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Codelobster PHP Edition
Written by Ratnesh

PHP has become the preferred choice for many companies in their website development. It is an open source programming language with lots of features. You need a good editor to edit the syntax of the PHP programming. The market is filled with various paid products, however, there are many free alternatives also available in the market. One of the most used free and simple editor is Codelobster PHP Edition.

 Let’s discuss in detail about its several features:

  1. Code Highlighting: Every code is highlighted with their specific coding language. The HTML code is highlighted as HTML, JavaScript as JavaScript and others. You can also make customization on the highlighted colors.
  2. Powerful Autocompletion: The code syntax can easily be completed without having to type the entire code with the help of the powerful autocompletion technique. It helps you to save time on your project.
  3. HTML/CSS Inspector: The HTML/CSS inspector helps to easily recognize the different elements of the coding in the PHP code.
  4. Context: Press the F1 key to get the detailed information about the current tag, attribute or function with the help of context.
  5. PHP Debugger: PHP debugger helps to execute various PHP scripts incrementally that allows us to watch the value of all the variables in every line.
  6. SQL Manager: It allows us to manage the database with ease. We can add, delete and edit a structure and records in the table through SQL commands. Highlight and autocompletion works for the SQL files too.
  7. FTP: It supports FTP that allows us to work with a remote server without any hassle. We can everything from with from anywhere with the help of FTP.
  8. Portable: It can be used without any installation with the help of portable option.
  9. Other Useful Utilities: Pair highlight, block selection, collapsing, tooltips, navigation on descriptions of functions, viewing of file structure, project, in the browser, bookmarks and many other features.

Note: Codelobster Support for many popular frameworks: Drupal, Joomla, Smarty, Twig, JQuery, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Laravel, Node.js, AngularJS, BackboneJS, MeteorJS, Phalcon, Symfony, Magento, Yii and WordPress.

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