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Top CAT Exam Preparation Apps

Top CAT Exam Preparation Apps
Written by Micah Phillips

Studying is an art and a science all on its own. Different people consider differently. The style of some is to review in complete silence, while others absorb more information when their music player is blasting. Some like study groups, while others find studying alone is more productive. Some highlight their books like there is no tomorrow, while others prefer not to do that, and keep their books and other materials as neat as can be. No matter what strategy and style you are employing so you can pass that test you’ve been dreaming of, you still need tools at your disposal to make the job of reviewing and managing your time an easier thing to do.

So when it comes to your upcoming MBA exam, specifically your CATs, here are some useful apps for CAT preparation below:

Top CAT Exam Prep Apps

1. CAT Vocabulary

The different sections of CAT verbal are challenging to crack without the sound knowledge of vocabulary. In articles like reading comprehension and sentence completion, stressful words used; you can do well if you have a good grasp of CAT vocabulary. With 4000 or more vocabulary words and high-frequency words, this CAT verbal ability app has synonyms, antonyms, one-word substitutions, idioms, and phrases. This app also has sentence correction and flashcards.

With CAT Vocabulary, you get the addition of high-frequency words to the favourite word list, be able to smoothly use the navigation drawer to go to a specific word list category, and also an offline pronunciation. You can add a name to the Mastered list if you are familiar with that word.

Learning CAT Vocabulary can improve your English Vocabulary, and can be beneficial in your CAT exam preparation.

2. CAT Reading Comprehensive

Are you preparing to pass the Competitive exams like CAT, GMAT, GRE? Then this CAT Reading Comprehensive app is what you need to improve your English skills.

This app has a range of articles, book reviews, essays, and opinions from other sources with excellent English, which helps you in mastering your comprehension skills.

Most of the existing articles that you get notified disappears so read them all as fast as you can.

3. EduQuiz: CAT

The EduQuiz: CAT app offers a series of online-test with multiple-choice questions (MCQ) and summary notes on the Common Admission Test (CAT) exam.

EduQuiz: CAT is for all students who wanted to hone their English skills into getting English lessons. Students find this app highly beneficial. It contains 1300 or more questions covering all topics of CAT, with problems for GMAT, NMAT and other MBA and Banking exams. This online multiple-choice questions quiz application offers features like Theory notes on CAT competitive exams, Quality test series, Bookmark feature, and Revision centre for multiple-choice questions on CAT competitive exam.

This app also has a performance dashboard to evaluate your learning in the test given for CAT competitive exam.

This app is mainly for aspirants preparing for their toughest competitive exams like CAT, GMAT, NMAT, State Common MBA entrance Exams, CGL SSC, Bank PO exams, SBI PO, placement exams, and the like.

4. CAT Question Bank

CAT Question Bank has Solved Question Papers, CAT Test Prep, CAT Syllabus, CAT Mock tests, and other tips and information containing topic-wise questions and papers with solutions:

1) Quantitative Aptitude
2) Data Interpretation
3) Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning
4) The word for Vocabulary – Daily Notifications

Also, provide the Syllabus and Tips for Preparation:

1) CAT Syllabus
2) CAT Prep tips
3) CAT and IIM Test Prep and Mock Tests

5. Soal CAT CPNS

This app is a CAT simulation game (Computer Assisted Test) which comes in the form of multiple-choice type of questions.

It is a set of questions that were part of previous CPNS questionnaires. This app would be an excellent simulation game for those who would like to take the CPNS Test.

To be able to finish answering the CPNS test questions, you need to face tests such as TKD (Basic Competency Test), TPA (Academic Potential Test), and TPU (General Knowledge Test). There is also TryOut to develop and mould your skills.

You find grid questions in this collection. Some of them include the following:

• Indonesian CPNS Test Questions with answers for review
• CPNS English Test Questions with answers for review
• CPNS Test Questions on Philosophy and Ideology comes along with Review Answers
• CPNS Indonesian History Test Questions with answers for review
• Indonesian State Administration CPNS Test Questions with answers for review
• CPNS UUD 1945 Test Questions and Amendments with answers for review
• CPNS Pancasila Test Questions with answers for review

You can install the CPNS 2019 CAT Problem Application on your Android smartphone. Items are updated and can be used offline or without internet conditions.

6. Verbal Ability Offline

Verbal Ability is a useful, offline application for various exams, including CAT Exam. Start your Verbal Ability Preparation now as this application can be beneficial to improve your Verbal Score. By taking tests, you can know your strength in Verbal and work on your weaknesses too.

