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What is The Best Type of Content for Facebook Campaigns?

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Written by Micah Phillips

What makes a good content? This question is not as simple to give an answer to as you might assume it to be. On one hand, the content you post needs to be informative, interesting or entertaining but on their own, these three things aren’t enough. You see, 8 out of 10 people won’t even bother to read a written content past the headline. With this in mind, what good is even the best-written content if 80 percent of people who encounter it won’t even give it a chance. Well, when it comes to social media and Facebook especially, there are certain types and formats of content that always attract more attention. Here are a few of them.

Making an opinionated content

The first thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that playing it safe won’t get you anywhere. In order to make a real splash in the world of social media, you need to tackle some controversial topics or even represent a widely unpopular belief. Why? Well, simply because on Facebook you rely on the idea that your followers will take an action and like or share your post. Leaving a like on a post means more than simply liking it, this also represents a support for the idea that the post represents or a claim that it makes. On the other hand, a share is a much more direct way of showing support.

So, if your content leaves people indifferent, they might not even bother to react to it (even if they moderately support you). However, people who decide to start an argument in the comment section might return to your content over and over again. This being said, you need to be extra careful with these issues, not to send the wrong message to your target audience.

Mobile-friendly formats

Another thing you should always think of is the fact that about 30 percent of people on Facebook use this platform only through their phones. Unfortunately, a lot of content isn’t well-optimized for this kind of navigation, which makes those who use infographics, video content and comics gain a significant competitive edge. To show just how far this goes, there is a statistic that 64,9 articles that get shared have at least a single image as a follow-up.

The importance of visual

While high-quality engaging content is what will bring audience and what works best for retention, the visual aspect of your website should not be neglected. There are so many different elements that are potential turn-offs for many visitors that no matter how good your content is they are most likely to bounce. With an adequate web design, you can drastically reduce the bounce rate of your content by reducing the loading time and offering a much better system of navigation. The absence of attention to these two aspects of your content format is what gives your bounce rate the greatest boost in the first place.

Entertaining content is far ahead

In the introduction, we mentioned three aspects required in order for your content to be deemed as high-quality. Even though informative content generates much more value, entertaining formats usually have more likes and shares. We are talking about quotes, comics, memes and, above all, fun facts. Aside from these, quizzes are also insanely popular on this particular network, seeing how they usually have close ties to popular culture trends (which have a strong appeal of their own). Additionally, we could add challenge posts to this bracket, seeing how it can be particularly engaging and instigate an immediate interest amongst your audience.


As you can see, the very subject and quality of your content are not enough for success in your Facebook campaign. Here, you need to find a way to animate your audience and appeal to their emotions so that they simply feel the urge to share, like and comment on your content. Keep in mind, however, that you also need to worry about consistency, seeing as how those who remain silent on Facebook quickly become forgotten, or worse, replaced by someone else. Nonetheless, with the right amount of research and planning, nothing can stand in your way for long.

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