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7 Web Designing Principles to Boost Conversion Rate

10 Tips for Becoming a Successful Web Designer
Written by Micah Phillips

If you’re looking for some ways to boost your conversion rate then you’re in the right place. Before going for the technical marketing strategies, one should first take a look at his already done work. Like your web design and its concepts. A well-design website can effectively boost your site’s conversion rates.

A survey says that about two-thirds of people prefer to read something beautifully designed and portrayed. Besides the aesthetics of a website, the design subtleties also make a huge impact on driving a huge audience on the page.
Hence, to make you understand this concept, we’ve designed this piece in 7 easy principles, which will surely be going to boost your conversion rate, if followed.

Here you go: Tip to Boost Conversion Rate

Prepare a Responsive web design: The mobility of computers has reduced the use of desktops as a mean to visit the websites. A report of 2017 says that 52.64% of global traffic was dominated by mobile users. This value shows the importance of responsive websites, if you’re not doing anything for making your site responsive, then you’re going to lose the mobile audience which is growing every second. Accessing a website, which is designed for a PC, is really annoying on a mobile because you always have to zoom in to view the complex structure of a website.

Designing a mobile-friendly site can solve these types of issues, which will ultimately help your visitors to comprehend and access your site accordingly.

Use of faces: Using faces on your site always draws your visitor’s attention, because they convey emotions. And as you know to pitch the consumer’s emotions is the foremost tactic in the world of online marketing and advertisement. The humans emphasize the faces; if they depict any emotion in your content then the consumers are more likely to connect with the websites.

However, you must know which picture is suitable to represent your brand. Don’t overfill your site with imagery and visuals. It can misinterpret what you want to imply. As you’ve heard that less is always more. Follow it and come with some researched and selected pieces for your content. For instance, if your product and services imply the happy message in it, then go for the happy faces of customers with your product.

Call to action is a lifeline: CTA will always be a crucial element for your website. Though your content is interacting with your users and visitors, but what about the desired conversions? It only comes when consumers are satiable enough from your content to make a decision and action for your services and goods. CTA in any short or big content invites the user to generate the High numbers of click-through rates (CTR).

After knowing the effective significance of CTA, you must know how your CTA should look like. Thus, you should always focus on choosing the right place and a perfect bright color for your CTA button on your website. Moreover, the power of CTA can even bring action of visitors from the financial website design.

Use high-quality visuals: More than 50% of people like to visit the WebPages that possess high-quality images and visuals. And on the other hand, 20% prefer to do business with a firm, which has a captivating image on its landing page. All these figures are strikingly proving the significance of visuals and images in maintaining good quality websites standard.

The importance of images should be taken seriously, but also accurately. Don’t bland images on your site. Always prefer those ones, which can imply your business concepts and ideology.

The F layout: The various researches have already concluded that the natural behavior of visitors is to read the content, which mostly goes in the F format. They often start with the headline and then go for the first line, while moving downwards they tend to skip the middle of the sentences, so that they can grasp more in less time. To save time most of the readers do it.

By keeping this fact in the mind, you can create a better structure for your content. Put the most relevant at the top and always try to come with interactive and engaging content writing techniques. Moreover, if you can keep the content concise then it can bring out much in your favor. If you have got a lot to imply then go for the paragraphs and sections patterns.

8-second rule: Do you know? Most of the websites lose their visitors within the first 8 seconds, which you know is not enough to interact or showcase your product and services to the visitors. If it’s about an 8-second factor then you should go for something strategic. It is because someone who’s randomly surfing the internet, the first look of any website matters a lot for him. The 8 second rule is made for such visitors who are viewing your website for the first time.

To grab the golden opportunities in 8 seconds we’ve framed following 8 rules, here you go:

• Do you know? The load time is one of the most affecting factors for the 8-second rule

• Hence, you should keep the heading relevant and brief

• The content should be simple and to the point

• Avoid the plenty of negative space; do not overfill the web page with lots of imagery and content

• Always keep the sign-up page simple and large

• Also, Use interactive content or multimedia like video or audio

• Give a try for the hover effect on your clickable buttons.

• The visitors who lose interest add exit pop-ups for them.

• By using a strong call to actions like “Subscribe”, “Get Discount” or “Get Free Shipping” can also help you to reach your desired conversion rate.

The Hick’s law: The hick’s law of marketing strategies says that if you provide so many options to the visitors, the time to make the decision for it will also be prolonged. It straight hits the bullet theory of communication, which also follows the same concept. Thus, the basic principle to boost the conversion rate is to make the design simple. The more complicated design often confuses potential consumers. However, some people have an ideology of adding more elements in the template into the template can make the design more interactive, but believe us it is not worthy. Too many choices can make a user turn off the page without making any decision.

So, don’t put more than two choices in your landing page. Make your catalog in guide form, so that your user interface can become more engaging and interactive, which will help the visitors to make a decision for your subjected product and services.

We hope that our piece has helped you to find out the various ways and tactics to increase the bar of conversion rate.

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