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How To Choose The Right Mobile Phone Plans For Your Business

Written by Ratnesh

Daily communication is important to any business. And as a business leader or small business owner, having a mobile workforce is crucial to your business. A mobile workforce plays a critical role in any business. Dropped calls, missed texts, or limited data usage can potentially cost a company important business.

Understanding how your business operates and uses mobile phones is equally as important. A mobile phone plan that’s right for your business must have all the features you need. As each business is different, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Your business will have to factor in employee data and calling usage, security concerns, and even network coverage.

Whether your business preference is an iOS phone or an Android phone, here are five tips to consider for your business mobile plan.

  1. Assess your business needs

Different businesses will require different services. Have traveling salespeople? Then consider a mobile plan with lots of minutes and access to a reliable Internet connection. If you employ a team that will need constant digital connection, consider a heavy-data plan. This will also play a factor if you employ a remote workforce.

By assessing your business needs, you can shop for a package that can empower your workforce. Mobile packages today offer business bundles that include special advantages to facilitate communication between all teams. These packages ensure the continuity of communication between your business and its customers while keeping spending low.

  1. Call and data use patterns

If your business is shopping around for a mobile phone plan, look through your old phone bills. These old bills will give you an accurate understanding of how your business communicates. Are the calls mostly local? Do they take place cross country or even internationally?

These have to be considered when shopping for a mobile phone plan. Perhaps your business needs free or low-cost international calls. Most mobile carriers now even offer unlimited talking and text messaging. What about data usage? Do your employees need instant access to email inboxes? What about data heavy applications like websites or social media networks? These questions can determine how much data is appropriate for your business.

  1. Which carrier offers the best services

Just as important as the price of your mobile plan is the network coverage. Reliable and daily communication is integral for a business to succeed. Dropped calls and an unreliable network only hinders your company.

Despite your business, a network that doesn’t limit your coverage to your region alone can improve work productivity. This will also reduce costs as your mobile phone plan won’t charge for roaming charges, allowing you to continue working efficiently and at the best price.

  1. Security features

Once your workforce goes mobile, security becomes paramount. Accessing sensitive data while on-the-go means security is an important feature to consider. When considering a service provider, inquire about the security features of your business plan. If employees leave or a mobile phone gets lost, you will need to be able to protect your data remotely. A good service provider will include the ability to “wipe” data from any phone in your business plan.

  1. Select the right phone

Once the decision has been made to go mobile, your business will need to determine what specific device to use. Smartphones like Samsung offer fast performance and enhanced security features. Apple’s iPhone is also a strong candidate for your business needs due to their ease of use and large app selection. Both companies include embedded fingerprint scanners for an added layer of security.

You will need a mobile phone that is easy to learn and feels good in the hands. A cumbersome phone that no one can operate or function limits your work’s productivity. To determine which mobile phone best works for your business, spend a few hours shopping around.

  1. Haggle for the best plan

As a business, it’s important to get the best price for the best plan. When choosing the right service provider for your business needs, make sure you shop around. Always leave room for negotiations before signing your contract.

Even if you may not be able to change the final cost, you can alter some aspects of your plan and equipment. This may include additional lines at a lower rate, shorter upgrade windows for new phones, or added equipment for free. Determine the right concessions you want for your business and don’t hesitate to ask.

Regardless of what service provider or mobile phone plan you choose, it must be flexible to meet business demands. As your company grows, you may see a pattern emerge on data usage or even call patterns. Analyze your business needs as your company grows. This will ensure money is well-spent in the long run and work efficiency remains at an all-time high.

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