Launch a new website with a free WordPress website design theme

Written by Micah Phillips

One of the best things WordPress has to offer is its extensive selection of themes. You can make your blog or website stand out from the competitors in just a few minutes. With WordPress, you have many options when it comes to choosing a theme. You can build your own website, pay for a theme and work with a website designer, or pick from one of many free themes.

If you’re in the market for a free theme, you’re in luck. The best part about WordPress is it’s perfect for beginners of those looking to start their very first website. The free themes give you the website structure, and you can edit the website design as you see fit.

These WordPress starter themes make the website development process that much easier and more efficient. We’re sharing some popular starter themes that are free and available for download today.


If you want a theme that was made by some of the best web developers out there, Underscores is what you should go with. The theme was designed by Automatic, the same company that created the WordPress platform. The developers who worked on this theme have used it as a base to create more intricate themes. It is continuously being worked on and has almost 100 GitHub contributors to it.

Underscores comes with HTML5 templates that are well-commented on, a sample custom header implementation, a script that lets responsive navigation happen, a 404 page template, and a CSS layout that is organized in an easy way for beginners to use.

Roots Sage

Another popular theme for WordPress is called Roots Sage and it has gained plenty of attention. Today, it’s managed by almost 150 people at GitHub. It is bundled with Boilerplate, Grunt, Twitter Bootstrap, and HTML5 compliance, so you can use this all to build a good theme. It’s also bundled with Bower, ARIA Roles, microformats, BrowserSync, and Theme Wrapper. Another plus is it’s ready to be used with other languages.


Bones is a WordPress starter theme that’s free. It’s responsive, mobile first, and based on HTML5 Boilerplate and 320 and Up.

Bones is said to be a theme for developers to build onto using the latest in web development standards. This is a solid foundation to build your WordPress theme out of. Bones lets you keep everything needed while taking out the coding that’s not necessary. It’s all up to your creative flair and needs.

If you’d like to use post types that are custom, Bones comes with an example that’s well documented. It also comes with functions that let you customize the admin section of your site for clients. You can find out more about Bones on its homepage.


ColorMag is a responsive blogging theme that can also be used in a magazine style. This theme is easy to use if you want a complex magazine styled-blog.

It’s very flexible to use; use it as a premium blog theme, or magazine styled-theme. What’s interesting about this theme is you can represent different categories with different colours, which will add a lot to your new blog. There are also several layout options to choose from. This theme also comes with a built-in feature that lets you build your blog without the use of additional plugins. It makes setting a brand new blog that much easier!


Zilah is a personal blog theme that does all the work for you; all you’re responsible for is adding content. It lets you show off your content, which will in turn attract even more readers to your blog. It’s also very SEO friendly. The more optimized your blog is, the more likely it will be get noticed by prospective readers.

What bloggers love about this theme are its unlimited colours, full width slider, and more design aspects that let you get creative with the look and feel of your blog.

Starting a blog has never been easier when you’re working with WordPress and its premium free themes. Any of these five WordPress website design themes will help you launch a brand new blog within moments.

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