Live Streaming Apps & Software for Windows & Mac

Live Streaming Apps & Software
Written by Micah Phillips

The Internet has transformed the entire idea of communication, it has also brought in necessary changes within the whole process of content creation and promotion. Live streaming or going live is a part of this evolution. Though the concept is pretty new, it has gained in quite an amount of popularity within this short time span. From creators to large corporate houses, media companies and celebrities, everyone live streams their ideas and products to reach out to the potential audience in an efficient manner. However, it is the idea, quality of the delivered content and the clarity of the streaming video which engages the audiences in real-time and makes the whole event successful. A live-streaming app or software makes the whole procedure much simpler and easier to manage, helping out the creators in focusing on the topic rather than wasting their time on the side chores.

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11 top-rated live streaming apps and software for Windows and Mac platforms

There are a wide variety of apps and software available in the market and it gets really tough to make up your mind. To help you out, we have curated a list of the top 11 best live streaming apps and software.

Live Streaming Apps & Software

1. Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder

The particular tool is used by professionals, political speakers and business houses to live stream their ideas in an accurate manner. The basic setup of the solution is quite user friendly and is also equipped with a wide variety of configurable tools, making things easier for the creator. Moreover, by using Adobe Flash, users also get access to onsite encoding service along with On2 VP6 encoding procedure. The solution is compatible with Windows and Mac OS.


Creators can use the software to record videos from a variety of sources and club them together forming a live video feed. They can either live stream the feed, use it as a webcam source via a DirectShow filter or record it locally with FFmpeg. In case you are a beginner and the entire concept is pretty new for you to operate, enable the hotkey feature offered by FFSPLIT. It will ease up the entire process in a comprehensive way. The software is compatible with Windows platforms.

3. Mimolive

Host great live streams using the all-in-one streaming solution, Mimolive. You can switch between cameras, add a layer of graphics like green screens, weather maps, social media feeds and do even more. Moreover, you can also transfer your contents on, Youtube Live, Facebook Live etc, streamlining the live videos in a hassle-free manner.

4. vMix

The top-graded live streaming software is designed for the professionals and is equipped with a variety of features like animated overlays, live video effects, virtual sets, instant replay and more. The software features a professional-looking broadcasting environment and also offers real-time technical support. vMix is compatible with Windows-based devices.

5. Periscope

You can easily generate URLs for your live streams from any device of your choice and share the particulars on all popular websites. The easy to use interface of the app helps professionals as well as beginners in live streaming their ideas in a hassle-free manner. They can easily stream on all devices like satellite trucks, cameras, studio editing rigs etc. Periscope is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

6. Instalively

Live stream your videos on any social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter as per your convenience. You can use the particular app along with GPS and add titles within the live videos making them more interesting to the viewers. The best part is you can choose between public and private mode to reach out to the target audience in a hassle-free manner. Instalively also offers a wide variety of editing tools and filters enhancing the entire event.

7. Wirecast Play

Share your thoughts and passion with the outer world in a hassle-free manner using Wirecast Play and the wide variety of productivity tools offered by the particular. You just need to plug in your camera and microphone and the software will take care of the rest. As a creator Wirecast Play will let you stream on any social platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Periscope and more. The software is compatible with Windows and Mac operated devices.

8. Raptr

Watching Live-streamed video games have become a huge trend in current times. In case you are looking for software that will help you to live stream your video game recording or will just let you record the entire playtime, we have Raptr for you. The solution offers a wide variety of other features along with live streaming and GVR functions, which are compatible with 5000+ games. Moreover, you can also stream on Twitch without connecting to any third-party tool. Raptr is compatible with Windows operated devices.

9. XSplit

XSplit offers a wide variety of video recording and live streaming features along with a clean and easy to use interface. You can also include your watermarks in case you are streaming contents which have a resolution above 720p. Most importantly, you can even integrate community-generated plugins to monitor the comment section of Youtube in a hassle-free manner. The software is only compatible with Windows devices.

10. OBS

Use the particular software to record and stream live videos as per your convenience. The advanced VST plug-in support offered by OBS will help you to control the entire live stream in a hassle-free manner. It also features an impressive audio mixer backed up by features like noise suppression, noise gate and more. You can create unlimited scenes and switch between the particulars using custom transitions. The software is compatible with Linus, Mac and Windows devices.

11. CamTwist Studio

You can easily transform your Mac into a television studio using the particular software. CamTwist Studio is compatible with Telestream’s Wirecast as well as Flash media live encoder, enabling creators to live stream their HD quality content on the net in a comprehensive manner. Moreover, you can enhance the steaming quality of the live video using 50+ titles, overlays, bullet holes and more.

Final Words

Live streaming is a new age concept but has become quite popular among all. Creators go live to interact with their audience, brands use the particular technology, in reaching out to their potential audience, even politicians also live stream their ideas on YouTube or Facebook to enhance their election campaign. Live streaming apps and software play an important part in the entire process. They are cost-effective, can be used in targeting the potential audience and also comes with a wide variety of tools to enhance audience engagement rates. Here’s hoping that the curated list is useful and you got to choose the right one.

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