The Utilities of Microsoft Dynamics AX

The Utilities of Microsoft Dynamics AX
Written by Micah Phillips

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an ERP or enterprise resource planning solution for medium to large-sized organizations or companies. The features of this business solution automate, organize, manage and optimize their business processes. It’s easy to use, familiar and intuitive interface makes it a popular choice among users. Microsoft Dynamics AX upgrade provides for its integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 product suit, thereby boosting its utility and enables it to enable to operate along with other software to build a comprehensive and sophisticated ERP system. Here we will discuss the utilities of Microsoft Dynamics AX and its functionalities.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AX

It is not new information to the users that Microsoft Dynamics AX is a prompt and efficient ERP solution. Here we will discuss 8 of the many utilities of Dynamics AX.

1. You can improve your financial performance and expand your business:

Microsoft Dynamics AX comes with a centralized financial system, financial management intelligence and in-built analytics. These features enable you to grab new business opportunities across the globe. The ERP solution also provides country-specific languages, currencies and localizations which help you to maintain the regulations for several counties while doing business with them.

2. It will considerably increase your productivity:

Microsoft Dynamics AX strengthens your ERP system with intelligent and targeted systems which assists your employees to take smarter, informed and intelligent decisions. Microsoft Dynamics AX upgrade comes with task prioritization, automation, integration capabilities. It integrates various information, tasks and insights to relevant jobs and puts tools and resources at your employees’ finger-tips, enabling them to boost business operations and increase the productivity.

3. You can expand smoothly:

Microsoft Dynamics AX is flexible and adapts to respond to and resolve business requirements that may change time to time with an expanding business. This ERP solution has a layered architecture that is model driven which supports the development and operation of unique business processes. Microsoft Dynamics AX upgrade is perfect for your ever-changing business requirements with simple and adaptable deployment.

4. It will help you gain visibility:

As Microsoft Dynamics AX demo would show, the business solution comes with data collection and predictive analytics which helps you to get a holistic view of your business. Dynamics AX seamlessly tracks assets, reduces reporting errors (very common with manual reporting) and automates processes where is it necessary.

5. Satisfy your customer better:

The business management functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics AX bring to you, advanced logistic management, real-time insights, a completely synchronized ERP solution that makes business processes less time consuming. Thus, you can ensure faster delivery to your customers or clients. With Microsoft CRM services, it provides fluent and intuitive customer services as well.

6. You can merge with other Microsoft software:

Microsoft Dynamics AX enables you to integrate with other Microsoft software. Having connected with relevant and utilitarian enterprise offerings like communication and application platforms, you can unleash the best of Dynamics AX. These kind of integration helps to achieve better communication and streamlined business operations across your organization. To know more about the software, you can merge with this ERP solution, take a look at Microsoft Dynamics AX demo.

7. The cost of your operations can be reducing considerably:

As Microsoft Dynamics AX effectively streamlines business processes by integrating the whole ERP systems, you can considerably reduce your operational costs. You can utilize this business solution suit for automation, encumbrance, and budget planning and cost control of your business model. It also provides for automation across your supply chain which helps to reduce procurement costs.

8. You can grasp industry-specific solutions:

With Microsoft Dynamics AX you can avail Industry-specific solutions. It has built-in capacities for distribution, manufacturing, services, retail, etc. You can do the following with the features of retail and manufacturing, offered by Dynamics AX:

Retail and Distribution:

• You care reach out to your customers, anytime and anywhere.
• Boost your productivity and reduce delivery time.
• Expand your business easily.


• Flexible ERP solution allows you to meet changing customer needs.
• With visibility and synchronized internal processes you can get more efficient.
• By providing personally tailored ERP tools, you can empower your employees & derive better performance.

For more information on the specifications of Microsoft Dynamics AX upgrade, request a Microsoft Dynamics AX demo.

Thus, it is a one stop solution for all your business management requirements. Get Microsoft Dynamics AX implemented and enjoy an easy-going ERP solution.