Top 20 Free Software Download Websites on Web

Top 20 Free Software Download Websites on Web
Written by Micah Phillips

Best 20 Free software downloading websites to use today:

Data is the most essential part of this digital era. To handle data in a better and more optimized way, we use the software. There are various software companies on the internet that are availing these tools for multiple purposes. Users can reach out to their websites and can download favorable software as per their requirement. But, to download the best and suitable software, you do need to know the best websites to download software. So in this article, I’ve listed the top 20 free software download websites on Web.

Whether you are a Windows user, Mac User or Linux User, these websites are best to download the needful tools and software. You can find all types of software on these websites and they can be downloaded simply without any issue.

Top 20 free software downloading sites


Sourceforge offers a wide range of tools that can be downloaded as per your requirement. Whether you are looking for open-source software, freeware or shareware, all these can be found on this website. The interface of the website is easy to explore and anyone can find the necessary tools and software. This website also applies a test on the software to look for malware, viruses, and other matters before adding it to their categories. So there is nothing to worry about the safety or security issue while using the software programs downloaded from it.

Cnet Download or Cnet is a great platform to download free software for Windows, Mac and other OS platforms. The Website offers a vast range of tools and software that can be downloaded easily. Users can download the tools by exploring the categories on the left pane. Cnet offers more than 150000+ tools as freeware, shareware, and try-first kind of tools. Cnet also provides a how-to guide that tells you how issues can be resolved and the way to fix them. You can also opt for their newsletter that will notify you when the software gets updated or any new tool arrives.


Softonic is one of the best software downloading websites that serve millions of customers every month. The website offers a humongous amount of tools that can be sorted as per the application. You can download applications for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Symbian, etc. it offers all kinds of tools like education, development, security, lifestyle, personalization and many others. The website offers a forum for tech discussions and a blog for readers community.


It is one of the top 5 software download websites that serve users worldwide. The website provides more than 250000+ software applications for different platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Symbian, etc. Brothersoft get around 1000000 downloads every day which shows their popularity among the users. You can download free software from their websites on the basis of the channels they provide like Windows, Mac, Mobile, Webapps, Drivers, etc.


This is one of the top 20 free software websites on the Web. Softhippo focuses on quality software products by evaluating them on some majors. It is equipped with a fast server that lets you download the software at 100mbps. You can get 100% safe software without any spyware or intrusion. Filehippo offers solutions for all the platforms. You can opt for office tools, drivers, development software, desktop tools, Networking, and many other needs.


Soft32 is one of the best software downloading websites that are divided into three categories: Windows, Mac, and Mobile. You can download tools for all purposes. Whether you are a Windows user, Mac user, Android or iOS user, you can easily download millions of salient apps and software programs using this website. The website also offers a blog that is intended for the tech-geeks. You can find solutions to multiple tech-related issues by visiting their blog posts.


Aryson is a worldwide software provider and they are providing solutions since 2010. They are well known for their Data recovery, email migration, and cloud solutions. The provider is serving thousands of customers in a day and helping them for all their software needs. You can visit their website for freeware and shareware that can be downloaded in one click. The website also features a blog page that is well known for spreading the information and knowledge among the users. You will get software and knowledge at the same place which makes it a do visit website.


For getting high-quality free software solutions without having any malicious or intrusion effect, one should definitely opt for the Fosshub. The website is full of open-source programs that are listed category-wise and they can be easily downloaded in easy manner. The best thing about the website is that there is nothing like sponsored products or tools on there website and all the software programs free of cost. All the tools are reviewed and it shows the download count for that tool as well. So it’s easy to decide and download.


Sysinfo technologies is one of the best software providers. They are serving in domains like Data Recovery, Email migration, Cloud Recovery, Email Recovery, and many other Office tools. You can check out their website for getting more info about the services they provide. All the tools are reviewed by thousands of customers and you get the ratings as well to decide to go for them. The website also offers a blog for all the tech geeks to kill their hunger for tech.


This website focuses on the Ubuntu platform. So it is one of the best websites to download ubuntu software programs. LaunchPad focuses on the collaboration that offers a great platform for the developers out there who want help or want to contribute their work for the community. You can do various tasks using this website like bug tracking, code hosting, downloading programs, etc. The website comes with an easy and simple interface that allows users to use this website easily.

ZDNet Download

Whatever your requirement for software, the ZDNet provides all kinds of them. You can download software for Home, Office, Media, Educational, internet, etc. purposes. All the tools are optimized solutions and perform great in their application. All you need to do is to go for the need and just one click to download it. It also offers a blog page that works as a knowledge base for all the users. Users get different kinds of solutions on a single platform.

Software Informer

Looking for applications that are suitable for Mac, Windows, and Android then do check out their website. They offer a range of software applications that are listed category-wised. You can opt for multiple categories like Audio/video, Games, Developer Tools, Mobile utilities, Antiviruses and security, and many other needs. All the tools on software Informer are tested and offers a great working without any intrusion or malware risk.

Freeware files

It offers moreover 18000+ programs that can be downloaded for free. All the tools are claimed to be tested and safe to use. As the name suggests the Freeware mainly focuses on the freeware tools that are sorted category wise. The website also offers a top 100 category that can be explored to filter the best of the tools. If you want to learn more about the tools or how-to guides then you also visit their blog posts.


When it comes to the top 20 free software download websites on web you can’t deny BytesIn is also one of them. BytesIn provides one of the great solutions for handling all types of software needs. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Windows user, Mac user or a mobile user, the website offers all kinds of solutions for multiple platforms. Users are free to download tools for multiple needs like WordPress Themes, Music, social, Office tools, etc for free of cost.


It is one of the best websites to download software programs for free. Tucows is also a selling platform for developers who are looking for a good opportunity. The website mainly lists only those tools that are capable enough to perform the task they are made of. You can check out the website for downloading good utilities for free and by purchasing them.


The website focuses on the applications and tools for the Mac platform only. Users are allowed to download freeware and open source tools. The tools belong to specific categories like Internet tools, Media applications, file sharing, etc. You can download the software for free and can also contribute by publishing it on OpenSourceMac.


Filehorse is a great platform to download free utility tools without paying a single penny. The website offers software categories that can be explored as per the need. You can download software for the Internet, Media, messaging, video softwares, office tools, desktop enhancement, etc. The user gets easy to use interface that makes it more easy to download tools for Windows, Mac, and Cloud.


If you are looking for the tools for Mac and Windows then this is one of the top 20 free software websites on web. You will get multiple categories to download like Audio/video tools, games, system tools, security utilities, communication tools, etc. The FreeDownloadsCentre is a one stop solution to all the software needs. Users can also read their tech blogs which are highly informative and enhances the knowledge of the user.


Majorgeeks is one of the greatest software downloading websites. It came in-scenario in the year 2000 and since providing the latest and best solutions to the visitors. The website offers Freeware and Shareware programs that can be easily downloaded using their easy to use interface. Jim and Tim two buddies handle this website with a funny accent.


In this article I’ve tried to list top 20 free software download websites on web. You can visit them as per your needs. Some have specific criteria and some offer all kinds of solutions to the users. Most of the websites provide software for all types of OS platforms so there is nothing to worry about any specific platform. I hope this will make it easier to find the best software for your needs. Thank you.