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Top 10 Android & iOS Apps for SEO

What are the different SEO mobile apps for Android and iOS
Written by Micah Phillips

Nowadays, Mobile devices are powered within sophisticated and professional environment as SEO is also figuring out the best place on the screen. Based on changing environment and restrictions of SEO practices, now professionals are intending to use SEO services within your mobile device due to its rapid increasing demands. Moreover, SEO based mobile apps assists you to stay updated with latest mobile based gadgets without any hurdles and complications regarding layout, design and performance metrics.

In this era, the google searches are maximized on mobile devices rather than desktop pc. There exists no any confusion in devising the importance of mobile optimization and increasing usage of mobile apps in SEO. Hence, in this article we have discussed about top 10 Android & iOS Apps for SEO to enhance your mobile optimization strategies to the climax position.

It must also be considered that several companies including digital marketing agencies, software houses, data warehouses, IT consultancies, startup businesses and multinational organization tend to implement Search Engine Optimization tools and resources integrated with their website, As SEO is an important service that must be involved as part of your internal projects, if you own a website. The SEO aspects is used to cater the business requirements of your clients via considering digital marketing tactics and principles that helps you to drive enormous traffic on your website. Moreover, SEO is involved in various aspects of digital marketing as discussed in-depth, also we have provided certain amendments to foster your SEO process and aspects to the next level assisting you to maintain consistency, time management, durability, reliability, soft and technical skills to empower your SEO strategies that will eventually boost your online presence that’ll help business to attain huge amount of ROI. Hence, whether you’re are web developer, software engineer, programmer, graphics designer, eCommerce Specialist or even a digital marketer then it is most likely to gather huge amount of information via researching about various SEO tactics, this explains the significance and importance of SEO within the dimensions of mobile apps, particularly Android and iOS.

  1. SEO Keyword Checker

SEO keyword Checker is regarded as one of the best SEO mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. This app provides essential and detailed information required to accomplish SEO goals and targeted choices. Furthermore, this app is ideal for monitoring any webpage and fetch data about most frequently used keywords without paying a single penny. This tool is quite essential for comparative analysis of data and information of SEO keywords. It is available for free of cost and helps you to analyze your prevalent information via crawling through your website and it also provides you important information regarding keyword density of webpages and keyword usage. Moreover, you can easily install this app on your mobile device to exactly perceive your mobile content.

  1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most important apps available on Android & iOS devices. This mobile app provides intuitive ways to transfer your google analytics information to your mobile device in a well-organized and conducive environment. It is available free of cost and is quite helpful in merging your SEO data with huge amount of ROI and also provides your KPIs such as time onsite & complete page reviews and also makes you capable enough to compare various performance metrics from varied timeslots.

  1. Link Juice

Link Juice is well-suited mobile app for performing advanced SEO practices and measures, as it is quite complicated task to use but it also offers high-end information comprising of particular webpages. You are only required to type a domain name or website URL and moreover you will attain enough information regarding backlinking, anchor text, domain authority etc. This app is priced at $1.99 for Apple AppStore, it is also useful if you are eager about SEO.

  1. Raven Tools

Raven Tools is available for iOS powered devices, this app is probably top rated in most of the cases for great SEO apps. You’ll have to make sure that you have a paid account with Raven otherwise the app won’t work for you, so you can easily download this app for free of cost and measure all of your analytics to generate huge amount of ROI and it also assist you to track your social media principles. Significantly, it is considered as one of the most detailed and advanced apps available in the marketplace.

  1. SEO Automatic

SEO Automatic is quite useful for performing in-depth analysis on server-side optimization and on-page aspects. The foremost step to make this mobile app distinct is that it will provide you suggestions regarding what you can carryout pertaining on the data collected from various websites. This SEO automatic app also allows you to provide alerts and application for various webpage elements such as Alt tags and XML. This app deals with all on-page factors, thus it is ideal for business owners to start begin with SEO apps.

  1. ISEO

It is SEO audit tool available for Android devices. This app is regarded as one of the great tools especially if you are eagerly waiting to know about the ranking figures of various webpages managed all over the Internet. Let’s suppose, if you always considering to properly analyze web pages for the intention of providing guest posts to the top-rated blogs or you wish to analyze your competitors insights then for sure this app will provide intuitive results to properly understand your SEO formats. The most significant aspect of this application is that you can easily email or send messages through various SMS marketing sources to attain all of your results and forwarding searches to your colleagues getting paid SEO version.

  1. Trello

Trello fosters the list of most of the apps available in the marketplace. Significantly, digital marketers are tending are working on their own businesses comprising of several activities happening in their lifetime. In this regard apps like trello are required. Likewise, trello provides a complete list of all the activities that are provided by the marketers at distinct time zones. This app is freely available on Android OS.

  1. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a freely available app that is required for planning, data analysis and coordination purposes. The famous events such as Webinars and other popular events related to inbound marketing most often requires series of steps that comprises of managing registration an account authentication. Hence, maintaining backend reports, traffic analytics KPI reports etc. are rapidly provided for progression purposes. Moreover, Eventbrite app spans wide resources and also takes care about all the detailed activities happening in the event comprehensively related to registration, report generation, account making and ratio of viewed applications.

  1. SEO Pro

SEO pro is an important application available on Android & iOS devices. If you want to professional manage and monitor your SEO aspects, Website Traffic Graphs and other traditional and digital marketing efforts, which clearly indicates that it’s must have tool that needs to be installed on your mobile devices. This app also provides you accessibility to keep tabs on the various tools and elements, Google Page Rank, Yahoo Indexed, URL diggs, Google Page Ranking, Alexa Rank, View Meta Tags,, Yahoo In links and other important strategic tools, resources and techniques that helps you to properly analyze, manage and monitor your daily alternations in terms of website rankings and analytics.

  • Evernote

Evernote is a free cross platform independent app available for Android and iOS powered devices. It is merely designed for notetaking and archiving somethings we are just supposed to use this simplistic app to generate thoughtful ideas, sketches etc. Albeit it isn’t similar to notepads, whilst used on your smartphone or actual paper, Evernote is engaged in capturing various images, pictures which are stored on the cloud. If you aren’t able to figure out your desired things, a simplistic keyword search bar on the app clarifies all of your detailed information on your mobile device.


Certainly, Search Engine Optimization is wide area encompassing various strategic techniques or approaches related to content marketing, video marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, pay per click, cost per click and other areas pertaining to digital marketing. Significantly, SEO is involved in various dimensions and field of expertise providing custom web development services, cutting edge software development approaches to clarify your pertained approaches to figure out exceptional solutions that’ll help you to flourish your business to the next level. As discussed in the article, it is proven that SEO is heading towards mobile platforms these days, and more and more applications are arising to provide you a conducive edge to properly manage, analyze and market your website to attain enormous users on your website. Hence, Today Android & iOS has gained sufficient business insights to generate huge amount of ROI to produce utmost & prevalent results with a sole motive to provide customer satisfaction to their respect consumers via providing creative approachability, technical and managerial aspects that are possibly required to reach your business to the climax position.