How Social Media Automation Boost Your Small Business

Written by Ratnesh

A small business firm has fewer resources and has more tasks to perform at the same time. Whether it is about managing orders, creating content, marketing and advertising, all a small business do taking a lot of time and money. Even, such marketing efforts sometimes hamper core business activities. If you continue this situation for long time, you will not be able to earn revenues and you might take few unethical ways to sort things out.

In today’s technology driven world, you do not need to worry about almost anything.

Social media automation helps your local business marketing services-

RSS feed:

Whenever you want to post a blog, social media automation tools like, HubSpot, and Buffer etc. post updates and scan the feed. It would save a lot of time.

Content sharing:

Make a list of educational and creative posts and share them across the social networks. Not only this, you could also make a custom posting schedule to post your content across social network each day.


Scheduling the tweets over a set of time could attract more visitors and boost engagement as well. As the engagement increases, it increases the rate of conversion. Earlier, shorter posts were made on twitter, but Twitter is now aiming to increase its limit up to 140 characters, which allows longer posts.

Recycling feeds:

It is possible to repost your content using autoblogging. Automatic content curation of new relevant content not necessarily produces anything new every time.

Effective usage of apps:

It is useful to install apps that can manage your social media accounts. Whilst travelling, you still can manage your social media activities. Several social media platforms have apps for smartphones.

Habit of logging in:

Even if you automate some processes, log into your account for at least once in a day. It is not ideal to automate it completely, even if you are not into work. Try to interact with people on weekends, as a number of companies do not work on weekends. In this way, you would be competing with social activities of your competitors that they forget to do on weekends. It would no doubt give an edge to your business.

Re-share your engaging blog posts:

Sharing old and engaging blog posts more than once can be a great trick for you. Automate the re-sharing schedule and get more hits and likes as reward.

Unusual triggers:

It would be better to do some unusual posts on weather or current events buzzing around. It may increase additional traffic or other businesses may visit your website. For example, posting about weather condition at the early morning or previous night can attract travel companies and other people on the web.

Those days are gone, when small businesses were dying to invest a huge amount of resources to establish their brand image. With the social media automation, local SEO for small businesses find it easy to assure growth of businesses. Always remember not to overload the automation part and try to involve yourself with marketing and customer-engagement a bit.

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