Top 20 Simple Last Names Starting With K in the U.S

Last Names Starting With K USA
Written by Micah Phillips

You must have heard some of the most unique last names till now. However, today we are going to focus on the most common and simple last names that start with K. To keep it simple, we found the most popular names in the US.

The best use of this list is to find the track of the ancestry of these last names conveniently. It will also help you choose the last name where you have a preference for Letter K.

Other than the last names, we have also included the meaning, origin, and ancestry of these names as well. Thus, you can track the history of these names and find out if they suit your kid or not.

Top 20 Last Names Starting With K

This list of the top 20 simple last names is based on the most popular 1000 names starting with K from CocoFinder. Thus, you can check out the page to find more about these names and their origin.

1. Kim

Kim stands as one of the most simple and popular last names starting with K. The origin of this name is from Korea and it is believed that more than 20% of its population have the same last name. It stands for the Kim family and represents the same.

2. Khan

Khan is one of the most simple names that are popular in the United States. The name originated from Mongolian leader Genghis Khan and originated from his homeland. The meaning of this name is the Great Ruler in Turkish.

3. Knight

It is an English-originated name that means Boy, Youth, or Serving Lad. Knight is one of the most common last names starting with K.

4. King

King is a surname historically used for the Norman Conquest. The name has an English and Scottish origin. It is a quite popular and simple last name in the US. It is rated as the most popular simple last name starting with K on CocoFinder’s website.

5. Kelly

Kelly stands for Descendants of Ceallach. The last name originated from an Irish Personal name that also stands for Bright-headed. Therefore, this last name is quite popular in the United States.

6. Kennedy

Kennedy is an Irish and Scottish-originated name that means Descendants of Cenneidigh. You can find many famous personalities with this surname in the United States.

7. Kenny

Kenny is easy to pronounce and one of the most simple names that start with K. The meaning of this name is Saint as it was named after a famous saint. The name has a Scottish and Irish origin.

8. Kenna

Kenna is a surname that is short for McKanna. The name has an Irish and Scottish origin and stands for Good-looking person. Thus, you can consider this last name for your newborn baby.

9. Keller

Keller is another surname famous in States like California and Texas. It stands for “the Keeper of precious things”. The name has a German origin.


Kane has an Irish origin that traces its history to the Jewish Community. The meaning of this name is “Descendants of Cathan”. The name is popular in almost every state of America.


Kirby is an English name that stands for settlement. That is why you can find people from a different origin with the same surname. It was more like a title that is still used as a surname by many.


The last name Kirk has an English and Scottish origin and the name was used for the person who lives near a church. It is a topographic name and has its literal meaning for the settlers near a church.


It is an eastern German last name and shares its ancestry with thousands of people in the United States. The meaning of this name is derived from Czech Kos ( a blackbird). The proper history of the last name is untraceable.


It has its origin from the Jewish community that has a literal meaning “Shopkeeper”. Thus, it was used for the people who used to run a different type of small shops. The surname is still used by thousands of people in the US.


You can find thousands of people with Kean as their surname. The origin of this name traces to the Irish community. It is an alternative spelling for Keane and stands for the same meaning.


It is a Polish name and originates from Poland. It is a name given to the blacksmith and is used in their families as a surname. Thus, the history of this surname can trace back to the Germans as well.


Kantor is a Jewish surname that is an occupational name for cantors. Cantor is someone who has a duty to sing liturgical music and carry out the prayers in a school. That is why they are also known as schoolmasters.


Kyle has a Scottish and Northern Irish origin that is a regional name for a district. Thus, people from different communities can share this surname as it is a geographical last name.


It has mixed origins from Britain and Ireland. It is believed that the name is occupational and was given to the people who used to be the traders of that time.


It is a north German name that stands for Konrad. It is a pet form and is used for similar reasons. The history and ancestry of this name trace back to different areas of Germany.


After going through this list, you will find a simple and meaningful last name starting with K. You can also check out their meaning, origin, and ancestry to learn everything about them. If you want to check the popularity of these names, we recommend you to visit CocoFinder’s website and check the updated numbers.

You will also find the state-wise popularity and trends of each of these names. The information related to ancestry and the origin of these names is helpful in different ways.


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