Microsoft’s Surface Ergonomic Keyboard is one of the best Keyboards you will ever use

Written by Ratnesh

If you are looking at this uniquely shaped messing with your vision sort of a keyboard, yup! That’s the one we are talking about. Before you read the entire thing, just be prepared and ready to be amazed because this thing here will have you sold. First of all we can’t get over the design, before we start talking about all the techy stuff, we are pretty sure even the not so techy people will love how this looks, if you are looking at its picture, don’t you blink a couple of times and then see with focus what is with the keyboard? Though one thing is certain with this design, it will not be an easy fit on your messy desktop but looking at its specs we are not so certain it will ever be found on your desktop ever.

Starting with the price of the keyboard, this keyboard is not at all priced anyway near the keyboards you are used to of buying and stacking in the corner of your room or that garbage box where you never pickup anything from once it has made in to your garbage. This keyboard is expensive and it has been expensive since the moment it was up for pre-booking. Okay first of all, this keyboard is quite famous already. From the moment it was launched and made available for pre ordering, people invested in the keyboard and it is still the most favorite keyboard especially for the people who have typing jobs and you need to keep stuck with their computers or desktops for several hours every day. Once again, not getting in to the technical things here but this keyboard has a slight bent shape that allows a very comfortable typing experience. Typing is so much easier with this keyboard because it is made for the exact purpose. The hands easily adapt to its shape and if you take a closer look at it, it is the most comfortable position for the people who type for hours to keep their hands that way. Although this keyboard does not clearly mention any stress relief because of its design but it still looks very comfortable to use.

Users who have ordered this keyboard as soon as it is launched have given great feedback for this machine. They are very happy and satisfied with their keyboard. Microsoft’s Surface Ergonomic Keyboard is the best keyboard so far and surprisingly it has been a long time since it is around but it still is the most expensive for a keyboard.

Microsoft Ergonomics is a whole line of products designed to increase the quality and efficiency of your work and the quality as well. If you own one of the previous from their ergonomics line you would know how addictive their use is. Ergonomics is a line designed to decrease the difficulties you face with typing for hours. These products are way too unlike the keyboards and mouse we are using and they can get you hooked to them. Ever since the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard has been announced as the new baby of this line, the preorders have reached the sky. These keyboards can be ordered directly at Microsoft’s website.


Moving on to the specific Model of the keyboard we are talking about here, the Microsoft Ergonomics Surface keyboard is surely the new and the most awaited device for a keyboard. First of all, the price of the keyboard is a little too much, again, for a keyboard; we can’t stress enough on how pricey it is for a keyboard. Even if you check the reviews on the Microsoft’s website, you will see most people giving 4 out of 5 stars, one star down because of the price. Users have also written interesting things in the reviews that can help Microsoft make the product and its performance better such as the fact that they could do something about the rice of the product and keep it a little low, we don’t know if they could but okay, agreed! Next thing a user has to say is that having made the BMW of the keyboards, they could have made the keyboard backlit, and when you come to think of it, it sure does make sense, with a $120 keyboard, you can expect to have the keys backlit. Some users also complain that the shape is a little difficult to get used to of but there were not too many people of the same opinion. Also, although there were not too many reviews on the website, there were two observations made, one is that the keyboard is generally appreciated by most people even though they have things the people are not happy about. The second thing is that people are using it more for their work. This sure means that Microsoft has made a successful product and has the right objective behind it as people do use it for work mostly.

When you order this keyboard, you will need to keep few things in your mind. First thing you need to think whether you are okay with the shape, most people are but you never know so before splurging on a $120 keyboard you can have a test run before you give in. Secondly, you need to consider whether you are buying this keyboard for your home or work use. Also, you need to have a backup which is cheaper at all times so that you can switch when you are not feeling too comfortable.

The Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard is a hit without a doubt; its power options are also a reason why these keyboards are winners. The keyboard runs on 2 AAA batteries and the time is up to 12 months thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity which spares one of the USB slot so you don’t need to plug it in at all. Overall this Keyboard sure is a good investment for users who are required half of their day to be spent on a PC.

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