read your posts for free. Over the time you will be able to connect with your readers through the content and tone of the blog and promote brand loyalty.

Build Authority

A blog also acts as a portfolio for your brand. For most companies where proof of past success is everything, business blogging serves as a proof of a company’s past success and shows potential clients of the kind of results they can expect. Even though it might take more effort to update your whole website, blogs on content management such as WordPress are pretty easy to update even if you have limited technical knowledge.

If you can publish a post on social media, then you can publish a blog on WordPress. Additionally, business blogs answer common questions their customers and leads have. If you continually publish content that is helpful for your targeted customers, it will help you establish authority in their eyes.

  • If prospects find useful answers to their everyday questions via posts on your business blog, they are more likely to convert to sales.


Increase Website SEO

If you use the right descriptions and titles in your blogs, you can significantly improve your Google rankings for the ideals that your potential customers are searching for. This will lead them to your website translating into more business for you. If your blog is set up correctly, then each time you create a new post, you are adding a new page to your website. Make sure that each post is optimized for specific longtail keywords and unique terms in your industry.

You can also boost your SEO powers of your blog posts by through link juice sharing and also internal linking to your previous blog posts.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that you have the proper keyword strategy. If you target the wrong keywords, you will be wasting your time, what would be the point of gaining traffic that does not convert?


  • Create an SEO friendly blog structure: this is because, without a well optimized and SEO friendly blog, the search engines will not be able to see any of your blog pages.


In summary, it is clear that blogging can be highly beneficial no matter where your customers are in the purchasing process. Through business blogging, you will not only benefit from Google rankings, but also you will be able to make significant revenues and skyrocket your business to the next level.

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