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Reasons Why Design is Important in Mobile App Development Process

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Written by Micah Phillips

UX and UI design are two of the most important pillars of mobile app development process. Businesses these days lay enough emphasis on the design of your mobile application. Unlike a decade ago, when you could establish a monopoly on the app store due to less amount of competition, the times have changed now. You can find thousands of applications, each better than the other, for performing a simple task on your smartphone.

Importance of Mobile App Design

Importance of Mobile App Design

Here are a few reasons why you should focus on the design of your app.

Tough Competition: It is Always Increasing

The rise of tough competition asks developers to find innovative ways to tackle mobile application development process. The modification of the overall design is one of the most popular methods to redirect the customers towards your application.

Usability: Helps Customers Truly Value Your Application

Often, the usability factor of your application needs modification via design upgrades. With regular updates in your design, you can highlight new features on the application easily without compromising on the usability. For example, subtle animations in both the Facebook as well as Instagram applications now point out how you can post online stories on these social media applications.

You can also focus your app design to attract customers from various demographics and extend your reach to involve people from various age/ethnic groups, thereby making it a truly global application.

Use of Hardware: Utilize the Full Potential

When you plan on designing mobile apps for business and productivity, you cannot compromise on the use of a particular hardware feature on the device. The same goes for personal applications. For example, the latest iPhone X features a nearly bezel-less display.

To accommodate more pixels and use the full potential of the display, the developers need to revamp the mobile app design. The application will be able to use the entire display on the new device without cutting corners only after redesigning the application interface.

Addition of Functionality: No Need to Revamp the Interface Completely

You will often come across a case where the developers do not need to focus on redesigning the entire interface of the application to add new functionality to it. For example, the WhatsApp application added the audio as well as video call features without making many changes to the chat home interface. A smart developer can make room for the upgrade in functionality in the design without losing the homely interface of the popular application design.

Aesthetic Appeal: For User Retention

A mobile app design’s importance lies in the aim to create a subtle custom retention policy. The best mobile app developers and graphic designers work in sync to develop an intuitive app interface in the first attempt and slowly roll out updates as per the need of industry. Maintaining the aesthetic appeal of an application is as important as changing certain characteristics in it.

Mobile app design process is a crucial part of customer acquisition and retention due to rising competition in the industry. You cannot skip it if you wish to make a truly useful and popular application.

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