Who is Alex Becker?

Who is Alex Becker?
Written by Micah Phillips

Alex Becker is an internet marketing entrepreneur famous for his bestselling book, ‘The Ten Pillars of Wealth.’ Becker develops training programs and software for new and seasoned entrepreneurs. He has amassed a strong following on his social media pages, which all link back to his many websites. He also teaches Shopify eCom dropship & SEO business online. Read up more on Alex on

Here are some of the programs and software he has developed.

  1. Source Wave University

This is an SEO course created by Alex Becker, Stephen Floyd, & Gregory Ortiz. They teach you how to get SEO (Search engine optimization), clients. Search engine optimization is the process of getting traffic from free, organic, editorial, or natural search results on search engines like Google. They also teach how to get paid by other business to do this for them.

  1. Market Hero

Alex Becker’s lead & conversion tracking software is thought to increase your e-commerce dropshipping sales. The software also does email marketing for you. It is a seamless one-stop solution if you want to get into eCommerce. Although it does not necessarily guarantee a 100% success rate, there are some useful features. Such as automatically calculating the value of each lead as your eCommerce site begins making its sales. This can also be done manually, but it can get cumbersome.

  1. H-Com 2020

This is an extensive 10-week course that teaches you everything about the e-commerce dropship business model. There are many other courses available on the same topic. Alex Becker coupled it with his lead tracking software, Market Hero, mentioned above. There are many challenges to eCommerce; Alex helps new and seasoned entrepreneurs learn this business model and utilize it fully.


  1. The Black File

Alex Becker gives you many of his ads & landing pages that he has employed in the past. The main point of this is to provide you with a blueprint and structure to devise ad and funnels that can be used on a mass scale. Something that appeals to many so that you can present your offer to more people.

  1. Hero Consulting Accelerator

The course is meant to teach email marketing from Becker and Jason Williamson. It is a step by step guide to starting a sizeable email consulting business. Email marketing is not an easy way of finding prospects & trying to get clients, but Jason shares some cool tactics on how to do it well. The training is meant more for those who have already established some skill like lead generation or SEO.

  1. Spekter Labs

He also founded Spekter Labs, which caters to healthy nutritional supplements. Some of the products include: Neural Enhancement Formular (XT-01), a brain-boosting blend; Absorption Enhancement Formular (GT-07), helps breakdown nutrients in the body; Cleanse, Chill, Combo (TRIPLE-C),  A probiotic repair supplement, antioxidant brain booster, and core body nutrition blend.

Conclusion: Alex Becker’s has some excellent products like the Source Wave University for SEO and H-Com to study the drop shipping business and Market Hero. Depending on your needs, there is a wide variety of resources to pick from.