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The Success Mantra Lies in Aligning your SEO with Content

Organic search is the most significant driver of traffic, and content is the true ruler of the Web. Both Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and content of any business must complement each other; by working on one, you should be able to improve the other. For a business, it is significant to:-

Create content that can build brand image of a business

Do SEO that can increase a business’ search engine ranking

In business, time is money. Therefore, aligning content and SEO strategies helps build brand image and increase search engine rankings at the same time. And remember, timesaving is profit in business. Every ecommerce website development company knows the worth of SEO and content. Read on to know more of such an alignment…

Build keyword-oriented content

Keywords show how netizens find your business over the mighty Web. Try to build a list having all the keywords that you should target. Such keywords are identified by looking at the search queries that were made by the visitors to reach your website. You can get these search queries by using either landing page report or Google Analytics.

Write high-quality, in-depth posts

Google has an affinity toward longer posts: The average length of a post ranking #1 on Google is 2,000 words. This, however, does not intend that every post should go up till 2,000 words. The importance should be given to content quality. Every post should be well written, informative and structured. Such massive posts are time consuming, but they are worth the effort.

Target guest posting as well as industry blogs

A rule of thumb in SEO – the more the links, the higher the site surges. A missing piece in this jigsaw is – you require relevant links. The traffic received from such links will be of high quality. While linking, it is significant to think of readers. Not every link should be a backlink, as it will hamper the visitors’ visiting experiences. Also, having links from related guest posts and industry blogs is often appreciated by Google.

Keep the focus on business-related blog ideas

Never write posts directly promoting your web services; it is a blatant act of marketing, which may not be appreciated by many. Rather, try to write about something that is related to your web services. For example, if you specialise in branding over Facebook, then try writing about Email marketing. Customers value Email marketing, and it is possible that after reading the post they might give a chance to your services as well.

Interlink the content

Interlink the content that you create with relevant pages on your site. Make sure that the linking on your website appears to be systematic. Such a practice helps send added traffic to specific pages of your website. Also, the practice helps Google index your pages easily.

Each Web design and development company knows SEO and content as the key driver of a website. Therefore, many web development giants try to devise new techniques for adjoining these two drivers.