Features Of Modern Wireless KeyBoards

wireless computer keyboards
Written by Ratnesh

Technological updations reduce the work space largely and increase the efficiency of electronic devices used in our daily life. As an example, usage of wireless computer keyboards can be considered. With the out dating of wired keyboards, it is the start of wireless era for computer field. Major input devices like keyboard and mouse are now connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, thus enhancing its wide reach according to our needs.

Logitech Wireless KeyBoards

Logitech Wireless wave has a curved keyboard design with perfect ergonomics and best suitable for typing comfortably for a long time. An inbuilt mouse with the keyboard is more convenient than an ordinary one and also, they have writs and hands for easy handling. It works on 2.4 GHz frequency range and its battery can last for 3 years.

With 20 percent reduced size, Logitech K360 keyboard can fit itself into an optimum space. Logitech K400 is mainly for controlling computer enabled TV sets or desktops much suitable for living room or dining room environment.

The wireless keyboard can be connected to a desktop through a unified USB dongle, if needed. The keys are encrypted through 128 bit of AES encrypting codes such that the data you type may not be compromised.

Eagle Tec Combo keyboards

Eagle Tec combo keyboards are available with waterproof and accident free facility that safeguards your device even though it has been dropped down from a height and this favors the students and also it is known for its power saving feature.

iClever keyboards

A foldable model from iClever brand is capable getting reduced into a small size that can fit into vehicles for easy carriage. Like HP K3500  getting connected to 5 devices via 5 links at a time, this model also can be connected to 3 Bluetooth devices at a time.

Apple Wireless KeyBoards

Compact size and soft buttons are the highlights of Apple wireless keyboard and it operates on AA size batteries having about 3 years life span. An added advantage of AA size batteries is the auto turn off feature that saves power when it is not in use.

With a back light behind the keyboard, it enables people to work late night without the need of room light. Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard has a slim and sleek look and can reach up to a 30 feet range without wire.

For visually challenged people and senior aged people, Ivation Letter Iluminated Large print size keyboard will be more useful as it possess large size letters printed over the keyboard and also, it glows in different colour combinations thus providing a pleasant experience for them.

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic KeyBoard

Based on ergonomics, this keyboard was designed beautifully with a unique cutting edge design and this would encourage the professionals to work for a long time in office. Unlike other keyboards, this has a splited design enables users to place it with ease.

Controlling of various multimedia options are possible. Camera, cell phones, web cam, printers etc.. can be accessed thus enabling easy swift of different tasks.