This Verbal Ability for Placements GATE Exams has the following features:

• Important Words
• After each test, the summary is displayed, indicating your marks and percentage
• Flashcards
• To be able to add essential words to the list of favourite words
• To be able to easily use the Navigation drawer to go to a specific word list category
• Offline pronunciation
• Add words to the Mastered list if you are familiar with that word
• Search for words using the intuitive search functionality

Verbal Ability for GATE, Placements App has the following sections:

• Important Words
• Synonyms
• Antonyms
• Common Errors
• Sentence Improvement
• Correctly/Mis Spelt Words
• One Word Substitutions
• Idioms and Phrases
• Fill in the Blanks
• Active Voice Passive Voice
• Direct Indirect Speech.

7. Aptitude and Reasoning

Unravel and discover the different competitive tests like SSC, UPSC, CAT, and Placement examinations.

Be prepared while you are on the move. This app gives you the ability to prepare by using the most frequently used questions in these types of competitive exams. It also includes tips and tricks, along with a detailed explanation for each question within a Practice test. Use this application to sharpen your IQ, especially for those who are interested in Mathematics, as this would test your aptitude skills and develop your knowledge.

Included with the app are these features:

• A great UI experiences
• Tips and tricks
• the essential formulas are needed for each topic

Segregated into topics:

• Questions of varying difficulty levels
• Solution in detail
• Notes
• 1300+ Questions

8. Unacademy Learning App

This app uses live interaction with the top educators of India. Unacademy is your companion app to go through your education and exam preparation adventure. It has live online teaching with actual teachers that would ease your mind, clear any doubts, and accurately test your skills. It also has Live test series, practises sections, and quizzes.

The app includes many exam categories, such as Bank Exams, UPSC CSE, SSC Exams, and other tests, that are present in one platform. It also includes live video and recorded video lessons taught by the top educators. The lessons are available in different languages, as well.

Should you use this app, you can take actual full-length practise mock tests so that you would get assurance and become confident in your preparation.

It would also provide performance statistics by giving you a detailed report using the correct and incorrect answers you had made when you answered the mock practice exams. You would also be able to monitor your progress with such analytics. The analytics would provide a breakdown of the topics you have covered and provide your percentile score.

As mentioned before, you get the chance to attend live classes but also be able to participate in a live chat. This app boosts your confidence as you can present pressing questions that may be swirling around your mind during the class.

With the app, you minimise the chances of missing classes because you get notifications regarding your upcoming lessons so that you stay on track with your schedule and lessons. You also get lecture notes available for download and be able to revisit essential topics with the recorded sessions of the live classes. Another benefit of the app is the availability for viewing anytime and anywhere.

The vision for the app and the teaching method gives equal opportunity to every applicant by for levelling the playing field by making India’s top educator reachable with just a click.

9. Match Vocab – GRE GMAT CAT MBA

Using flashcards and match the following, learning new words has been made easy and exciting. The app provides people with a way to improve their vocabulary or to prepare for Entrance Exams like GRE, CAT, GMAT, SAT, IAS, MBA entrance exams.

You may use the app for learning, even without the internet. You get to learn a new word daily with their configurable notification. Some of the words that you learn have Hindi meaning as well. This app is an exciting way to learn new words by the use of flashcards and match the following.

With this app, learning new English words is an enjoyable experience. With the app’s eye-catching colour combinations, you can guess the meaning of the flashcard then flip the card to see if you gave the correct answer. The app helps you develop and improve your English vocabulary with more than 7,500 words, along with synonyms, antonyms, and a description of the vocabulary words.

10. CAT/MBA Exam Prep App

CAT/MBA Exam Prep App has different tools like Practice Quizzes, Previous Year Question Papers, Mock Tests, and Video Lectures. You can also choose examination, past year papers, MCQs, Previous Year Questions with Solutions, and the like.

This tool is an offline app that provides preparation study material. It includes features such as Previous Year Question Papers and Important Tips and Tricks for MBA Entrance Examination Short Notes of all subjects, Question Bank, Quiz, Topic Wise Quizzes, Daily insights, English vocabulary.

The CAT App is from EduRev App, an award-winning company given by Google the Best App of 2017. It is a prestigious award given to the top 25 Android Playstore apps.


“Life is ten per cent of what happens to me and ninety per cent of how I react to it,” penned by the famous author and global speaker on leadership and business, John C. Maxwell. Taking your MBA is a journey filled with difficulty, but despite that, you have a choice of how you are going to thrive and excel to the very end. If you keep a positive attitude towards tasks such as taking your CAT exam, you begin to look for ways you can improve your performance. One such way is to make apps that can help you optimise study time like no other, or a collaboration software to make your team’s study time a lot more streamlined and focused. Whichever you choose to respond to a challenge such as your CAT exams, coming to battle prepared helps you win and overcome.

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